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    Ivan Eland--Libya And The Failure Of American Interventionism 31.Jul.14

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    Ivan Eland thinks that the American foreign policy elite should learn something from the recent humiliating evacuation of the U.S. embassy in Tripoli, Libya -- amid the chaos of tribal civil war in that country -- but probably won't. Since World War II, this bipartisan elite has thumbed its nose at the traditional U.S. foreign policy of strategic independence and military restraint overseas, which was initiated by the nation's founders and lasted through the most of the republic's history. Then the second great world conflagration demonstrated to the elite that new interdependence among nations somehow made that policy obsolete. Really?

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    The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine takes a comprehensive look at 13 HOURS, THE INSIDE ACCOUNT OF WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN BENGHAZI. Joining Halli at her table is journalist and author of the book of the same title, Mitchell Zuckoff.

    In 13 HOURS: THE INSIDE ACCOUNT OF WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN BENGHAZI, co-written with the surviving American security operators who fought that fateful night in the 2012 attack by Islamic militants on the US State Department Special Mission Compound and a nearby CIA station called the Annex in Benghazi, Libya, Zuckoff presents for the first time ever, the true account of the events and offers a step by step look at how they unfolded. The account in 13 HOURS “is not about what officials in the U.S. government knew, said, or did before or after the attack”, but is instead about the 13-hour Benghazi incident from the perspective of the surviving members of the security team who were involved in the fighting.

    Bestselling author Mitchell Zuckoff is a professor of journalism at Boston University. His books include FROZEN IN TIME: AN EPIC STORY OF SURVIVAL about a US military airplane that crashed on the Greenland glacier during WWII, the subsequent hunt for the plane and Zuckoff's own role in helping to find the plane buried in the ice decades later and LOST IN SHANGRI-LA. Zuckoff received a master’s degree from the University of Missouri and was a Batten Fellow at the Darden School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia. Zuckoff's magazine work has appeared in The New Yorker, Fortune and elsewhere. 

    The harrowing, true account from the brave men on the ground who fought back during the Battle of Benghazi with bestselling author of 13 HOURS, Mitchell Zuckoff. For more information visit Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.


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    The Communicators: The Genocide of Blacks in Libya 2013

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    Genocide of Black man in Libyans 2013
    Exclusive Live Interview with an Eye witness of the Genocide currently taking place in Libya 2013.
    Host Bro. Leroy: The Communicators features current and often controversial news, issues and topics that deal with the 7 keys of life, love, and happiness in the political, social, scientific, esoteric, health, and wealth areas.
    Bro.Leroy states: I was born and raised in Harlem, New York and saw our people taken advantage of at an early age. To date he is focused on bringing health, education, and knowledge to Black People. He was first exposed to on-air interviewing by the late Art Rusk Jr. and was given his first talk show hosting opportunity by Pepe Sutton on WLIB in the early 70s."
    He was coached by Brother Wayne 3x Grice in putting Min. Farrakhan’s speeches on NYC radio (Dillard University tape on Del Shields WBLS show). He collaborated with Bro. Wayne conceptualizing name and promotion of the historic Black Family Day with Bro. Wayne, negotiated time for live broadcasts from Muhammad Mosque, etc. Bro.Leroy is a father of 6. He is currently the lead host for the past 25 years of The Communicators and Respect for Life on Harlem Community Radio WHCR.org.
    www.thekeys107network.com Twitter @thekeys107

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    Libya, Libya and more Libya

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    GUEST:  James Yardley, contributor to American Thinker.   Check out our sponsors:  Avalon Professional Translation PLUS Aaron Clarey's "Worthless"

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    Election 2014 Wrap-Up, Anonymous Daze in Court, DiFi vs CIA, Benghazi Looming

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    Join Conservative Report Radio tonight w/ founder, Patrick Swift Read.

    Special guest Sanguinarious on the self-professed "Anonymous Leader" Neal Rauhauser and his daze in court.

    ~=>Background data: Twittergate in 2010, Stop Rush in 2012 & Targetting Conservatives all along.

    Election 2012 - The people don't want NObamaCARE,  Obama's America Rejected & GOP Already Failing with Cromnibus.

    CIA - Clapper, Illegal Wars: Obama Knew About ISIS & al-Qaida allies.

    Rep Mike Roger's wife is Ex-CEO of AEGIS, who was providing *security in Libya during the 9/11 attack. What did the Rogers know & when?

    Benghazi Looming: What military response??

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    America's Three Piece Suit Prophets on Prophecy Headline News

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    Today America's Three Piece Suit Prophets on Prophecy Headline News and with it, major news and events. Typhoon Hainan then and today it was Hagupit and it had the Philippines reeling.  As we find America's Three Piece Suit Prophets are doing well in their fine churches in America, while in Ethiopia, India, Sudan, Nigeria, Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and North Korea just to name a few places where Christians are not doing so well. But in all this, be sure; everyone will get their reward; including Christians; both the Tares and the Wheat!   Now finally China has become the Largest world economy, go figure; they have the largest population on earth that is, they use to until India surpassed them.  In Israel and the Gaza strip, West Bank, and the Temple mount the hatred of Jews goes on, with the Jews pushing back. However the rhetoric is full of hate coming out of the P.A. side of the religious war as local Muslim preachers swear "No mercy in the killing of Jews"! While America watches the continuing "stone of stumbling" in Jerusalem and Israel; America has her own troubles.


    The Week Ahead Prophecy Headline News hour at Noon 2014 comes at you with hard hitting headlines, commentary, views, and interviews, call in’s. A jam packed show live, at the moment, and with current headlines and biblical prophecy we see the current trends weekly.


    Show Key Tags: Prophecy News, headline news, Middle East news, America news, Hagupit, Christian persecution, Ethiopia, India, Israel, Palestinian refugees, China, USA, Largest world economy, Palestinian Preacher, Slaughter jews, no mercy, Race war, Ferguson style,


    Go to www.warn-usa.com or www.warn-radio.com or www.wingswatchman.org or www.garden.warn-radio.com for more headlines, top lead stories, Radio shows, and articles.

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    Obama the Warmonger, Black Friday in Retrospect and What To Do About Health Care

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    President Obama quietly stepped up his war efforts in Afghanistan. Was he really an anti-war president? If he is a war president, is he a good one? Splash delves into a president that pretended to oppose war, misunderstood the dangers of the world and is not exactly Wellington or Napoleon. Will America be at war from here on out? Splash wants to know what you think. ~~~~ 

    Black Friday seemed dismal in some places and explosive in others. We'll talk about how the biggest shopping day of the years is a target of political ideology. Christmas just isn't as innocent as it used to be. ~~~~ 

    And what of Obamacare? We are 15 days into Enrollment II and Splash has even more news on how bad renewal is. Last week we learned that Splash's Business Mandated Plan was worse than he though it was ..... well it is EVEN worse than that. Splash has more info from his employer, healthcare.gov and his own take on both. .... But what should we do? With the new GOP congress about to take the reins what should the replacement part of Repeal and Replace contain? How do we ACTUALLY bring down the costs of health care and Insurance premiums? ~~~~ 

    All this and YOUR calls, tonight on Jump Right In.




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    Why is U.S Government setting fires in other countries?

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     Why is US government causing civil unrest in other countries? what do US have to gain? Ask yourself these questions? Is the US government there to help the people? Answer is NO

    What is true involvement of US Government? Here is the List of some countries not all

    1. Gulf War

    2. Serbia

    3. Iraq

    4. South Africa

    5. Afghanistan

    6. Libya

    7. Syria

    8. Egypt

    9. Ukraine

    Company in Which Joe Biden's Son Is Director Prepares To Drill Shale Gas in East Ukraine

    Ukraine's shale gas deposits, keeping in mind that the Dnieper-Donets basin which lies in the hotly contested eastern part of the nation and where as everyone knows by now a bloody civil war is raging, is the major oil and gas producing region of Ukraine accounting for approximately 90 per cent of Ukrainian production and according to EIA may have 42 tcf of shale gas resources technically recoverable from 197 tcf of risked shale gas in place.


    Why Clinton Bombed the Serbs - A National Disgrace Few American Even Know Nor Care About

    1. To appease the Islamic world for our daily bombing of Iraq. President Clinton wanted to prove to the Muslim world that we really cared and that we were willing to destroy a Christian people to prove it.

    2. The Saudis wanted the first Islamic country in the belly of Europe, and Clinton wanted cheap oil and Saudi money. The Saudis had signed a letter of intent to buy $6 billion worth of Boeing aircraft. The day after we bombed the Serbs in 1995 based on the self-inflicted Markale market place massacre by Bosnian Muslim forces, the Saudis signed on the dotted line. A coincidence? I don't think so. This is what Yossef Bodansky, author of "Bin Laden: The Man Who Declared War on America," had to say in his 1995 book, "Offensive in the Balkans:"

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    Libya and Gaddalfi

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    Reflections on my many blogs concerning the NATO aggression against the nation of Libya in the light of Leader of the Revolution Gaddalfi's capture and execution by so called Rebel forces.

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    Coming Apocalypse

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    The Rosetta Space Craft has landed on the Comet 67/P 300 million miles away and NASA wants to move humanity off this planet. Also Mike from Around the World will be discussing Nibiru and Wormwood and the Rosetta Space craft landing on the Comet 67/P. Also Ebola death toll hits 5,160. Also Libya attacks UAE and Egyptian Embassies. Also Obama's Secret Letter to Iran "What was in it". Also man swings a Samurai Sword a tow truck drivers. These and much more along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana.

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