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    Episode 6: Meet Sarah, the Owner of Sweet Libertine

    in Women

    Painted Ladies (www.painted-ladies.com) publisher Sheila Arkee talks to Sarah, the owner of Sweet Libertine cosmetics (www.sweetlibertine.com).

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    Girlfriendology interviews SARAH WALLER, Sweet Libertine

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    Who taught you how to put on make-up?

    Probably a girlfriend! Growing up, our girlfriends taught us all kinds of things - we trusted them and could relate to each other. Well, we still trust and NEED our girlfriends and we've got just the guest for some great girlfriend advice on this show.

    Meet SARAH WALLER, of Sweet Libertine mineral make-up. Sarah creates amazing eyeshadows and more that girlfriends LOVE to wear.

    She'll share some great girlfriend advice on make-up, being an entrepreneur and following your dreams - on this week's BlogTalkRadio/Girlfriendology show. JOIN US!

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    Negative vs. Positive Gnosis - from Gnostica no. 40, 1976

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    On Thursday, June 6th, 2014 The Hermetic Hour will present a reading by Poke Runyon (Fra. Thabion) of his 1976 essay "Negative vs. Positive Gnosis" from Gnostica magazine, no. 40. This is an important instructive paper dealing with the ancient and modern spiritual differences between Thelemic (libertine) Gnosticism, Hermetic neo-Platonism and ancient and modern Paganism (wiccans, druids, etc.) These differences are so deep and so misunderstood that many New-Agers involved in the Occult do not know what they profess to believe in. They participate in various groups simply because they are attracted to the style and glamor of the organization and because it provides a rebellion against the religion of the parents. The article explains the fundamental differences between  Gnosticism of the negative world view and Hermetic magick of the positive world view, comparing them to the Pagan and neo-Pagan "natural" world view. You will discover how similar Thelemic Gnosticism is to the Fundamental Christianity it rebels against, and how similar Hermetic magick is to Tantric Buddhism. This paper will be reprinted in text form and posted as an instruction on our web site. So tune in and become transcendentally demystified.

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    Ingersoll Sunday, Call Your Mama, Kiss Your Boyfriend and Find the Girls

    in Current Events

    Live Now 5:55pm Sunday
    Larry Wilmore Replacing Stephen Colbert with a show called the Minority Report ~  John Henrik Clarke ~ Michael Sam gets drafted and kisses his boyfriend ~ Spoiler Alert ~ God is not Dead  ~ comic book talk lots

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    Guns, Graft & Gambling

    in Politics Conservative

    The chattering classes blame guns - again! Instead of permitting our armed forces to actually be armed; they harp about the dangers of weapons to disarm Americans and arm National Socialists in Ukraine & Al Qu’aida in Syria. 

    Have no fear the Republicans are here; sucking up to sponsors oozing gambling wealth. RINOs think the best way for the GOP to win is by staying the course. The plan is to run the next RINO in line, we’re just not sure if that is the clown from Jersey or yet another Bush!

    RNC elites want to broaden the base, which is just a euphemism for lie to voters in order to elect a puppet who will continue the statist agenda through graft to appeal to the libertine sentiments of libertarians; while pandering to the ‘social conservatives’ and jingoist sympathies born of fear, invoking God and country nationalism.

    RINOs are only libertarian when it comes to hedonism and only conservative when it comes to conserving the New Deal welfare-warfare state. Real conservatives like Paul, Cruz & Lee frighten them. With the Constitution as their guide, they champion the right to life in the mold of Thomas Jefferson; promote peace through strength like Ronald Reagan; appeal to a broad audience because they champion personal liberty, reasonable privacy, economic freedom, sound money and equal dignity before the law.

    Tyranny is assured UNLESS liberty-loving people can set aside their differences and band together against the rising tide of collectivism.  Grassroots conservatives MUST work together to ensure the restoration of constitutionally limited government – it is up to you.  End the imperialist police state-to defeat the Democrats, first you MUST CRUSH the RINOs, for liberty!

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    Libertine Freedom?

    in Politics Conservative

    1. How does a free society, in its desire not to limit freedom, deal with the abuse of freedom? When should laws play a role in intervention? When should people be allowed to rot in their own choices? An obvious example of such is Charlie Sheen, and Stephen weighs in on that story tonight. But this question is the central difference between freedom loving conservatives, and the absolute anarchy of libertarianism. 877.573.8446.

    2. A new survey out this week claims that men have a lower retention of news information when delivered by an attractive female news anchor. According to the statistics the difference in retention is significant. Yet is it true? What do YOU think? We take your calls LIVE tonight on our final “radio only” broadcast. 877.573.8446.

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    Third Eye Cinema 9/2/12 with Liv Kristine

    in Entertainment

    Tonight on Third Eye Cinema: gothic Viking chanteuse Liv Kristine!

    As a founding member of the band who nigh singlehandedly birthed the gothic metal genre, Theatre of Tragedy, Liv has gone on to front the classiest and most beloved of pagan/symphonic acts, the mighty Leaves Eyes, with producer and mastermind Alex Krull (Atrocity, Mastersound

    With four further albums under her belt as a solo act, Liv joins us to discuss a bit of her long and significant history in music and metal, as well as delving into her excellent new record, Libertine!

    Join us as we speak to one of the true leading lights in gothic and pagan metal, the lovely and very talented Liv Kristine, only here on Third Eye Cinema!


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    Dashwood's Hellfire Club - Demythologized

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    On Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will present a discussion on Sir Francis Dashwood's 18th century "Hellfire Club." We will recount the outrageous exploits attributed to Dashwood and his cult of "randy rakes' and merry ne'er-do-wells who called themselves "The Medmenham Friars" or "Franciscans" after "St. Francis" Dashwood, their founder and sponsor. Lots of fun, but behind all this naughtiness there was a genuine libertine appreciation for the erotic beauties of Classical Paganism. Dashwood was closer to Thomas Taylor and William Beckford, and the later Norman Lindsay -- and even our own Frederick Adams, than to De Sade and the French satanists. The Medmenham Frairs were certainly libertine, but their devil was Pan, not Satan, and their diety was the Goddess. Dashwood, before Crowley, was influenced to replicate Rabilias' Abbey of Thelema and carved "Do What Thou Wilt" across the door to his chapel. From Dashwood we get "The Frair's Club" and probably "The Bohemians." He was a successful politician and public servant, married and respectable until slandered in the press in his later years. Hopefully we will have Dave and Ann Finnin call in. They visited "The Abbey" and were conducted through the infamous grotto by the present Earl of Dashwood, and can give us a first hand look at the remains of a Pagan enclave that flourished at the time of the American Revolution.

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    The Johnny B radio show 12/19/2012

    in Entertainment

    Broadcasting from Los Angeles California          Conspiracy news alert, finance news, world news, sports news, and music news.......Intro music by The Jelly Project. Music by Jaya The Cat-song-Convinience store, and The Buck Pets-song- Libertine. FOLLOW EVERY WEDS. AND THURS. @ 9:30pm WITH YOUR HOST JOHNNY B

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    Ciao Gore Vidal Ciao

    in History

    A relief from spectacular sport circus, paid political parrots and sky god stooges.
    Today a cheerful tribute to the inimitable Gore Vidal who died last weekend.
    If you didn't know him, listen in for a series of clips from his incredible life as novelist, playwright, political essayist and libertine.  A man who beguiled the wealthy, then poured ink over their blood. 
    You Tube channels "MenofLetters" and "Nathan Bridle" provided some of the rarest of recordings of Vidal from outside America.
    Today the audience will hear Gore Vidal without the throttle American media repeatedly placed on him while alive.
    A taste of the filter is popping up at PBS with the American Masters profile.

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    Dating Etiquette: do you follow the rules?

    in Lifestyle

    In times past, strict rules governed how couples met and got to know each other.  In these more libertine times, do the rules count anymore? Are there new rules? Join us and share your thoughts. Tell us your "what had happened was" stories.  We are broadcasting live from Zion Gallery in Brooklyn!