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    'Taking Back America' Wasn't Racist Until Liberals Stopped Saying It

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    As it's grown in influence and power, the Tea Party movement is increasingly being attacked by fearful liberals looking for ways to paint it as racist. One of their favorite lines of late is that the desire to "take the country back" is actually veiled bigotry, even a call to return to institutionalized racism. Considering how many liberals used this phrase during the Bush 43 administration, however, this is yet another case of media liberals throwing stones from a glass house.

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    The Signalis Show: Liberals and Race Baiting

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            The trouble in Ferguson, Missouri is indicative of a serious problem we have in the United States: race baiting.Liberals and democrats use this tactic to maintain the divide between sections of the American population to achieve one goal: to keep people in certain demographics dependent on the Federal Government. It has nothing to do with equality since liberals and democrats aren't the least bit interested in true equality. Their only concern is the redistribution of wealth and the continuing dependency of minorities on Uncle Sam for their primary support.

            The fact of the matter is that even if the Grand Jury had handed down an indictment against Officer Wilson, the riots would have happened anyway. Why? Because if the community had accepted that indictment, then the liberals would have no agenda to maintain hatred of law enforcement and "white america" . People like Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakan are stoking the flames of hate and distrust. The exact thing we cannot afford in the US any longer.

            Despite the hollow words of President Obama calling for " peace", the trouble makers were enacting the liberal agenda. Even as Obama was speaking to the nation on televison! However, there are groups out there taking positive steps to address the racial hatred issue that it's clear the President and his administration have no intention of addressing in any meaningful way. 

    the signalisshow@gmail.com

    Please google the name of Sgt. Charles Dyer. This marine and patriot needs our help America!

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    Things Liberals Hate

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    As always we will talk about whatever comes out of our mouths, and you never know what that is going to be.

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    Are Liberals Patriotic?

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    The short answer is yes? But what's the difference between the way liberals love America and the way conservatives do? We'll discuss the issue on this week's episode of RINO Hour of Power with Jazz Shaw of Hot Air and Fausta Wertz of Fausta's Blog.

    We'll also look at the crisis on the border and what the US is doing to stem the tide and deal with the humanitarian crisis.

    The show streams live from 8:00 - 9:00 PM Eastern Time. A podcast will be available shortly after the end of the show.

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    Quagmire America Radio: Poisonous Phantom Liberals Inside The Conservative Ranks

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    Please join host, Watson Prunier - @Battle4FreedomX along with the #QARGirlsLive, Angie & Katianna LIVE @ 10:00pm EST

    I myself have had enough of the infighting that has been running wild on Twitter this past year, what it has become, is nothing less of complete and utter contempt for the beloved Conservative party. I have been on a mission to “out” Michael Vanderwall aka @TempestMagnum for whom and what he is. A social media bully that lives on the evil he can inflict on others, and the joy he seems to gain out of doing these God awful things to people he, in all honesty doesn’t know.

    I took issue with Mr. O’Halloran’s new website sendthewetbackshome.com, And once again we see another so called ‘Conservative’ following in the footsteps of radical liberals, and there tactics just to make a buck. You see, this is Mr. O’Halloran’s lively hood, his money maker and one of his many “get rich” schemes that he has spent most of his life working at; only to meet failure at every turn.

    I will continue to use every means afforded to me by the justice system to have these men brought to justice for the things he has done, and said. I will fight for the ones that have no voice, the men and women that live in fear of these men. 

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    Liberals Are Bullies

    in Comedy

    Are liberals becoming conservative? Nathan and Jon are joined by 'Part of the problem' host Dave Smith to discuss liberals own harshness. Nathan 'jazz rants' about bullying.

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    I Hate Liberals and Communist

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    People want to control what the hell you say and think. 

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    EP4 of Love is For Liberals

    in Elections

    Episode 4- details to come!

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    Introduction of Love is For Liberals

    in Elections

    Introduction to my show! I'll tell you all about what inspired me to start this show, what liberalism is to me and who I am!

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    Ep3 of Love is For Liberals

    in Elections

    Talking all about the election; Romney, Obama and of course the issues! Education, the enviornment, foriegn policy, the economy, social issues. Also, my predictions on who will win!

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    the Liberals and Democrats are not sure what to do about ISIS

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    As we are talking ISIS is coming across the southern boarder of the United States of America.

    Yes now that President Obama has said that well not in all these words that we the united States of America must care for those that cross our southren boarder illegally and allow the illegal aliens to stay has open the door for ISIS to come in and to do harm like they are now in this country to do. Yes ISIS is here to chop off your heads with machedies. So are you now prepaired to defend your own home becouse President Obama has said it is okay for the enimy to come and chop of your heads. 

    I just got this information from a source from Fox news.

    The democrats just don't know what to do about the problem they made by giving amdensty to ISIS as they cross our southern boarder. 

    You that are liberals and Democracts are again I will say it again you are great fools and you follow agreat fool President Obama who I said it before is not a Christian, and maybe a Musilm himself, and just lying like a Musilm would do in order to protect himself as it is written in the Quran.

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