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    Discovering the Connection with William Neal with Marcellaus A. Joiner

    in History

    Marcellaus A. Joiner: Supervisor of the Heritage Research Center at the High Point Public Library and the Archivist for the High Point Museum in High Point, North Carolina. Marcellaus has a B.A.in History from North Carolina A&T State University and a Masters of Library Science from North Carolina Central University. He has proudly worked in the Archives and Library field for over the past 8 years. He is also a member of the Kappa Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc.

    Marcellaus A. Joiner will discuss his research on his Neal family’s past as well as discuss how his career played a large part in his family research findings. In addition, this discussion will focus on how Marcellaus linked his family to William Neal the slave owner of Greene County, Georgia.  This fascinating story and research will explore how he discovered that his third great grandmother Zilphy Ann Neal was owned by William Neal and that they had seven children together. His 2nd great grandfather John Neal was the only child that he could find in his research that moved away from Georgia in the early 20’s. One of Marcellaus major reasons for doing this research is to help reestablish these family lines.


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    Lia Phone Test

    in Entertainment

    Lia Phone Test

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    Evangelist Shannon Neal Ministries Builds, Births, and Brings Forth Ministries

    in Self Help

    At Evangelist Shannon Neal Ministries, they are committed to serving God and your needs of you and those of your family. Using universal principles of spirituality, they offer practical tools for leading a joyous, abundant, and peaceful life.

    Wherever you may be on your spiritual path, at E.S.N. Ministries you will find a strong supportive structure with a wealth of opportunities for spiritual growth. Now they are moving on towards Conference May 2016.

    They aspire to strengthen your confidence and joy in Jesus Christ - at every point in your life. They also encourage personal and spiritual growth through prayer, Bible studies, conference, retreats, community picnics, and group hands-on activities. 

    Spread Love. Visit them at: www.ESNMinistries.com/

    Join them in their Ripple of United  and Worship.

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    Lent, Legacy, and Legitmacy: The Black Religious Struggle

    in Christianity

    Blacks have spent centuries attempting to measure up to western Christianity's religious standards. Black preachers heralded high moral standards and strict religious observances that kept the idea of "heavenly rewards" ever before the eyes of their members. Has this desire for religious and holy legitmacy and legacy contributed to the black church's current condition of carnality and withdrawal. What role does black gospel music and preachers have in reaffirming the contemporary religious struggle in the black church? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics of interest

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    Dealing with Confirmation Bias and Cognitive Dissonance in Black History

    in Religion

    It's Black History Month and many will be honoring our ancestors who impacted American life. For most this creates a dissonance between being African American, black, and American. It also is a time when confirmation bias is at its most complex in the black church tradition. Confirmation bias is a term most people are not familiar with but operate in everyday. There are things that we believe that no one can dissuade us from believing. Many times we surround ourselves with others who share similar beliefs, ideals, or values. The church is in the business of confirmation bias, but are preachers using it to reinforce negative ideas and practices. How does confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance work in today's preaching and church experience? Join Pastor Neal for this and other great topics.

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    Radio: PI 1/13/16 with Neal Coolong

    in Hockey

    On the heels of one of the most asinine games in NFL history, Mike Asti is here to guide you through another Pittsburgh Steelers playoff week. The Steelers managed to get past the Bengals (thanks to some help from the Bengals) and now are headed to Denver. 

    Joined by Neal Coolong, of USA Today Sports' Steelers Wire, Mike will recap all that was the Cincinnati drama, then preview the Divisional Round matchup with the Broncos. 

    How productive can fans expect several of the Steeles injured key stars to be? 

    Gold quality Pittsburgh Steelers talk is on the Pittsburgh Sports Initaitive airwaves and the Radio: PI Podcast Network. 

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    Tamara Neal, Author of Venomous Relationships is my guest On Saturday 12/19/2015

    in Entertainment


    Tamara Neal is a Certified Relationship coach, domestic violence advocate, and the owner and founder of a full-service residential adult assisted living center. Neal learned to trust her instincts while employed as an emergency communication technician for the Baltimore County 911 Center. For years, she listened to screams and terror as callers bore the brunt of toxic relationships. In the seeming eternity between calling 911 and the arrival of the police, Neal was the only help available for the person on the other end of the phone. During this time, she received a national diploma in emergency dispatch; her dispatch experience gave her the authority needed to write Venomous Relationships, which won a 2015 National Indie Award of Excellence. Neal is also the author of The World's Top Ten Worst Men for Women Guide and two children's books, Friendship, which is a 2015 National Indie Award of Excellence finalist and Kinship. Her articles have appeared in CNN, Mind Body Green, Chispas Magazine and Edge Newspapers. Neal has been interviewed on the national Jesse Lee Peterson Show and Dr. Tranquility Talks  and has appeared on the Fox affiliate morning show, Good Day DC Fox 5. WBFF TV 45. Neal currently lives in Maryland with her husband. Together they have four sons, a daughter, numerous grandchildren and a fish name Fred.





    Giwiz Productions LLC, The Artist Loft radio host 


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    SOS Strategy of Success with Shahid Abdullah /TAMARA NEAL

    in Islam

    “The Strategy of Success” radio program will discuss many topics and give the listener a great deal of information on current issues, a plan of action and other activities that will focus on the most excellent and proven methods for the African American, in particular, to achieve success; However, the solutions offered will be appropriate for all ages, genders, political affiliations or religious beliefs.

     In these two power-packed hours, in addition to sure-fired solutions, there will be invited guest authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and other professional who will assist you on your path to success. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from these professionals who will be ready to explain “how" you can achieve your goals and material objects.


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    Radio: PI 12/29/15 with Neal Coolong

    in Hockey

    In the last show of 2015, Mike Asti graces the Pittsburgh Sports Initiative (the new branch of Pens Initiative) airwaves. Mike is joined by Neal Coolong, of USA Today Sports' The Steelers Wire, to talk all things Pittsburgh Steelers and all things asinine to close another NFL season. 

    No longer holding their own destiny in their hands, who would be most to blame for missing out on the playoffs? Mike and Neal cover Tomlin, Big Ben, and even some off the field news. 

    It's the final 2015 chapter of Radio: PI on the Radio: PI Podcast Network. 

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    Grace to Correct? Creflo Dollar handles a heckler during watch night service

    in Christianity

    The black preaching tradition is all about the call and response. Black preachers want to hear their audience talk back to them. With thousands in attendance at World Changers Church's watch night service, someone dared interrupt the sacred moment of Pastor Creflo Dollar's sermon. Pastor Dollar takes several minutes to handle a new year's heckler for ringing in the year with a shout while he was preaching. It was enough for him to express his displeasure. Was Pastor Dollar wrong for addressing the disruption or was the disruption wrong? What is meant by "grace to correct?" How far should preachers go to express their displeasure from the pulpit? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics of interest

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    Welcome to 2016: What is in store for the Church universal?

    in Christianity

    Welcome in 2016! For many believers, it was brought in with a watch night service filled with the same old recitations of new year blessings, prosperity, and the like, For many in the church, 2015 brought about an unveiling of some dark secrets, patterns, and behaviors that may have rolled over into the new year. There is an uncovering taking place and there is a remnant of believers who are speaking truth to power in and out of the church. Will 2016 bring more uncovering or a renouncing of the hidden things? Will more clergy be exposed or will more people become disciples of Christ? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics on Zera Today