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    LeWeb Conference Preview with Loic Le Meur #LeWeb10

    in Social Networking

    LeWeb'10 takes place in Paris December 8th and 9th 2010 at Les Docks. With more than 2400 Participants from 50 countries, it's the number one European event about the Internet. You you probably know, I covered the conference for BlogTalkRadio using Cinch last year and the information and interviews I gathered impacted my world view in a positive way the whole year through! I am excited to hear what's in store for when I speak with the conference's Founders and organizer, Loic and Geraldine LeMeur! Remember that The A-List gives you access to the world's top influencers. Please submit your questions via Twitter, Facebook, blog and email. Hope you'll tune in to hear your questions answered and more!

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    The Conversation with Cathy Brooks - Episode #38

    in Culture

    This week Cathy returns to the Other Than That Studios for the last live broadcast of TheConversation in 2011. Today's topics will range from a recap of last week's LeWeb conference to this week's Nokia news in the States and of course a generous helping ranting about the rise of the Doucheoise.
    The Conversation is not about technology. It's about what you do with it. Jumping from this basic premise, each week The Conversation's Executive Producer & Host Cathy Brooks explores the bits and bytes that are changing the way people get and share information, interact and the way in which this is fundamentally changing social and professional interactions. Each week guests ranging from up and comer entrepreneurs to seasoned influencers and everyone in between join Cathy to talk about what they do, why they do it and how their personal story fits into the mix.

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    Loic Le Meur, Founder of Seesmic and LeWeb Conference

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    As experience has taught me, there are leaders, and then there are Leaders - note the capital 'L.' In the case of Loïc Le Meur, one could argue he's in a class all his own as a LEADER.

    I first became aware of Loïc because of Seesmic and followed his exploits on video for some time until Seesmic desktop came along and enhanced everyone's ability to use Twitter through the easy-to-use application.

    Loïc's reputation precedes him, and as a fellow type-A personality, I have lots to ask him about: everything from why he coined the phrase, "Advertising, PR, and Marketing Suck!" to how he was named "Young Global Leader" by the World Economic Forum in Davos. Yes, that World Economic Forum.

    Recently called out by Business Week as one of The 25 Most Influential People on the Web, I am delighted Loïc joined me on The A-List today. Listen to the archive here.

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    Social Media Hour #84

    in Internet

    NOTE: This week's show is a rebroadcast of episode #35 - from LeWeb 2009.

    In this show guests Robert Scoble, Chris Heuer, Chris Sacca and Osama Bedier join Cathy for wide ranging conversation from the City of Lights.

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    Kara Swisher, AllThingsD

    in Social Networking

    Funny coincidences happen all the time, and it just so happens that one of them reminded me that Kara Swisher needed to be on The A-List.

    I was watching CNN or BBC World News from my hotel room in Paris after the first day of the LeWeb conference. Lo and behold, I heard for the first time that AOL and Time Warner had split - big news in the Internet world. It was the first I'd heard of it after a full day at an Internet conference, so I couldn't wait to get the details.

    They told the basic story, then went to the prominent expert on the topic of the merger and uncomfortable pairing, authoring two books on the topic.

    That expert? Kara Swisher.

    As you probably know, Kara Swisher is Co-Executive Editor of AllThingsD and has followed the space for the better part of her distinguished career. As a follow Columbia J-school alum, I am looking forward to asking her about her personal journey and how it's led to tremendous personal success, and much more.

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    Dave Morgan, CEO Simulmedia

    in Social Networking

    After a rather long winter's nap - following our coverage of LeWeb conference - we return with Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia (dontcha just love the name?).

    The company, which launched in March last year, aimed to improve the impact of TV program promotions by lifting the effectiveness of their tune-in programming spots. But how, especially in an increasingly on-demand world?

    We'll ask Dave, whose imense success includes developing and selling TACODA and Real Media.

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    Social Media Hour #35

    in Internet

    From City by the Bay to the City of Lights! This week Cathy will be broadcasting live from Paris where she, along with some social media pals, will set up camp at La Social Media Club House for LeWeb! Joined by Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells of Social Media Club, Dana Oshiro of Read Write Web, along with top bloggers Robert Scoble and Stephanie Booth, this Club House will be a central gathering spot for many social media sorts attending the annual LeWeb event.

    On this episode, Cathy will be joined by several of LeWeb's speakers including PayPal's Osama Bedier, British Telecom's JP Rangaswami and Gary Shainberg and some other guests to be announced later.

    Join us for this very special show and NOTE THE SPECIAL BROADCAST TIME!

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    Social Media Hour #36

    in Internet

    Back in the Other Than That studios, this week Social Media Hour goes freestyle - mostly because after a crazy week in Paris and trying to catch up on many a loose end, Cathy ran out of planning time. (On that, she's looking for a part-time producer to support the program, so if you know anyone, please email her!).

    This week who knows what the conversation will bring because she'll be joined by the feisty Ewan Spence - blogger and entrepreneur as well as one of the Traveling Geeks who just returned from Paris; Kevin Marks of BT (with whom there was plenty of frolic in Paris) and Chris Heuer may also ring in.

    Topics likely to include: recap of LeWeb (especially's BT's ROCKING Internet and Kevin's talk), discussion about Ewan's new toy and holidays.

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    Social Media Hour #34

    in Internet

    What do Beethoven, Geeks and Paris have in common? All three will be topics of discussion on this episode of Social Media Hour. Cathy starts the show with The Great Kat, a classically trained musician who's shredding stereotypes, and music. Then it's all croissants and crepes as the discussion turns to the upcoming LeWeb conference in Paris, yes Paris France. First up, Eliane Fiolet and Renee Blodgett of The Traveling Geeks, a group of which Cathy is an original member, talk about their plans and then it's Chris Heuer, Dana Oshiro of ReadWriteWeb and possibly another surprise guest to talk about La Social Media Club House. So don your berets, pour a glass of Bordeaux and join us!

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