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    Defeating Leukemia

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    Joyce and Mike speak with David Tuccaro Jr., the subject of the new book Bad To The Bone (by Marala Scott). David is a very inspirational young man who has defeated Leukemia.

    David's life was saved by a bone marrow donor from the other side of the world.  He is passionately committed to tell the world about the advances in bone marrow transplant technology that make it possible for a donor to test with a simple cheek swab, and to donate through a blood process that is nearly painless and is very simple compared to the older methods.  It is no longer necessary to drill into bone to extract bone marrow.  

    See also http://www.davidtuccaro.com

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    Dr. Michelle Le Beau, Professor and Director of The Cancer Research Center at University of Chicago, joins Charlene and Scott to discuss leukemia signs, symptoms, and types. She also discusses leukemia research, University of Chicago's legacy in blood cancer research, and its new partnership with other leading research institutions through the Chicago Blood Cancer Foundation. Dr. Le Beau demonstrates that blood cancer research is the superhighway to curing cancer.

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    Fighting Leukemia with Dorothy Vernon Brown

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    It’s the worst news you ever want to hear. ‘I think you have leukemia’, the young doctor told her. That was August 2013 when Dorothy Vernon Brown was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). As a devoted mother, wife, entrepreneur and serial volunteer it was a kick to the gut. Her treatments have gone well but Dorothy, like many minorities on the donor list, is in DESPERATE need of a stem cell transplant to continue to live and prevent a relapse.

    Less than 25% of patients who need a stem cell transplant will find a match in their family; regrettably Dorothy is one of these. Her best chance of finding a match is to find a donor from her own ethnic group. She is of Jamaican heritage with a mixed background of Black and Irish.  Dorothy urgently need the help from the Jamaican/West Indian community and young men (women not excluded) between the ages of 17 and 35 to become a donor with OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network (www.OneMatch.ca). This will increase her chances of finding a match.

    You may contact Dorothy Vernon Brown at www.DonorDrive4Dorothy.org or via Dr. Diane Thompson at www.DrDianeThompson.com

    Disclaimer:  The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended for diagnosis or treatment.  Seek the help of your health care provider before making any changes to your health.



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    Join Us for the City Wide Leukemia Awareness Party!

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    Call In: (929) 477-3301

    Mardi Gras Theme

    Floats, Beads, Parties

    Family Friendly

    Party Around the Town

    Come Join us! We're going be have a great time. Network, Business, FUN!

    Here's the link to the original page:


    My Thoughts: 


    Leukemia Awareness City Wide Party on FB

    Faces of Evansville, IN on Google+

    Get YOUR Party Tickets HERE: 


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    Leukemia Survivor David Tuccaro

    in Self Help

    Host Erika Nicole Finn talks with David Tuccaro Jr. about his leukemia diagnosis, and his tumultuous journey of self-discovery through pain, hopelessness and the feeling of inadequacy to inspire others to overcome adversity.


    About David Tuccaro Jr.: David is a Mikisew Cree First Nation who overcame his fight with leukemia, chronicled in his memoir, Bad to the Bone: The True story of David Tuccaro Jr. Find out more about David at www.davidtuccaro.com.

    About Erika Nicole Finn: Erika is a lifestyle coach, Huffpost blogger, lawyer and host of Live.Love.Grow. She is so grateful for her loyal following on Live.Love.Grow., and for the opportunity to share her guest's inspiring stories each week with the podcast community. You can find out more about Erika at www.erikanicolefinn.com, or by visiting her on facebook or twitter.

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    Feline Leukemia Symptoms and Other Leukemia Facts

    in Pets

    What are the symptoms of feline leukemia virus? How do those symptoms relate to feline lymphoma symptoms? In this broadcast of Ask The Cat Doctor Talk Radio, we discuss this often misuderstood virus, feline leukemia treatment, signs of the condition, testing, and much more.

    We also talk about some things that have been in the news recently and how they apply to your cats! And as always, we take your questions, whether on this topic or any other topic, since no question is too big or too small! Cat talk radio with feline veterinarian Dr. Shelby Neely is the place to learn everything you could ever want to know about cats. Join us every Sunday and Wednesday and now on Fridays and call or write in with your own personal cat questions at http://www.askthecatdoctor.com/cat-talk.html . For more on these and other cat health and news topics, visit Dr. Neely's website at www.askthecatdoctor.com, which was chosen as the Best Cat Health Website in 2012.

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    Patients living with leukemia in need of a transplant.

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    This episode we will introduce you to the many families that the Luis Danvers Leukemia Fund helps on a day to day basis find a bone marrow donor.  Hear the stories about the many patients including Javeth, Guillermo, Joseph Castro, Marshe' Smith Griffin.  You will hear about what you can do to save a life.   
    Marshe Smith-Griffin is a 39 year old mother with 2 sons age 14 & 10. She was diagnosed w/Multiple Myeloma (Rare Blood Cancer) in 04. The Cancer has been out of Remission since 09, she needs a Marrow Donor! 
    Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/MSGMMF
    Donate by Pen Pal or at any Wells Fargo Bank, NA - nationwide
    To: Marshe Smith-Griffin Multiple Myeloma Fund
    Phone: 1-404-406-5857
    Email: essie736@aol.com
     visit: www.bethematch.org 

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    Cancer Survivor Celebration-2016

    in Christianity

    Join Dr. Teresa Graham and the women who've beat cancer. Although cancer takes many forms, there are four that claim the lives of its victims. Breast, Ovarian, Prostate, Lung, and Colon/ Rectum and many more. Every year, cancer claims the lives of more than half a million Americans. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. Here to share their victory is: Elder Carla Carter, (Texas) Apostle Annette Houston, (Texas) Evangelist Pheon Tyson and Mrs. Maddie-Joyner Johnson. These woman are just amazing in their faith in God! "Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ" (Philippians 1:16). Lets celebrate these women of God!!! Show starts @ 8:00AM (CST) & 9:00AM (EST). To hear the show LIVE- (516) 531-9244.

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    Patients living with leukemia in need of a transplant part 2

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    This episode we will introduce you to the many families that the Luis Danvers Leukemia Fund helps on a day to day basis find a bone marrow donor.  Hear the stories about the many patients including Javeth, Guillermo, Joseph Castro, Marshe' Smith Griffin.  You will hear about what you can do to save a life.   This episode is about Joseph Castro.  His mother Nicole Carroll will be our guest. 
    To send Nicole a donation send it to:
    PO Box #340355  Jamaica, NY 11434

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    Your host, Viyahta, welcomes David Tuccarro to share his journey in overcoming Leukemia.  David grew up as part of the Mikisew Cree Nation, a Native American tribe, from Northern Canada.  He is the subject of the book, "BAD TO THE BONE", which describes his complicated family relationships, insecure childhood, dependence on pain medications and a love relationship with music that helped him survive the grueling medical treatments for his diagnosis.  His tatoos are a picturesque representation of his current philosopy, "Power thru it".

    Questions:  viyahta@hotmail.com

    To Learn the Truth of your biology:  www.learninggnm.com

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    Myeloma Crowd Radio: Dr. Paul Shami, MD, Huntsman Cancer Institute

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    JSK is the first in its class with a new and unique method of killing multiple myeloma. It has a broad-spectrum anti-cancer activity, especially for myeloma and AML (acute myeloid leukemia) but is not toxic for normal cells. The JSK product is running through the standard approval process and is now in an advanced stage of pre-clinical development. Orphan drug designation has been obtained for myeloma and toxicology studies are now in the planning stages. JSK is active against drug-resistant myeloma cells and could be use with bortezomib to treat multiple myeloma. Dr. Paul Shami, MD of the Huntsman Cancer Institute joins us to describe the develoment and use of this new treatment now in development.

    Thanks to our episode sponsor, Takeda Oncology.