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    Letting Go

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    If you were to put 100 people in a group discussion, each person's idea of LETTING GO would take on a different meaning. Maybe one person would tell how they had to let go of fear, another of addictions, another of a person, and the list goes on.....

    Letting go is that custom designed act of God DEALING with us on a personal level. What do we need to let go of? He knows best. He wants to be FIRST in our lives.

    Sometimes, we will feel as if God wants us to let go of EVERYTHING. That feels way scary; but when we do, we need only to hold onto Him!  Are you ready to let go and be freer to fly higher with the One who created you? 


    in Spirituality

    During this call we will look at working with the energies of letting go of the past and opening more fully to 2015 gift of moving forward and taking action.  We shall perform powerful techniques and activations open you to  emotions and thoughts that are outworn from 2014 and beyond, that are now ready to dissolve.  Together we release your sadness, pain, hardships, stress or tension whilst allowing you to open energetically to the blessing of 2015.  

    There will be a short meditation to take action, and we shall send forth the light to bring peace to the earth playing the crystal singing bowl. Tracey will take a couple of live callers and perform a Intuitive Counselling session and blessing with them.  

    When a technique or activation is being performed with a live listener follow along and participate in the technique, as you will also receive the energetic blessing as well.  The people who call in are asking the questions for all of us, as we are part of a whole and the activations are for us all.  Enjoy the recording dear one.

    For free gifts, products and services please go to - http://cellularhealing.org


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    Surrender to Letting Go

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    It hurts to hang on to the past and all our beliefs, ideas, and habits keep the past alive within our bodies.  Taking the time to let go and allow for some fresh air to flow will open up the doors that are locked within you.  I know, I have experienced the agony of the past and by letting go have come into the Joy of the this NOW. 

    Come join Michelle and Lauren for an empowering, lively show this Sunday Oct 19th at 9:30 am PT. 

    Call in to 347.843.4729 to get a FREE pyschic reading by Lauren, and let go of some of that past programing and conditioning we all have learned to live with.  You need no longer hang on.  You are safe!!


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    in Religion

    Join Truth Talk with special guest host, Pastor Verenda Cobbs of Beauty From Ashes Ministries, ministering the topic, "LETTING GO!". Don't miss this topic at 6:00 pm!

    Please listen in for tools you can use as you have a fresh start and share the good news of what great things are happening in your life. Tune in for this life changing topic of how to release your fears, frustrations, doubts, and inhibitions to the will of God in pursuing your purpose and destiny!

    Don't miss this topic. Tune in live for INFUSION MONDAYS! Broadcasting live

  • Letting Go in 2015

    in Self Help

    Regardless of whether or not you create New Year goals, resolutions, intentions, etc, it's powerful to think about what you'd like more of in your life... and what you'd like to let go of in the New Year!

    And of course, I hope you'll consider loving yourself more this year and creating your best year... yet!! The LoveFest practice not only creates more peace in your every day, but if you document your practice, at the end of 2015, you'll have a full list of the amazing things you did all year!

    Join the conversation & Be Happier Today!

    Tina can be reached through www.40DayLoveFest.com

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    The Earth Experience with Kalina Angell ~ Letting Go (Allowing In)

    in Spirituality

    FRIDAYs 9PM Eastern/ 6PM Pacific - The Earth Experience with Kalina Angell 

    The Earth Experience explores our soul's expansion through our human experiences on Earth. Are you desiring positive change in your life, but you just aren't sure how to let go and allow in? In the 1st hour, Kalina explores her perspectives on letting go of limiting beliefs, allowing in our highest excitements, and introduces Aridif's 10 Step Shadow-Working Program. In the 2nd hour, special Co-host and Channeler, Rob Gauthier shares his perspectives followed by briefly channeling TReb Bor Yit-Ne and Aridif's 5th and 6th density perspectives on tonight's topics. (The wise, loving benevolent entities Rob channels) During open lines, share your experiences on letting go, belief systems and allowing in! Finally, at the end of tonight's show, we'll give away 2 free tickets to the 10 Steps to Belief System Change online event for tomorrow, Saturday, December 6th, 2014! If you are calling in, we'll note your number for the drawing, or you can log in to the chat room for a chance to win if you're listening via the link!

    DONATE HERE  www.tinyurl.com/kalinadonate

    Network Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/EnlightenmentEvolutionNetwork 

    Rob Gauthier & Kalina Angell  www.trebchanneling.com


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    Living Full Out with Nancy Solari/Letting Go

    in Motivation

    Although she is legally blind, Nancy Solari is a successful business owner, life coach, radio host, speaker and author. Today, she brings her life lessons to audiences, inspiring people to push through their challenges and live life full out.

    When Nancy was sixteen years old, she was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa and over the years experienced subtle yet measurable vision loss.

    She decided early that she was going to fulfill all of her dreams regardless of her disability. As result, she has worked for Good Morning America and Entertainment Tonight, had a successful music career, and has been a top producing realtor in Southern California since 2001. Besides real estate, Nancy focuses her energy on professional speaking with great success, speaking to large audiences and coaching individuals who want to learn her methods for being fulfilled.

    Currently, Nancy hosts Living Full Out with Nancy Solari on CRN.

    Nancy is an authentic, passionate, and successful example of how you can live the life you want with the right mindset and foundation, regardless of the challenges you face.

    Additionally, Nancy goes out dancing at night, spends time with her friends, goes to the gym, takes her dog for walks, travels solo, and is always reaching out to meet the next challenge in life head-on with a smile on her face.

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    Stop Holding On – Discover the “Letting Go” Secret

    in Motivation

    This show is for anyone wanting to let go but can’t get started.  Surrender is a word many of us do not like.  It implies a loss, a failure.  What if surrender, letting go of the outcome, is the greatest accomplishment and not the failure we have been taught?  What are you needing to let go of?  Is it a relationship, a marriage, a job, a living space, a limiting belief? 

    Please join us for the what’s, the how to’s and the true joy of no longer needing to control the universe.  No more holding on, just letting go everyday!

    Jyude can be reached at www.jyudeallbright.com                             Kika at ikak@juno.com

    Jyude's relationship articles can be found at www.ezinearticles.com.  Write her name in the upper right search.


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    Letting go of Upset, Sadness, Hurt, with Emotional Freedom Tapping

    in Self Help

    Join me, Suzanne at http://www.eft-scripts.com, with how to tap for when you are feeling upset, sad, or hurt.

    By joining in, you agree to all the Terms and Conditions at http://www.eft-scripts.com - Other than that, release, let go, and enjoy the freedom. If this teleclass is not enough tome for you, simply replay over and over as you carry out the instructions, until you are feeling at peace with the issue.



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    The Secret of Letting Go with Tim Weichman - timw@guyfinley.com

    in Self Help

    On today'show we are honored to again have as our guest the amazing Tim Weichman.  As a long-time associate of author Guy Finley (best-selling author who is known for his deep understanding ot the Inner Path), Tim brilliantly addresses many of the inner llife topics that Guy writes and teaches about such as freedom from stress and fear, finding inner peace, relationships, taking command of our own lives, and many other related topics.  On this show Tim will discuss Guy's international bestseller The Secret of Letting Go.  According to a quote from Desi Arnaz, Jr., Guy Finley takes the wisdom of the ages and uses it to gently coach his readers to heal tthe places in own minds where psychological problems orginate...", and we could not agree more.  Please join us.     

    E-mail:   livingfromwithin2@yahoo.com

    Website:  www.lfw2.net 

  • FSL80: Letting go of worry for Advent

    in Christianity

    Sean shares the second part of a conversation with lay evangelist Gary Zimak; Gary talks about how to give our worries to God, and how to let go of the anxiety that can mar what is supposed to be a joyous season of expectation as we round out advent. Also, Sean gives an update on the latest developments in the controversy surrounding the film "The Interview." Sean shares his 2014 Christmas letter as well.

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