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    Lets Talk Get Janes

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    ZHuffington Post Columnist Rachel Thompson and Writer/critic Bennet Pomerantz discusses media topics with guests


    Tonight's guest is the creator of the Jane


    Sharon's own words "

    Janes patient examination gowns were born out of necessity. My Mother and two sisters are Breast Cancer Survivors, because of that family history, I often found myself in Breast Health Centers, Radiology Departments and Women’s Clinics being vigilant about testing and exams. During those times I would sit endlessly in an ill fitting, uncomfortable and very thin patient/hospital gown. The women around me were in the same situation...skinny girls were freezing and other women falling out the front of the gown, exposed and vulnerable. 

    I feel strongly that during these stressful times women have the right to be comfortable and more dignified. There had to be something better and I set out to develop it.

    In October of 2012 Janes were ordered by the Breast Health Center at Women and Infants Hospital. The patients loved them...I was so encouraged by the feedback. From that one Breast Health Center Janes began to sell throughout the country. All very exciting.

    Unfortunately, at that time I was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer. Following surgery, during chemotherapy and radiation my Jane was my best friend! I had not intended to become the “poster child” for Janes...I am here to say that Janes are comforting and make a difference in how I felt and how I was viewed. My Janes gave me confidence as well a secure feeling.

    My passion today is to get the word out to women everywhere that ‘it is okay to bring your own gown’, that women have the right to comfort and that there are alternatives out there to the traditional much lacking patient gown.


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    Lets get back to personal

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    Lets get back to personal.  We spend way too much time behind or infront of a screen for our social life.  Let break down and give up close and personal a shot.  Jesus told us in John 14 that we should love one another, and to pray for our enemies.  We as a society have drifted from out personal touch in our day to day relationships. Lets get away from that.  We should from time to time come face to face with the ones we love and care for.

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    Lets get reaquainted!!! Just for fun!!

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    Hopefully this new headset works.   Just coming to get familar with everything about this again.  I am both excited and nervous to get back on the air but look forward to seeing everyone again.  Lets chat a bit.   xoxoxoo

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    Eliabeth Alkire joins us on Lets Talk Trains this week

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    The Amazing Chris Guenzler will be Interviewing Elizabeth Alkire during this weeks show. We will learn how she got into trains, all the things she has done and many more. We will learn about here city pin collections and how train trips come into that, We will learn what steam engines she has ridden behind  and some of the unique things she has done. It will be a very entraining show and we should have some very good laughs as the Amazing Chris Guenzler interviews one of our favorite hosts of the Lets Talk Trains show. Join us for a very interesting show.

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    Lets take a look at the 1603-page spending bill that is expected to be passed by the house of representatives. 

    What is / isn't in the spending bill and why?

    Brazil admits to using torture.

    Detroit comes out of bankruptcy -- Maybe? 

    Oil Hits Another 5-Year Low --- Why?

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    I Apologize But Lets Get ReCrunk!

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    Its basically self explanatory, to all of my fans first and foremost, I apologize for not being on here with Kasanova chopping it up and keeping it 100, but damnit forgive me and lets move forward :-)  I miss this s--t like I miss red kool-aid, or running barefeet in Blue Hill Mississippi (yeah I's a country gal) but we are back and this Season kml at the sEcreT Royal Table its going down.

    This is not only an open mic show, its Shai& Kas back with hood/Street News and Truths, Poetry, R&B, Rap, with not only our twist of reality but also meeting at the royal table is Flex and DJSipp. It doesnt get any betta!

    So buckle up and stay tuned.

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    Lets get everything going!

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    Football season is around the corner, as are the MLB playoffs and the NBA and college football seasons! So let's get everything going

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    Lets Be Frank-- Open Forum

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    Tonight on Let's Be Frank is Open Forum night where you can talk about any topic you like in black arts/entertainment. Plus birthday shout outs, comedy corner and as usual the Quiet Storm for Lovers Only.

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    Lets get it in...

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    battle rap

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    Do U Get Mad When People Don't Agree With U Or Do U Prove Ur Point Anyway?

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    We all know people who...or better yet, we all have before at one time or another...have gotten mad! When someone didn't quite understand or agree with what we we're talking about...So tonight on the Get Heard Show we're gonna be discussing the real...So tune 347-884-9973

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    Lets Talk Joy Turner and Jetset

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    Huffington Post Rachel Thompson and Writer/critic Bennet Pomertantz host Lets Talk. Rachel and Bennet discuss media yopics with guests

    Tonight's guest is Joy Turner

    Joy E. Turner is a Baltimore, MD native who grew up surrounded by creative and performing arts. As an author, musician and entrepreneur, Joy continues to fuse together her passion for writing, music and helping others. She is the owner of JetSet Communications & Consulting, which provides a wide array of services for authors, artists, ministry leaders and musicians ranging marketing and PR consulting to book formatting, bios and press releases. Joy has authored two solo book projects and has been a contributing writer in four anthologies/compilations. She has been a member of the Christian Authors on Tour since 2008 and has traveled across the nation as an author, speaker and workshop facilitator.  You can find Joy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and on the web at Www.joyeturner.com and www.jetsetsoars.com.



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