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    Expand Into Who You Truly Are, Medium Letizia Mason, Munjiji

    in Spirituality

    “It is not a light choice to take a human incarnation. So congratulate yourself every day for being here, and also for the wish to know who you truly are...Your spiritual body is continuously illuminating your transformation.” - Munjiji, Channeled by Letizia Mason 

    This week on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Intuitive Counselor Matthew Engel will be chatting with Channel, Letizia Mason and Richard Mason. A teacher of trance, channeling and psychic work Letizia is passionate about work with self and spirit. She is also a psychotherapist who has studied Sufi, Hindu and Buddhist traditions, tarot and psychic work for several decades. She has run weekly public trance sessions in London for eight years, channeling the spirit guide team known as Munjiji. Letizia offers “sittings” with Munjiji in both English and Italian.

    Richard Mason is an ordained minister in Integral Yoga & a psychotherapist. The Munjiji Team use Richard for spiritual healing & he works under their guidance. Distant healing is available to anyone free of charge. Richard is also the facilitator for the Munjiji work and is also based in London. http://munjiji.com

    Matthew Engel is an Intuitive Counselor who has supported thousands of people in activating their Inner Light for 18 years. For more info and to sign up for his free newsletter, please visit: matthewengel.com



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    Royal Record Breakers, The Pressure To Be Perfect | RoyaltyNow!

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    Today's show: Royal women and weight - is their health on the line? The Queen is a record breaker extraordinaire, and so is Prince Philip. Join me today for a great show! Call in and voice your opinion and talk to me about your views.

    For information:

    Diana's Disastrous Legacy - this is the article from which I gleaned the news on Letizia, Rania, and Kate. Suzy Menkes tags Diana as the reason royal women are so pressured in the world media. I say, Diana or not, they would be pressured for perfection anyway! 

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    Favorite Royals. Who and Why? | RoyaltyNow! Radio

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    Welcome to today's show. Our discussion today is favorite royals... and why?

    I talk about my favorite royals, and I look forward to hearing about yours. Call in to share!. To see more about the royals mentioned today, visit the blog The Royal Representative .

    RoyaltyNow! is part of the Mandy's Royalty Network (C) 1998 

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    For Petes Sake Monday

    in Entertainment

    We welcome another season in as the Year proceeds... A little bit of Class and For Petes Sake too... Yes the Premiere of For Petes Sake is just days away. We welcome CEO of Starr Films, LTD and director Angelique Letizia to chat with us about the final preperations and the premiere... Text WILDRIDE to 90210 to join the listener group. The phone lines will be open at 805-285-9850 and the Chat room will be too... What are you waiting for? 9 A.M. PST, Noon EST, and 5 P.M. UK, Europe and beyond... Join the Wild Ride today!