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    A Conversation With Lashonda Lester

    in Comedy

    Originally from Detroit, Lashonda Lester has been working in entertainment in some capacity for over 20 years. She's the creator, star and executive producer of "Weird! True Hollywood Tales", a biography lecture series about strange or mysterious Hollywood tragedies, now in its third season.

    Lester also took 3rd place in the 2014 Funniest In Person Austin contest, and has opened for comedy heavyweights such as Earthquake, Rickey Smiley, Kyle Kinane, SNL alumnus Finesse Mitchell, Godfrey, and legendary Grammy Award winning band; Earth, Wind, and Fire!

    What else?? She recently made her national television debut for Nickelodeon's NickMom Night Out comedy showcase. When she’s not performing comedy, Lashonda enjoys buying frivolous items on eBay, keeping up with the latest conspiracy theories and spending time with her family.

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    Ron lester On Line

    in Entertainment

    Actor Ron Lester has his own Talk show! Ron talks about weight loss, his career and takes your calls live. Chat's open! Looking to reconnect with my friends from North Cobb High: Coming to town to see you for the reunion!

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    Ron Lester on Line

    in Entertainment

    Holy Cow! Former fat-ass Ron Lester has his own talk show! God help us all! You might want to cover the dog's ears - 'cause he will for sure piss off your neighbor!

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    Ron Lester On Line: Weightloss and Attitude

    in Entertainment

    Actor Ron lester has his own Talk show! He was the actor, Billy Bob from Varsity Blues that was 508lbs, and lost 348 of it. Tune in live for his humor, his heart and learn about his journey. With guests Tricky the OG, World Famous Trainer, Rob Riches and Co-Host, Shannon. Also, listen for the Key Word for tonight to get your personalized autographed copy of Varsity Blues!

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    NIR Welcomes Larry Lester

    in Current Events

    Larry Lester was one of the founders of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (NLBM) in Kansas City, Missouri, and he served as its Research Director and Treasurer for five years (1991-1995). He was instrumental in the development of the Museum's business plan and licensing program that became its primary revenue stream in the start-up years.


    He left the NLBM in 1995 to start NoirTech Research, Inc., combining his expertise in research and technology to strategically track the African American experience in sports and entertainment. 

    Lester is co-chairman of the Jerry Malloy Negro League Conference, the only academic symposium dedicated exclusively to the examination and promotion of black baseball history. The Conference offers scholarships, library grants, and raise funds to purchase headstones for unmarked graves of players.


    Lester is the author of eight books, and has written forewords to four other books. He is listed as a contributing researcher to more than 150 publications on African American history, and has served as a consultant on numerous sports documentaries with ESPN, ESPN2, PBS, CNN, et al.


    More information can be found at his website:  www.LarryLester42.com

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    KTL RADIO presents HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR MELANIN... ft Lester Loving

    in News

    Join us tonite as we welcome back scientist/inventor Lester Loving to the program. 

    The brother will detail solution based applications to activate your melanin and keep it activated. 

    We will also discuss the information shared from this past weekend's "MELANIN CONFERENCE" 

    We've heard alot about what people THINK pertaining to melanin, but what can be proven? 

    What are the parameters to this science? 

    Is melanin activation to the solution that we've all been looking for? 

    Are we being hampered by lazy melanin activation and sloppy science?

    Tune in and bring your pad & pen...CLASS IS IN SESSION!! 

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    State Sovereignty Show: Duane Lester and Sean O'Toole

    in Politics Conservative

    There was a time when the press, and specifically newspapers, were seen as watchdogs of the government. That is why the press was given such freedom from oversight by the founders. Few news agencies today see themselves that way. One that does is The Missouri Torch. Tonight we will talk with Duane Lester, editor of that forum about the duty of journalism and Missouri politics in general.

    Too little is said and understood about the important job of the State Auditor. In a time when tax dollars are jealously guarded by you and me, the State Auditor is supposed to be our champion for guarding those dollars. We will chat with Sean O'Toole, Libertarian candidate for State Auditor. He will be facing off in November with the incumbent Auditor, Tom Schweich and Constitution Party candidate Rodney Farthing.

    Have you written or talked to your State Rep about the Diehl or No Diehl? Please call in tonight and let us know what your rep had to say about this issue. If this is going to work we absolutely need your support and participation.

    Join us live at 7PM by clicking the link above. Call the sudio line and participate at 347-677-1835.

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    Guest: Tony Abad about Lester Gibson Interview

    in Radio

    We talked to Tony Abad, Republican Candidate for McLennan County Commissioner pct 2, about Democrat Lester Gibson's interview in the Waco Tribune.  Lester Gibson made some wild statements and Tony Abad responded.  

    Gibson feels the people of the precinct are "satisfied" with his service, and has only positive feedback from his constituents.  Listen to this interview with Tony Abad, as we disect the Waco Trib interview and get to the core of Gibson's statements.



    This is local politics....Please share!



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    Ron Lester on Weight Loss, Near Death and Roles

    in Entertainment

    Actor Ron lester has his own Talk show! Tonight Ron discusses his near death experience, his weight loss surgery, answers questions from fans and talks about past and current roles he has played. Call in with your questions or leave your questions in chat!

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    Lester Greene: Rapper & Actor LIVE!

    in Hip Hop Music

    Get ready for the most fun you'll have anywhere during the next hour of your life!  

    Tonight's Special Guest Star: New York City based actor & rapper, Lester Greene joins the show!  You'll hear his songs My Jeans, Marital Bliss, Red Light and If I Was Invisible.  Lester will also share his story about being a young artist in the Big Apple!

    Lester Greene was born in Germany and raised in Texas by a military father and a stay-at-home mother. In his younger days, Lester always enjoyed playing sports, and so he thought that was his calling until he quickly developed a knack for writing and rapping. Always a natural behind the microphone, it was only a matter of time before he made the transition to performance acting. With very little training, Lester has already worked with some powerhouse directors: Phil Allocco, Eric McGinty, Stanely Bennett Clay, Scott Chinn and Ben Baker, to name a few. He has also written and produced songs for IBM and a few feature films.

    Check out Lester's Website - Click Here!

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    Fine Lester's music on iTunes - Click Here!

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    Call in to ask a question, comment or request a song:  323 657-1493

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    Tuesday Teachings With Lester Carver

    in Religion

    Join Bible-Teacher Lester Carver as shares transformational teachings to help you achieve spiritual success. 

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