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    5 Lesser-Known Rule Breakers

    in Finance

    You’ve heard about Netflix – but what about Middleby? David Gardner talks about MIDD and four other lesser-known – but compelling – companies.

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    get an A+ in COUNTRY: Curtis Clinton in the OVAL OFFICE: 120 Million Write-Ins

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    We need to get smarter in how we spend and waste our money. Everyone has heard of the $100+ Millions grabbed by Sec Of State Hillary Clinton and now we learn that Jodie Arias’s trial cost us $3,500,000. Today and 4 years to come, we will be feeding a killer, instead of remunerating the victims in our Nation, and there are plenty of them. JUSTICE is not served by bleeding dollars from the Lesser Than Able AND the Middle Income Group for a criminal murderer, guilty from the GET GO. When GUILT is Overwhelming Evident, What is Justice. and how is it preserved. Not in this case. We as a Nation have Inadequate and Incompetent Prosecutors. I Without a LAW Degree, have Pro Se‘d several cases and multiple MOTIONS, winning 60% and 90%. And Justice was not served in my losses. Untruthful Attorneys won at the cost of truth & Justice. If in the White House, I wiil allow us to propel Justice in all cases. OBTW, have you heard any of the POLITICAL PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES talk about Violence Against Women. Did you see The Wolf Of Wall Street

    and how Jordan Belfort forced his way onto Naomi – Margot Robbie – at the end of the movie. Where was her defense? She was Resigned to his forcing himself on her. Resignation is not an answer; it is not an option; it is rape. And yet, we allow it. So men, Americans stop it. The rest of the male population: stop it. If ever elected and selected into the OVAL OFFICE, I will be known as the President of All Victims: The Pres Against Violence Against Women: The Pres of Just COURTS and JUDGMENTS - BETTER LAW and SMART LAW. I would also like to be known as the Pres of The EARTH, of WILDLIFE, of ANIMALS, of ORPHANS, of FAMILIES, of WORKERS, of STUDENTS, of SCIENCE, of FAIR TAX, of ECONOMY, of BUSINESS and of the PEOPLE.  I have had enough of these things. bwell   c2it  CurtClinton  please be wise with your BALLOTS.

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    From Darkness to Light: Politics the Lesser of Two Evils

    in Religion

    In the Dark, Shadowy world of Politics, success is not a matter of virtue but vice. The mere word “Politics” conjures up every negative and wicked imagination. Politics has become synonymous with lies, deceit, scandal, greed, corruption and evil. Sadly, this is no longer a matter of opinion but fact. That being said; many of us willingly play these political games in a Democracy ruled by hypocrisy.  Society as a whole has become so jaded with the political process that we no longer demand any semblance of truth, virtue or morality from our so-called leaders. As the power of Satan grows in the world, those who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ often wonder if they should be involved in the political process at all. When choosing political candidates it is often said that we must choose the lesser of two evils. But as a Christian is it EVER acceptable to choose evil? Join us for another installment of “From Darkness to Light” as we use the Holy Bible to condemn the Lesser of Two Evils and Choose Jesus Christ – Who is the Greatest of all Good!


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    Interview with Rising Indie Artist RA Parks Hosted by Qween$Ching

    in Hip Hop Music

    RA PARKS is a hip hop artist,songwriter, producer and owner of money talks entertainment. Currently 29 years old Ra Parks has been writing music for 20 years strong. Born and raised in queensbridge the biggest housing projects in the u.s. he easily adapted to the streets and the hip hop lifestyle. Influenced by the greats such as biggie tupac nas jay-z bone thugs and harmony and 50 cent. Growing up in QB seeing nas mobb deep capone and norega rise to fame was very keen to his love of music inspiring and motivating him. Being in the streets hardbody lead Ra Parks to do 4 years in prison. Which was a blessing after facing life but pled guilty to lesser charges. While incarcerated he wrote over 1000 songs and studied the game. Perfecting his craft he was released in oct 2014. Since his release he has recorded over 100 songs working with various artists, producers and performed at various venues. Re-branding himself he released money over everything on worldstar hip hop. This lead him to work with ashton adams producer of cash money rich gang. Money talks vol.1 will be released early 2016.


    Ra Parks is very talented, hardworking and gifted. He states " I put my blood sweat and tears into hip hop. Music is my life and i would be a fool not to use the gifts and talents god has bestowed upon me. With that said Trap Star is just a chapter of his life. Stay tuned and watch him shine like the super star he is........Ra parks

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    Interposition: The Moral; Biblical; and Legal Remedy For Unjust and Wicked Laws

    in Politics Conservative

    Host:  Mike Warner  Websites:  3rdGA.org   |   TennesseeWatchman.com  | 

    Tonight we will share an excellent message from a Pastor John Weaver on INTERPOSITION.  Those who hold power in our nation today have rejected godly wisdom and surplanted it with the wisdom of man.  You will hear tonight how from the beginning or recorded history human wisdom had brought about the distruction or near distruction of one nation after another.   The more fortunate of them found the wisdom of God interposed for the wretchedness of men's wisdom to protect the people and their nation.

    This past week I once again saw the refusal of Tennessee Legislators to uphold their oaths of office and stand in the gap between an unjust opinion of the U.S. Supremem Court and the people in favor of, at least to them, a less risky "solution" basing their confidence in the flesh.  HB1412 was killed in committee by a 4 to 1 vote preventing 94 other State Representatives AND THEIR CONSTITUENTS from having a voice in the matter.  [Article]

    I am encouraging everyone who believe God's Law is the measure by which every law written by men should be measured to run for some political office.  Let God be you campaign manager and your source of wisdom, and pray!

    If you are logged into "BlogTalkRadio.com" we can discuss the issues as they are talked about in the message being presented on the text blog below.  When the message ends we can discuss it over the phone.  May God bless you!

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    Home Front Matt Trewhella - The Lesser Magistrate

    in Politics Conservative

    Have you ever wondered if it’s important to have a marriage license?   We get to visit with a Constitutional Scholar about what happened in Kentucky and the benefits of having constitutionally educated elected officials on every level. 

    In this episode, we interview Matt Trewhella, author of the book,  The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates: A Proper Resistance to Tyranny and a Repudiation of Unlimited Obedience to Civil Government

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    America's Lost Soul is being Heard - State of the Union and the POTUS Debates

    in Politics

    America's Lost Soul!

    Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day.  What would MLK say about America today?
    2016 State of the Union Address was disgusting and outrageous.  Why is this person still POTUS?
    2016 Presidential RNC and DNC Debates are a Farce.  What is the real point of these so-called debates?
    2016 Loss of Core Values.

    "Once we accept that our President need not be a "natural born Citizen," we will have made a major step towards submission to global government. Because then, anybody can be President."


    Reminder - February 22nd - President George Washington's Birthday AND the Constitution Party Presidential Debate at 9:00 PM ET on American Statesman Blog Talk Radio.

    Take Action

    Florida Voters - Sign "No More Tolls" petition to amend Florida's State Constitution
    Florida Voters - Sign petition for open primaries
    All American Voters - Reject the "Lesser of two evils".  Stop supporting evilness.

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    All who claim to be ministers of the Savior claim that they have been true to His Great Commission to preach the Gospel.   Yet the truth of the matter is that these claims simpy are not so!    IF all the leaders who say the "believe" did indeed preach truthFULLY in the power of the blessed Holy Gift from ABOVE, the many DIVISIONS we see among US and THEM, could NOT EXIST!   For there as there are NO CONTRADICTIONS in the HOLY SPIRIT; they who are LED indeed ONLY of the HOLY SPIRIT could only THINK and function as ONE with YAH!    It is evident that the Most High created mankind to emanate HIS THOUGHTS!    Therefore WE are WARNED lest WE find ourselves SNARED after any LESSER CONSCIENCE of MEN .. BEWARE!   WHOEVER or WHATEVER MANNER OF BELIEF, TEACHING, OR INSTITUTION YOU JOIN YOURSELF WITH, YOU BECOME ONE WITH IN SPIRIT!    BE CAREFUL LEST YOUR DESIRES FOR COMRADERY BLIND YOU NEVER TO SEE THE SAVING LIGHT!   FOR NO UNCLEAN THOUGHT SHALL ENTER THE KINGDOM OF THE MOST HIGH YAH!

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    The Painful Truth Show. New Years traditions.

    in Entertainment

    Besides getting sloppy drunk and kissing everybody in the room at the stroke of midnight, celebrants throughout the ages have observed numerous lesser-known New Year's customs and superstitions. Many of the superstitions associated with the event bear the common theme that activities engaged in on that day set the pattern for the year to come. Others have to do with warding off evil spirits or attracting luck. Southerners have their food traditions in which they carry out every year to ensure good luck throughout the year. Chime in and let us know what you New Years traditions are Monday January 4 9AM EST for the first show of the New Year!

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    Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe 12 15 5

    in Business

    Click Here:


    Airs Tues @ 9p CST. The Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe with Host and Founder JO Garner, your Mortgage Expert.  Tonight's episode:  "WIN/WIN SOLUTIONS WHEN NEGOTIATING FOR REAL ESTATE & MORTGAGE TERMS."  When you REALLY want Solutions to get Rid of the Hassles in Your Lives and make life easier and At a Lesser Cost than the day before, then You don't want to miss This one. Special Expert Guests, Don Hutson, Author of The Sale, The One Minute Entrepreneur and The One Minute Negotiator (just to name a few) and Terri Murphy, Author, National Speaker, Consultant and Communication Specialist make for a very informative and interesting show with more than enough answers to put your Real Estate financing on a highly successful path. See You Tonight.

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    Brad Olsen: Sacred Places in North America

    in News

    The book:

    History comes alive in Sacred Places North America — the most complete volume of spiritual destinations in print. Author and illustrator Brad Olsen uncovers the multitude of sacred sites in Canada and the United States, including the Hawaiian Islands. Updated with the latest academic theories and substantiated with the historical perspective of cultural diffusion, this is a must-read for every North American explorer.

    Learn the meaning behind prehistoric New England stone chambers, earthen mound complexes in the Midwest and South, Early Christian societies, Canadian medicine wheels and the weathered pueblos of the American Southwest. This comprehensive guide to the continent’s most dynamic sites — including many lesser-known locales — takes the reader on an illuminating pilgrimage from coast to coast. Discover the New Age mecca of Sedona’s vortices, California’s Mission Trail of the first Spaniards, or visit the consecrated grounds of various Native American tribes.