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    The Friday Farcast: Leonard Cohen, The Man Next Door With Ann Diamond

    in Paranormal

    The chards, the fragmnets, the filaments of memory, glued together again through time and circumstance.  This is Ann Diamond's story.  Diamonds refract light and the prismatic array of truth becomes illuminated as her personal story unnfolds.

    Ann Diamond is an author ("The Man Next Door" and "My Cold War"), reseracher, writing coach  and MK-Ultra survivor.  Her narrative includes the experiemnts performed on her father, her brother and herself at McGill University under the mad supervision of Ewen Cameron.  Cameron developed a method for altering personalities called "psychic driving" which would split the self, while inserting programs and chaos for a future self.  Her story also includes the Canadian singer/bard, Leonard Cohen who is much more than he appears to be on the surface.  Cohen, his music and his dark magic would play a signifcant role in Ann Diamond's life as she uncovers the secrets of mind control, torture, pop music and the manufcatured reality of the 1960's counter-culture.

    I spoke with Ann from Greece, via Skype in what was one of the oddest places ever for an interview; a ladies room in a crowded and bustling cafe.

    Please join me in this fascinating and at times, shocking interview.




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    Episode 3034 - Never Forget - Joseph Cohen

    in Paranormal

    Episode 3034 - Never Forget
    Pastor Joseph Cohen www.newhopeinthelord.com
    Special Guest: Minister Benjamin
    Recorded 11-24-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    Recording Artist TJ Leonard stops by #ConversationsLIVE

    in Music

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes recording artist TJ Leonard to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his love of music and what it's been like to share it with the world. The two will also discuss his new single REMEMBER THOSE TIMES.

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    Joseph Cohen

    in Spirituality

    Joseph Cohen

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    Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio Presents: Leonard Dan

    in Paranormal

    Join Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio as we interview Dine’ Navajo Elder Leonard Dan as we delve into the mystery of the Skinwalkers and other cryptids known to inhabit that area. Leonard Dan has seen a Skinwalker and Bigfoot so this should make for very interesting conversation and a night to learn a great deal about the forces of nature.

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    The Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall w/ Dr. Leonard Robinson

    in Christianity

    At the Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall w/Dr. Leonard Robinson it is God's purpose that you would rediscover the Kingdom, your identity, purpose and divine destiny and be able to walk in all that God has ordained for mankind from the very beginning.

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    Episode 3002 - ISRAEL: A Must for All Believers - Joseph Cohen and Gary Stafford

    in Paranormal

    Episode 3002 - ISRAEL: A Must for All Believers 
    Pastor Joseph Cohen www.newhopeinthelord.com 
    Pastor Gary Stafford
    Recorded 11-17-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    Kabbalah & Astrology with Joseph-Mark Cohen

    in Lifestyle

    Listen on-line at www.abetterworld.tv

    Mitchell’s guest this evening is the the poetic and gifted, Rebbe, Joseph-Mark Cohen.

    In tonight’s dialogue, Joseph-Mark Mitchell engages Joseph-Mark on understanding Kabbalah through the lens of personal growth and development.

    Joseph-Mark is the founder of The Tree-of-Life School, through which he teaches Kabballah, Astrology, sound-healing and the wisdom embedded in the mystical traditions and sacred sites around the world.

    Purchase Mitchell’s TV Interview with Joseph-Mark On DVD

    Joseph-Mark has been practicing the art of kabbalistic astrology for the past 30 years. His early astrological influences included Dane Rudhyar and John Addey. He has been presenting kabbalistic astrology at a wide variety of conferences and seminars (AFAN, ARC, UAC, Whole Life and New Life Expos) for over 2 decades.

    A gifted story-teller, creative catalyst, and polarity therapist, Joseph-Mark enjoys presenting Astrodrama (experiential astrology) in a variety of venues.

    He is also the creator of Living Kabbalah Audio Seminars, The Right Name Consulting & the Pneemah Planetary Healing Initiative. Joseph-Mark is the author of Aleph 2160: A Zodiac Oracle, (an epic poem 30 years in the writing), which weaves kabbalistic lore, star mythology, archeo-astronomy and earth mysteries into an extraordinary ceremonial invocation.

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    NHL on the Ice with Russ Cohen and Michael Augello

    in Hockey

    Join Bryan Yates and Alan Zlotorzynski for 2 hours of NHL Hockey talk. We cover the NHL, AHL, CHL, College Hockey, Fantasy ‎Hockey and much more. We would love your participation on the show. You can join us by joining the chat room or call into the show. You can check out On the Ice on facebook at NHL On the Ice Podcast. You can find us on twitter @NHLOn_the_Ice and @Zlotsports. Also check out Fantasy Sports Warehouse! Come and join us as we cover the NHL and all the news and notes! Come join us in the chat room or call into the show at (516) 418-5946. Rejoining us this week from the Hockey Writers is our third man in is Felix Sicard

    Our guest this week from Sportsology.com and Sirus XM radio from the hockey prospect show is Russ Cohen. Russ joins us live from the Flyers game to give us an update on the Flyers and their season. 

    Also joining us in the second hour of the show is Columnist & webcast host for http://Hockeybuzz.com covering the NHL, Toronto Maple Leafs & Toronto Marlies Michael Augello.


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    DJ Free Leonard Radio

    in Hip Hop Music

    Hosted by DJ Free Leonard presenting Political Prisoner News & Hip Hop for social change. 

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    10: Krystian Leonard, President of Shining S.C.A.R.S, TEDx Speaker, Author

    in Entrepreneur

    Krystian Leonard is a 19 year old student and award-winning author and advocate with an adventurous spirit. She dedicates countless hours volunteering and supporting various charities annually. Since her journey into self-acceptance began, Krystian wrote her first children's book at age 15, titled Shining Scars, a Mom's Choice Award recipient, which was published by Headline Books, as a way to meet the need of children just like herself, who are healing and living with visible scars. Krystian founded and now serves as the President of her non-profit organization Shining S.C.A.R.S. as an outreach to help others. 

    Follow Krystian on Twitter:

    About Hustle Culture:

    The Hustle Culture podcast features interviews with entrepreneurs and hustlers from all walks of life going through the climb and trying to make a difference simultaneously. These hustlers share tips and ways they overcame difficult situations. Please email hustleculturepodcast@gmail.com for any questions or suggestions.

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