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  • Voice of Rio Grande - David Ding and Carrie Napora URG/RGCC Sept 9, 2015 3:00pm

    in Education

    3:00 Wednesday, September 9, 2015 VOICE OF RIO GRANDE with Dr. Richard Sax, Provost of the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College – Dr. Sax will feature two exciting guests including David Ding,  Bookstore Manager at the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College.  Also, Carrie Napora will join Dr. Sax.  She is with the School of Fine Arts - Madog Center for Welsh Studies - a Center for Welsh Studies.  This resource center and library supports the preservation of the Welsh language and culture, the arts, academics, the Welsh-American connection, and promotes local Welsh-American activities.   Dr. Sax and she will talk about last year’s Gallipolis Rio Holiday storefront and plans for this year’s celebration as well.

    Carrie Napora

    School of Fine Arts - Madog Center for Welsh Studies

    University of Rio Grande / Rio Grande Community College

    800-282-7201 ext 7145
    740-245-7145 Direct
    740-245-7187 Fax
    EM: welsh@rio.edu


    David Ding, Manager

    Book Store


    University of Rio Grande / Rio Grande Community College

    EM: dding@rio.edu

    Dr. Richard Sax, Provost
    University of Rio Grande /  Rio Grande Community College
    Rio Grande, Ohio
    EM: rsax@rio.edu
    PH: 740-245-7214

  • Voice of Rio Grande, Dr. Johnston interviews STEVE EVANS Sept 2, 2015 at 3:00 pm

    in Education

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_1DD3YjOb8

    Live Channel 17 Rio Grande Cable Access

    3:00 Wednesday, September 2, 2015 VOICE OF RIO GRANDE with Dr. Michelle Johnston, President of the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College features Steve Evans, Steve Evans Genuine County Sausage, LLC, located in Bidwell, Ohio. Dr. Michelle Johnston and Steve Evans discuss his business, and recounts several interesting and amusing stories growing up in the Evan’s household.  They also discuss education as one of the keys to being successful in the business world.   Steve is the son of Bob and Jewell Evans, founder of the BOB EVANS Restaurant Chain, having its start in Gallipolis and Rio Grande, Ohio. Steve’s sausage company has been established in 1998 and employs a staff of approximately 14.  His sausage is sold throughout the Northeast area and his market continues to expand daily.


    Steve Evans

    Steve Evans Genuine Country Sausage LLC.

    1715 Street Rte 850
    Bidwell, OH 45614

    Phone: (740) 285-7570



  • VOICE OF RIO GRANDE Mark Nelson and Heather Duda August 26, 2015 at 3:00 pm

    in Education

    VOICE OF RIO GRANDE with Donna Mitchell and David Lawrence, Deans with the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College will feature Mark Nelson and Dr. Heather Duda, Associate Professors with the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College.  Mark Nelson is a Professor with the Fine Wood Working Technology Program at URG/RGCC.  This two-year program in Fine Woodworking is a “hands-on” experience, and most of the students’ time is spent in the shop building fine furniture.  Mark will highlight the recent URG/RGCC Woodworking student who won the Annual Nation-wide Woodworking Competition held in Las Vegas.  Dr. Heather Duda, Associate Professor of English and Director of the Honors Program, will discuss the Rio Grande’s Honors Program.  Students who participate in Rio’s Honors Program experience interdisciplinary general education courses and hands-on seminars and complete a senior project in their area of interest.  They are challenged to think outside the box and develop strong leadership skills.  Through the program, Rio’s Honors Students develop confidence in themselves as professionals and academics.  The Honors Program is a great opportunity for students seeking to go above and beyond in their college careers.


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    Management Lessons from "Big Cork Vineyards"

    in Entrepreneur

    Big Cork Vineyards broke ground in 2011 and is located in Maryland’s Pleasant Valley, just west of Frederick.  It inaugurated its elegant and expansive Tasting Room and Winery Production Facility last Spring.

    Our interview will feature Heather Tapper, Big Cork’s General Manager, who oversees all operations, including the tasting room, events, production, and facilities.  Heather, a certified Sommelier, most recently served as Assistant Director of Food and Beverage for the Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge, a four star, Starwood Luxury Collection Hotel, in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The interview will cover the winery’s founding, its array of wines and business vision, as well as an update on coming events.

    Questions discussed on Twitter at #toastdmvbrew.

    Our show host Gary Vaughan is an avid winery tourist, blogger and publisher of the Delmarva Winery and Brewery Journal. "

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    VOICE OF RIO GRANDE Kingsley Meyer, TECHNOLOGY, Aug 12, 2015 3:00 pm

    in Education

    Wednesday 3:00 pm August 12, 2015.  VOICE OF RIO GRANDE hosted by Dr. Richard Sax, Provost of the University of Rio Grande, features Kingsley Meyer, Director of the Campus Computing and Networking, University of Rio Grande.  This broadcast is for all students who are either beginning their college experience or returning to the University of Rio Grande or any College / University this coming fall.  Discussions will surround what sort of technology students can expect to use in the educational environment, types of smart phones/tablets/computers needed and the best kinds of software students will be using.  Also topics of discussion will include:

    ·         History of academic computing—nationally and University of Rio Grande specific

    ·         New developments and trend in “Teaching w/ Technology”

    ·         Cost-benefit issues in academic computing

    ·         Needs for instructor training and student training to utilize technology fully


    Kingsley Meyer

    740) 245-7365

    EM:  kmeyer@rio.edu

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    The End Times? Dr William Deagle James McCanney Leo Lyon Zagami Tim Alexander

    in Current Events

    Daniel 2:31-45 ..'Thou, O king, sawest, and behold a great image .. This image's head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass, His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay. Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet ... Thou art this head of gold ... And after thee shall arise another kingdom inferior to thee, and another third kingdom of brass, which shall bear rule over all the earth. And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron ... And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters' clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided ... Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter.'

    Now this is a sign that most people miss! Have a think about it ... What needs to happen in order for the "beast system" to stop people from buying and selling if they refuse the mark? We need to have a worldwide financial system whereby everything bought and sold is through electronic means, not cash.

    Has there been any time in history where this could happen? No. Are WE living in a day where this could happen? Most certainly, yes! And the powers of this world are now trying to make cash obsolete, and are actively pushing pure electronic forms of payment, like "PayPal" and "Google Wallet" for instance. Take a look at the news and you will see this being reported in different countries of the world.

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    Mediumship Readings and guests.

    in Spirituality

    I do apologise for last week. There seem to be all kinds of problems at blog talk and if its not one thing its another :( Skype since its been taken over by Microsoft just seems to have one problem after another. Anyway todays show centres on Standards of mediumship and you can find a live video demonstration of mine on my site. http://www.leo-bonomo.com/leo-bonomo-live-demonstration/  

    All about mediumship, connecting with spirit, spiritual development, live readings with guests some well known. We shall talk about development, spirit problems you may have and anything to do with spiritual things. We have guests on the show from time to time and we do reading’s. I do not ask questions, genuine mediums do not ask questions!

    I am a professional, Inspirational, Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic. I have been privileged to give readings in Germany and have appeared on TV on “The Circle TV” on Channel 166 the information Channel. In October of 2010 I did a small tour of New Zealand doing private readings and a theatre booking.  My Site: www.leo-bonomo.com

    My book Summerland is on sale not only from Amazon and all good bookstores both online and in book shops  but is also be available shortly as an EBook on Kindle and other formats including PDF from my site. You can also find me on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/Leo.S.Bonomo 

    On Google Plus https://plus.google.com/u/0/ 

    On You tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hvjl-2M4NxQ  

    On twitter https://twitter.com/leothemedium

  • Floodplain Administrator Raina Fulks - Regulations/Rules Sept 16, 2015 2:00 pm

    in Education

    Wednesday 2:00 September 16, 2015   AGRI-TALK with Duane Rigsby and Mike Thompson featuring Raina Fulks, Floodplain Administrator, with the Gallia County Soil and Water Conservation District in Gallipolis, Ohio. Gallia County, as do many communities along significant River Ways, has  Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA's) that are subject to periodic flooding or inundation which may result in loss of life & property, health & safety hazards, disruption of commerce & governmental services, extraordinary public expenditures for flood protection & relief, and impairment of the tax base.  Raina will discuss the floodplain program and maps changes since Gallia County joined in 1989; What is considered regulated development in the floodplain; Floodplain Regulations regarding existing structures and new construction in the floodplain; Regulations in the three flood risk zones; Substantial improvement of a structure and how it can affect a property; and flood insurance law changes that can affect homeowners.


    Raina Fulks, CFM

    Floodplain Administrator

    Gallia Soil and Water Conservation District

    111 Jackson Pike, Suite 1569

    Gallipolis Ohio 45631

    Phone:  740-446-6173  Ext 104


    WEB PAGE:  http://www.galliaswcd.com

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    Carlo Mondavi of RAEN Winery is Stu's Guest on Wine Talk Radio Show 9-23-15

    in Entertainment

    Carlo Mondavi of RAEN Winery, and brother. Dante come from the best "root stock" in the wine business. their grandfather was famed wine making legend Robert Mondavi. They want to make the best Pinot Noir available, and have made a big imprint on the wine industry with their latest offerings. Carlo joins Stu to discuss his family, his wine and his future.

    Find out what all the industry buzz is about, and who Stu The Wine Guru is. This is the Best Wine Show on the Planet! THE Source For Everything Wine. You come here to sit back,relax,learn and be entertained by Stu The Wine Guru, and his guests. Email your questions to stuthewineguru@me.com. Tweet your questions on Twitter to @stuthewineguru, and Stu will read them live on the air! Call in and ask all of your questions about wine directly to Stu and his guests. Don't be shy call in at 1-646-381-4860. Join the rest of the world and be part of something big! 

    Read Stu: simplythebestmagazine.com. and glassofbubbly.com

  • MichICAN NRS 10-8-15 Tonight James Meissner of OnePlant & LEAP Impaired Driving+

    in Elections

    Tonight 'the Perception Deception Show' welcomes James Meissner.  James is a former Police Officer in the State of Alabama, has just returned to Georgia and is a newer Cannabis Activist.  James has been out of Law Enforcment for about a decade, and is now an active member of L.E.A.P., Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.  We will be tackling the every decisive topic of Impairment, Impaired Driving, and the Recent Studies on this very topic.  We will also be digging into the Rational and Logical way LEO and the State Policy should be outlined concerning Impaired Driving.

    This isn't your controlled talking points Radio Show.
    Here we discuss the unthinkable, Actual Repeal of Prohibition in Michigan.
    Legalization of Recreational Marihuana may come up, but we are just
    going to be finishing the conversation the other have to leave off the table, or
    they'll show their hand. You can keep up to date with upcoming shows, guests, and
    other show informaiton including Archived shows at
    Tune In, Join In, Get Heard!

    The views and opinions expressed on the MichICAN Nightly Radio Show are those of the
    hosts, and guests, authors or organizations, and are not necessarily those
    of this station, it’s management or other Hosts or advertisers. The shows found on
    the BlogTalkRadio can promote any lifestyle, belief, religion, political affiliation
    or other personal practice. These shows are for entertainment purposes only and are
    not intended to offer legal advice, or to treat, diagnose and/or claim any cure of disease or condition.
    Although the Host of this show have made every reasonable effort to be factually
    accurate, no responsibility is assumed for editorial or clerical errors or error
    occasioned by honest mistake. All information contained on this Web site is subject
    to change.

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    BUSINESS TALK - Overcoming Spousal Abuse With Theresa Blake Oct 7, 2015

    in Education

    BUSINESS TALK - Theresa Blake with the Elizabeth Marie Colon Foundation Overcoming Spousal Abuse

    Live on CHANNEL 17  Rio Cable Channel 17
    Wednesday 1:00 October 7, 2015 BUSINESS TALK with Jason Winters and Patrick Dengel will feature Theresa Blake – Elizabeth Marie Colon Foundation who discusses  how difficult it can be when living in a physically and psychologically spousal abused relationship.  The Foundation’s Mission is to assist women living in a drug/alcohol abused environments be able to change to a better redirected self-sufficient and self-reliant lifestyle.  Oftentimes, abused women in those situations feel there is no way out of their bad lifestyle;  however, Theresa will relate her prior struggles of being abused and how she overcame it as well as building ways for other women to overcome their abuse.

    Theresa Blake

    Elizabeth Marie Colon Foundation

    Ph:  740-497-3258

    Em: pdservices2013@gmail.com