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    Ron Bonk/Brad Leo Lyon

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    Join host Jonathan Moody as he chats with filmmakers Ron Bonk and Brad Leo Lyon

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    The Zodiacs - Leo and Libra

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    Rockafellaz Radio is gonna talke trip back into the stars.   We will start back on our view of the zodiacs by pickin up where we left off.

    Believe it or not, a lot of us are into astrology and the meanings and representation of our zodiac signs.  Some would say that they behavior or traits listed about their zodiac isn't true, but really it is.....for some that are in the same zodiac.  What I have learned is that the statement about not all persons in a zodiac tree are the same.  Meaning for example, all Leos are not the same.  Each one has different traits and things about them that are different from the next. Thats right, each zodiac has 3 different tiers that represents their place in that one zodiac sign. 

    Tune in today on Rockafellaz Radio as we discuss the two Zodiac Leo and Libra. Come and take part in the conversation.  Are you a Leo? What stands out about your Zodiac? What about Libra? Are there things that lies within the Libra that makes you distinctive from the other Zodiac?


    All this and more here on Rockafellaz Radio.......Talk that keeps it 100!!!!!!

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    The Actor's Studio with Leo Pacheco

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    Want to break into show biz?  Have a gift or talent you want to expand upon?  Want to learn how to become an actor, model, or performer?

    Tune in to the Actor's Studio with host Leo Pacheco to learn how. 

    Featuring special guests who know the business, this hour-long program will offer valuable insight into the entertainment industry and fostering your craft using the talents and gifts God gave you.


    TODAY'S TOPIC:  10 Auditioning Tips for Wannabe Actors


    Garrett Rodgers - Actor/RAIN

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    The Actor's Studio with Leo Pacheco

    in Entertainment

    Want to break into show biz?  Have a gift or talent you want to expand upon?  Want to learn how to become an actor, model, or performer?
    Tune in to the Actor's Studio with host Leo Pacheco to learn how.  
    Featuring special guests who know the business, this hour-long program will offer valuable insight into the entertainment industry and fostering your craft using the talents and gifts God gave you.
    Nise Davies - Advantage Talent Agency
    Tanika Chere' Edmonds - Actor | Singer

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    Tune in to hear about what is building in the week ahead as we move towards our FULL MOON in LEO. This is about true love, creative projects, children, and recreational interests and a week that leads us to critical mass with celebrations, break-throughs, endings, and achievements. The Zoe Moon Astrology Show!

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    Bestselling author Leo J. Maloney discusses #TwelveHours on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back bestselling author Leo J. Maloney to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his continued literary success, what it's been like to share stories that he loves and what he hopes readers take away from the newest Dan Morgan release TWELVE HOURS. 

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    Bert Martinez joined by Leo Tilman, Vanessa Wiebel, Robert Kriegel

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    Leo Tilman executive chairman of Capitol Peak Asset Management and a long-time strategic advisor to the executives and boards of leading companies around the world. Capitol Peak made headlines last year as the manager of the Rural Infrastructure Opportunity Fund – a public/private partnership announced by the White House Rural Council

    Vanessa Wiebel Bestselling Author on Amazone with the book “Stand apart” followed by the National Bestseller Quill Award  Sep 2014  in CA Hollywood. She is an Immigrant success story, coming from Europe, literally her first job was “dish washing” to being today an established entrepreneur and multiple business owner and now Bestseller an Award winner in Hollywood. Starting as the owner of the first female Registerd Acupressure Therapist in Vancouver and owner of the Holisti Therapy Center - the first Alternative Medicine Multidiciplinary Health Center. She naturally moved to being a Success building Expert, Business Coach for “green minded leaders of today” with her Canadian company YES you CAN, confidence development

    Robert Kriegel NY Times bestselling author who US News and WorldReport called one of the country’s leading authorities in the field ofchange and human performance. He has been a commentator on NPR’sMarketplace program and done two specials for PBS. Bob has also taught at Stanford’s Executive Management Program and been a majoraccounts executive at Young & Rubicam Advertising. His books include the international best sellers Inner Skiing,If it ain’t broke…BREAK IT! and the Business Week best seller,Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers. His most recent books arePerformance Under PressureandHow to Succeed in Business Without Working so Damn Hard!


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    Leo Sullivan

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    Leo Sullivan is a versatile writer, with Urban Fiction being one of the many genres that he enjoys. In 2005 Leo Sullivan from a federal prison cell, signed to Triple Crown Productions and took the urban literary world by storm with has mega hit, debut novel, Life (Life Without Hope) it has sold over a hundred thousand copies to date. It is still considered an urban street classic. His follow up novel, Dangerous has been featured in such magazines as Essence, Don Diva, King, just to name a few. He has also written other best selling novels such as Innocent and its sequel Innocent Forever, as well as, In this life for adult and teenage version. In 2011 upon his release from prison, Leo started his own company, SULLIVAN PRODUCTION LLC, Films and literary. He decided to enter the movie industry after writing several screenplays and working with independent movie studios and producers. One of the producers in particular is William Packer. Leo's most recent releases are Innocent's Revenge, Innocent's Revenge 2 and several other best selling novels.

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    INSIDEtrack: Leo Manzano, looking ahead to the 2015 season

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    Leo Manzano is the 2012 Olympic 1500 meter silver medalist. Leo started his running at the University of Texas. As a Longhorn he was a 5-time NCAA champion and a 9-time All-American making his transition to a professional athlete one that was sure to be very successful. He has an Olympic medal and a long sought after sponsorship with Hoka One One. Tune in to find out what is next for Leo in training, more about his sponsors Timex & Hoka One One, and where we can see him race this up-coming season. 

    Follow Leo @Leomanzano

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: Grandmaster Leo T. Fong

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    Sunday November 30th, 2014. 6 pm Pacific Time.  Join us as we welcome Professor Leo Fong to the Dynamic Dojo! Call us live on the air this Sunday to speak with one of the most respected practitioners in the martial arts world today.

    Leo T. Fong
    Methodist Minister, Martial Artist, Fitness Coach, Filmmaker

     Leo T. Fong was born on November 23rd, 1928. He is one of the most respected martial artists in the community today. Leo was born in Canton, China. When he was five years old, his family emigrated to the United States. At the age of 15, Leo began training as an amateur boxer and was also called to be an ordained Methodist Minister. In 1958, Leo was introduced to Kung Fu, studying Choy Li Fut and Sil Lim. In the early sixties, Leo met Bruce Lee and became his student, eventually inspiring many of the innovative techniques of JKD.

    In the 1970's, Leo Fong went to Hong Kong and started a career in martial arts films. When he returned to the USA he started producing, directing and continued acting in films. Mr. Fong is a retired minister, a film producer, and a martial arts teacher. He has created his own style of martial art known as Wei Kuen Do, which is not just a fighting art, but a style to bring inner peace to the body.

    Full biography of Leo Fong at his website: http://www.leotfong.com/LeoFong/LeoFong.html

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    Mastering Your Zodiac: Leo

    in Spirituality

    Leo, you thrive when expressing yourself creatively through art, music or drama. And be sure to let your inner child run the show! what else is there to know about you? Let's find out as we continue the zodiac series.

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