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    Love Liberty & Lip Gloss with author Leila Lacey

    in Lifestyle

    Tune in to Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss with hosts Lisa Tarves and Daria Anne when they welcome returning guest and prolific author Leila Lacey to the show:

    Leila Lacey is a romance author living in Michigan. Her unique, yet titillating, genre blurs the lines between romance, interracial love and erotica. Now in her late 30’s, Leila has been passionate about writing since age 10. She can often be found traveling the world, enjoying water sports, listening to jazz music or volunteering at Vista Maria, a local youth program for young women. Leila, above all else, loves her friends and family. It is with their support that she is able to create magical scenes of true human intimacy on every page. Follow Leila Lacey on her endeavor to be America’s next New York Time’s Bestselling Author!

    During the show, listeners are welcome to call in with their questions at (347) 945-7246.

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    Writestream Tuesday with Leila Lacey

    in Writing

    Tune in to Writestream Tuesday with network founder Dariaanne when she welcomes Michigan author Leila Lacey to the show to discuss her innovative romantic fiction centering on women with curves:

    Love comes in many shapes and sizes.  Rising Michigan Author Leila Lacey writes from the heart about the trials and tribulations of love and romance from a curvy woman's perspective.  With over 12 popular books on Amazon to date, she's steadily claiming her space as a new romantic fiction author to keep an eye on.  

    Bow down to the curves.  That's the philosophy that's motivated romantic fiction author Leila Lacey as she's wrote over a dozen popular books taking a hot and exciting look at love and adventure from a strong, curvy woman's viewpoint.  The books have been received with enthusiasm, and it's clear the best is yet to come.

    If you have any questions or comments for Leila during the live broadcast, call in at (347) 945-7246. The chat room will also be open for your participation. Tune in to Writestream Tuesday on January 27 at 1 p.m. Eastern with author Leila Lacey!

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    Kroeze Sisters 'LIVE' at Girlfriends 'Lioness Arising' CONTINUES - Chapter 7

    in Spirituality

    Join the Kroeze sisters Tammie and Debbie for a Bible Study teaching out of the book "Lioness Arising" by Lisa Bevere. If you are following along in a book we will be on Chapter seven (7).

    Tonight we will have a Guest Co-Host with Debbie tonight, Leila Stetner a long time friend and mentor.
    As always there will be extra features, beauty tips and more.

    Tammie (Kroeze) is a national pageant winner and life-coach, speaker, singer and writer.
    Debbie (Kroeze) is a spa owner, skin care specialist, wardrobe coach, massage therapist singer and speaker.
    They will be joining their longtime friend and co-host Tami Salts.

    Recording LIVE from South Everett Community Church at a group they call "Girlfriends, all girls, all ages, all joy".

    Come be inspired, uplifted and reminded of your value!!!

    The Lord bless you and keep you;
    The Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you;
    The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.

    Numbers 6:24-26 (NIV)

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    Star gates? And 2014-2015"Trends"with Leila & Odelia

    in Prayer

    For this Full Fledge Show, well be talking about stargates & top Full Fledge News . Our guest Odelia will be speaking for an hour with Channing to talk more about stargates and give us a better understanding of what they are and how they work.

    Then, Leila will be discussing the latest trends and fads of 2014, particularly the ones that we could do without and feel should disappear ASAP!!!

    Tune in tonight to The Full Fledge Show. Calls from guests will be taken on the second hour. The guest call in number is , (347) 826 - 9733 calls perfer to take call on 2nd hr.


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    Psychic Medium Nancy Fortier - Letting Spirit Guide your Life

    in Spirituality

    Nancy is guided through Spirit to see, feel or just know information pertinent to you, using Claicongnizance,  Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience relayed to you for Spiritual Guidance.

    Nancy gently and lovingly helps in the passing of a loved one, Spirit comes through always for a healing and loving reunion. She can detect and clear wanted or unwanted Spirit around you and in homes, via long distances as well. Guiding you to recover, remember and experience past lives that directly affect your present life

    Nancy can detect physical and mental abnormalities, balancing  your Chakras, aligning your body, mind and Soul, energizing, and speeding up recovery of illnesses, injuries (old and new) and emotional pain.

    She can help reveal deep issues through your Dreams and your subconscious mind to help overcome difficulties and find answers leading to a happy, joyous and free life. She works with Angelic and Psychic realms, allowing to gently guide you in your life, Angels send their messages with colours & numbers. Nancy can see your Aura and your personality number.

    Personal Coaching and readings are available to book through Nancy's facebook page https://www.facebook.com/nancyfortier33

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    GLP Eye for the Baned Guy + Reverse Speech Redux!

    in Current Events

    *To be BANED is GLP slang for BANNED. Use your brian before asking me what it means again you morans.*

    Apparently rianna's dress is getting a lot of attention. What does it really mean? Does it symbolize something being born, or has something been aborted? "Something's cooking." 

    Some BALTIMORE REVERSE SPEECH. In that "we gave them space to destroy" speech, the Baltimore mayor says in reverse "Please, you forgive our riot." No kidding, tune in to hear that one. 

    (Possibly) Some of tonight's threads:

    *People are training to KILL YOU everyday

    *As if men weren't getting feminine enough, they are now selling male bras and panties. WTF is this shit.

    *Sloppy: CNN Accidentally Leaves up Link Showing Swat Team Actually Killed the Two Texas Gunmen

    *Space radiation makes mice confused and lack curiosity, bad news for Mars mission

    *when is someone an adult?

    And more!

    Please be sure to visit http://doomcollective.com/blog/


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    Leila and Lily and Social Work Concerns

    in School

    Leila will interview Lily regarding LGBTQ Youth

    Lily will interview Leila regarding concerns of the immigrant and refugee population

  • 02:24

    vocality ~ featuring leila fortier

    in Poetry

    these moments need no introduction..come, listen

  • 00:14

    Leila and Lily and Social Work Concerns

    in School

    Leila Clark interviews Lily Htoo from CEO regarding Suicide Risk and Prevention for LGBTQ Youth and what parents and the schools can do about it.

    Lily Htoo interviews Leila Clark from UAlbany  BSW program on Social Work Concerns for Immigrant and Refugee Population in Albany area.  

  • 00:15

    Alternative Therapies for Trauma-Somatic Experiencing-Leila Clark/Cindy Dern

    in School

    Leila Clark,BSW student at U Albany, interviews Cindy Dern, LCSW, a psycho therapist from Woodstock, NY.Cindy uses Somatic Experincing to treat trauma 

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    Friday Night Dance Party: Sasha's Bloc "Heart On Fire"

    in Indie Music

    The big band sound comes to Rated G Radio in Hour 1 tonight with SASHA'S BLOC featuring their album Heart On Fire!

    Jazz collective Sasha’s Bloc solidifies their growing presence on the U.S. music scene with an original album that hearkens back to the Big Jazz Band sound of the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s, and to a performance style that evokes such seminal acts as Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, Count Basie, Scott Joplin, Ella Fitzgerald and more.

    Sasha’s Bloc is an amalgam of varied artists, nationalities and experiences, all fueled by bassist and songwriter Alex Gershman to deliver a sound that is consistently big, boisterous, full of spirit and rich in everything that makes jazz linger as an American phenomenon. On Heart On Fire, Gershman is honored to have Grammy-nominated vocalist Jane Monheit perform on multiple tracks.

    The group’s core nonet is comprised of Nora Rothman, vocal; Brandon Fields, saxophone; Alex Budman, saxophone, clarinet; Kye Palmer, trumpet, Bob McChesney, trombone; Kevin Winnard, drums; Steve Cotter, guitar; Andy Langham, piano. Guest artists on the upcoming album include: Jane Monheit, vocal; Alvin Chea, vocal; Patrick Tuzzolino, vocal; Princess Fortier, vocal; Glynis Leflore vocal; Octavia Pace vocal; James Lum, banjo; Jason Fabus, accordion; Marc T. Bolin, Tuba. Gershman plays upright bass and electric bass.