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    The Frat House Sports Show #182

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    This past week there may not have been a lot of drama IN sports, but there has been A LOT around sports and The Frat House Sports Gang is looking at it all from every angle . . . with a little bit of help.

    First up, we welcome Frat House Sports friend Leigh Klein of Five-Star Basketball Camp to help us break-down the BEST three weeks of the year in the NCAA Basketball season coming up with Conference Tourneys and then the “Big ONE” – the “Field of 64”!

    But with less than 20 games remaining it’s time to start looking forward to the NHL post-season with Patt Leggs from Toronto and CEO of NHL Analyst and NHLNFA.com to chat about the results from the recent trade deadline, the possible playoff contenders and some other issues with frozen ponds around the league.

    We’re touching on NASCAR going into its third race of the season at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, AND the NFL with Free Agency looming and some of the knock-you-off-your-seat developments that occurred this week in anticipation.

    We’re covering EVERYTHING you have an opinion about, so be sure to jump in with the Frat House Gang – Frat House Mike, Uncle Mark, Sidekick, and Brandon – by giving your opinion at 347 – 826 – 9964!

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    CandidFrankLive Puck Talk with Patt Leggs 004

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    CandidFrankLive "Puck Talk" with Patt Leggs has a Late start 9pm to 10pm from Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

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    MoJo Talk Radio ...The Commandments of Fighting Fairly (Marriage Really Matters)

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    Granny's Place?
    Dial in tonight @
    310-982-4126 (8:00 pm) for the MoJo Talk Radio (Marriage Really Matters) Tonight's Topic  "Commandments of Fighting Fairly" Couples will fight but it's important to know how & when to fight. Fighting dirty can poison a relationship. Understand triggers & know when to let go. What constitutes "fighting" is different for every couple. Understanding healthy quarreling in "your" relationship. Don't take your partner down for the count. A TKO may not be necessary. Let's talk....Call us tonight we want to hear from you.
    Thank you for your continual love & support- John & Monette Leggs

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    Dreamvisions 7 Radio Podcast with Paws Pet Vet with Dr Randy part2

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Randy's Radio PetVet Hour 1 & 2


    Topic: Sick Cat, Cold Weather and an Aggressive Yorkie


    Why is my cat vomiting in the morning and what can we do about this?

    Cold weather primer…no licking the flag pole!

    Clothing for pets that are functional, PAWZ booties, Dog Leggs etc.

    My dog is scratching at one ear; causes, cures

    My rescue Yorkie Christmas present is aggressive

    Pet adoption, why this is so important

    Fresh blood in my dog’s stools causes and options

    German Shepherd behavior issues

    What are the best dog breeds for kids and what to consider in that choice.

    Vaccination questions, titers, etc.


    As always, Dr. Randy and Paul B. field a wide variety of subjects from their listeners, you can leave a message for them ANYTIME at 888-520-7297(PAWS) randy@drrandypetvet.com  or paul@drrandypetvet.com 


    This is a Shared Venture with DreamVision7RadioNetwork and the Radio by Renford Please jion us on Fridays and Sundays at 3:00 pm CST.

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    MoJo Talk Radio...Homeownership OWN IT!! Marriage "Really" Matters

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    Please join us tonight on MOJO Blog Talk Radio Show.

    Our topic for tonight's show is: Home Ownership. OWN IT!
    Our guest on the show is Evangelist Yenory Orange who is the Broker/ Owner & Founder of Prosperity Realty LLC. Let's discuss tonight what it means to OWN It! The benefits of a mortgage vs renting. How to become a homeowner or investor. The importance of managing money and establishing good credit. Getting financed. Facing foreclosure? If you desire to be a homeowner this show is for you. Call us tonight 310-982-4126 @ 8:00 pm. We want to hear from you!

    Thank you
    Monette & John Leggs
    MOJO Blog Talk Radio/Grannys Place Ministry

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    MoJo Blog Talk Radio...Being an Exceptional Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend -LYLAS

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    MoJo Blog Talk Radio..Topic: Becoming That Total Woman.

    Join us on the Mojo Blog Talk Radio as we welcome Mechelle McKelphin the Chair of LYLAS- Love You Like A Sister- Non- Profit Organization.

    Let's discuss the different roles we play as women. Can Woman really come together and work together? How to become the best you. What is LYLAS? How do I become a part of this organization?

    Call us on MoJo Blog Radio at 310-982-4126, 8:00 pm every Tuesday night.

    Thank you for your love & support.

    MOnette & JOhn Leggs

    MOJO Blog Talk Radio


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    MoJo Blog Talk Radio "Anything you can do I can do better."

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    MoJo Blog Talk Radio our topic for tonights show is "Anything you can do I can do better."


    Does it seem as women that we do more than men? Do men have it easier than women? Is there any way to keep the responsibiities 50/50? If you would like to give accolades to your Super Man or Super Woman, then do it on our show tonight. Our special guest: Daylene and Douglas Carter.

    Give us a call tonight @ 8:00 pm. Call us @ 310-982-4126. 

    We want to hear from you...We appreciate your love & support!

    Thank you

    Monette & John Leggs




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    Hannah D Spivey & DJ Leggs from Rhode Island Live!!!!!!!!

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    Join DJ Maxheat as he gladly interviews DJ Leggs of Hoodstrong Radio Entertainment. Pro Flow Radio affiliate DJ Leggs brings the hottest major and independent mixes on the globe.  & he is truly gifted and educated!
    H.D. Spivey....
    She obtained her Associate’s degree in Business Administration. Currently she is a freelance writer and working on her second novel called “The Bold and The Ugly Truth” and her fourth E-book “Perspectives”. In addition to her first novel “Ebony the Beloved"”, Spivey has previously written and published three short story e-books: “My Sherry Amor”, “Payback is an S.O.B” and “Lloyd Tube”. Hannah’s favorite authors include: Tracy Brown, Carl Webster, Mary Monroe, and Kimberla Lawson Roby. She enjoys listening to R&B and watching old television shows. She is also a advocate for natural hair and natural beauty. Purchase her books and prepared to be edu-tained.

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    My Sister My Friend-Sis M. Leggs on upcoming show-MOJO on Blogtalk Radio

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    My Sister My Friend is an internet show here to undergurd, uplft and encourage all women. We are her to provide inofrmation and resources for those women in need of assistance.

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    MoJo Talk Radio ....Topic "What A Girl Wants, What A Girl Needs"

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    MoJo Talk Radio ....Topic for tonight...."What A Girl Wants, What A Girl Needs"

    Do men know what women really want? Do they understand our needs vs our wants? Do we as women know what we really need and want from a man? Are we all confused?

    Do you think you know? If so, give us a call tonight @ 310-982-4126, 8:00 pm on the MoJo Talk Show...... because Marriage Really Matters.

    Special Guest Tabitha Briscoe of Houston, TX & Tammie Keith of Garland, TX.

    We want to thank you for all the love and support.

    John &  Monette Leggs

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    MoJo Blog Talk Radio... "Sex, Saved & Sanctified " Marriage "Really" Matters

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    MoJo Blog Talk Radio... "Sex, Saved & Sanctified" because Marriage "Really" Matters.

    Sex is important in a marriage, but how important is it? What does the Bible say about say about sex and the bedroom as it relates to holy matrimony? Let's talk, we want to hear from you on MoJo Blog Talk Radio. Look us up on (www.blogtalkradio.com/granny's place-ministries) or give us a call every Tuesday Night, live @ 310-982-4126, 8:00 pm CST.

    Thank you for your love and continual support.

    John & Monette Leggs
    (Marriage "Really" Matters)


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