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     This will be Ourstory Not History first episode. This is a two segment episode. Are we the true jews and, the ugly truth about revolution. Knowledge of self is necessary. Education (not euproean) is key in fighting the mental and, physical war headed our way.

    It's Sunday so you know what that means...we are decoding the bible to find out if we're the true hebrew isrealites of the bible. What is the hidden truth in the bible about our people. Even though whitey rearranged what they stole from us they still got it from us. It's our story not his and we're going to dig through to show you.

    This show is to educate. This is a open forum discussion and we are for the politics,principle,and people. You will not be harrassed,judged, or bullied for simply asking a question or bringing forth your own knowledge. This is the true start to a revoltuion.

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    Heart to Heart :Part 3 You Are Alone

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    You are not alone. Call in and spread the love. Let's connect and get it correct


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    African History Proves No God Or Jesus Christ Existed, Bible Lies

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    No God or Jesus Christ exist. The Romans used colonial power to invade Israel, kill black people and invent God, curse on fictional characters--now they have people perceiving an allegorical world for reality. How good is a bible that lies?

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    our military active & ex... Our leaders

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    Blind leading the Blind.

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     Is the Conscious communtiy failing? Are we lost in another direction? Are we the blind leading the blind?

    Let's talk about what we can do as a whole to stop just talking about it. I personally believe we are not failing but, I want to know what you guys think.

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    What are we celebrating?

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    It's bout to be DEADLY

    This is what our show will be about tonight
    Please call in, press 1 to speak w guest speakers./hosts even if it's only to listen
    The Revolution will NOT be TELEVISED

    Here you are free to discuss facts, opinions, and most importantly SOLUTIONS! (646) 378-1591
    Call In @6:00 pm pacific 8:00 pm central & 9:00 pm eastern

    Please Like, Share, & Tag people/Family/Friends/Foes

    DHS Agent Reveals U.S. to Collapse: Within 2015: PT.1#

    An Agent from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, revealed to a local 21 year old that the United States will collapse into Martial Law within six (6) weeks.Going into 2015 Banks will be closed, credit / debit cards will not work. Those without food or cash will starve to death or be killed when they try taking food from those who have it.
    Now listen carefully, stock up, and I mean stock up very good on food, guns and ammo. Because once it happens, you wont be able to buy it. Martial law will be declared, banks will have no cash, and stores will be out of food. If possible, move far away from the cities, because it is going to be like hell. And lastly, get your money out of the banks, because alot of banks are going to fail.
    I said too much already, I have to go now, may God be with you and forgive us to doing this to your generation
    And without saying another word, he left.
    Seriously guys, ever since this encounter, Ive been shitting bricks!!! I’m already well prepared and with everything that is going on right now (banker suicides, and inside information that the US will collapse on March 4th). It looks like he is right!!


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    Heart to Heart :Part 2 You Are Alone

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    We will continue with speaking and connecting our souls.  The 1st episode was so good for & to us that we must have another show. We are here to hear you & your cry with the other Kings & Queens. We are for our People, Politics, Principles, & the Power.

     You Are Not Alone... Uplifting Our People By Any Necessary

    We are dedicated to teaching, learning, and awakening our people.

    Feel free to discuss facts, opinions, and most importantly SOLUTIONS!

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    Missing Pages Of History

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    Join "Missing Pages Of History" on a bi-weekly basis on Saturdays at 12 Noon. We speak as a voice for underserved communities and act as a voice for the voiceless. Join Us...at (818) 337-0016 or go online at www.blogtalkradio.com/missing-pages-of-history-inc. Today's topic is: "From Micheal Brown to Eric Garner...What can we do?" This program was done on Sat., December 6, 2014.

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    Heart to Heart

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    Let's end our cries together

    Share your stories You're a hero to

    Your voice matters

    Save a Life

    Uplifting Our People By Any Means Necessary

    You are NOT alone....

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    Tonight We Will Be Calling On Our Ancestors

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    Are we the true Jews/Hebrew Isrealites/African Americans?  Our guest speaker Sar AhmadiEL an international spokesman for THE KINGDOM OF YAH in Domona YisraEL. This is Part 2.

    Is $$$ The Root To All Evil???

    Let's learn & decode together

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