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    Is Marijuana A Dangerous Drug and Should It Be Legalized?

    in Health

    1. Why or why not?

    2. Defend position on the decriminalization of marijuana and its use for medicinal reasons.

    3. Imagine you earn a living by growing marijuana in California for medicinal sale. Identify the pros and cons of your work as you see them?  

    4. Argue the case for marijuana being a positive or a dangerous drug on its own merits (regardless of your personal view).

    5. Should minors be allowed to use marijuana?

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    Immigration, Legalized Marijuana, Education Reform

    in Politics

    Tonight on the current issues show we talk about the New York task force reviewing rollout of education reform, New Jersey discussing if they should legalize Marijuana or not, and we talk about the Immigration coalition targeting the GOP Lawmakers.

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    Can Marijuana Cure Ebola? Marijuana Wins Big in 2014 Elections!

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    It sure sounds like snake oil, but if marijuana can cure cancer maybe it can aid in the control of Ebola. David Allen M.D. takes a look at the latest scientific evidence that the cannabinoids in cannabis, particularly Cannabidiol (CBD), may offer control of the immune system and in turn provide protection from viral infections such as ebola.


    The November 4 mid-term elections were a boon for marijuana advocates as much as they were for Republicans. Dale Gieringer, Executive Director of CalNORML and political analyst extraordinaire, will examine the legalization initiatives explaining how they will effect marijuana consumers, speculate on the fate of the Washington D.C. initiative with a Republican controlled congress, evaluate how supportive some of the newly elected members of congress will be and prognosticate on the future of legalization in the U.S.A.

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    Medical Marijuana......should it be legalized everywhere??

    in Social Networking

    SB Illustrious and DJ Magic Spinnz discuss medical marijuana, the advantages and drawbacks of legalizing it, as well as the history of the plant, and its future in America. Don't miss this episode!!!

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    Children, Parents, Marijuana plus Winners of SF MMJ Cannabis Cup

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    The Family Law & Cannabis Alliance is a clearinghouse for local, state-based, and national information related to marijuana policy, child protective services (CPS), and family court. The Alliance’s Executive Director Sara Arnold provides an overview on the problems parents who are medical marijuana patients are facing and overcoming and how her organization works with local Children’s Protective Service agencies and other private and governmental organizations to keep families intact.


    The 8th Annual San Francisco Patient’s Choice Medical Cannabis Cup was held the weekend of November 29th with patient judges awarding prizes for best cannabis in all its form - bud, concentrates and edibles. Cup organizer David Goldman will recount the highlights of the 2014 cup competition including a look at the entrants and how the judges decided on what was the best.

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    Marijuana Is Medicine And It Needs To Be Legalized

    in Health

    Prescription drugs kill about 100,000 people in the world each year. Off the top of your head, do you know how many deaths are caused by using marijuana, either medicinally or recreationally? Believe it: In 10,000 years of known use of cannabis, there's never been a single death attributed to marijuana. Medical marijuana may be beneficial for everyone's health, but it's not very healthy for the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies. And unfortunately for Americans in need of a cheap, all-natural alternative medicine, the pharmaceutical industry is the biggest industry in America with powerful connections in high places. And they don't like marijuana. At all.

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    Getting Grandma To Use Marijuana & Largest Medical Marijuana Clinic in U.S.A.

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    Of all communities that would benefit from regular cannabis use is our senior citizens. Robert Platshorn, founder of the senior citizen outreach program The Silver Tour and of HBO’s Black Tuna diaries fame, is the first featured guest.


    In Florida are lots and lots and lots of senior citizens and their vote will be crucial in getting the mmj initiative on the November 2014 Florida ballot passed. Getting senior citizens to connect the benefits to their health from marijuana use with a yes vote on Florida’s mmj initiative is crucial. Robert will explain how they are going to do that.


    Obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation to use marijuana is now legal in 22 states and the District of Columbia. THCF Medical Foundation has been providing recommendations since 1999 making it one of the oldest medical marijuana recommendations services in the country. They have clinics in Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado, Nevada, Hawaii and Michigan. Clinics will be opening soon in Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and Washington D.C.


    A private non-profit foundation, they are taking the company public so big changes are on the way and Paul Stanford, founder and President, will be on hand to give you this exciting information from the largest provider of medical marijuana recommendations in the nation.

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    Should Marijuana be legalized ? Paul's teachings vs Jesus teachings

    in Social Networking

    Should Marijuana be legalized ?

    Paul the apostle teachings vs Jesus teachings

    Are there contradictions in the bible? 

    Why is poverty so rampant in the richest country in the world?


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    Should marijuana be legalized in the United States?

    in Entertainment

     The question of legalizing refers to whether or not American should be allowed to legally grow,sell ,buy or ingest marijuana. In Today Show, we will talk about the pros and the cons of legalizing marijuana. The views of this topic doesn't necessarily agree with the host of the show but, it has been a topic and a issue that has been raised many times and our US government. I am courage all listeners to call in and share your views, your opinions, and ideas with us on the show. All you have to do is call us at 646-716-6296. 

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    Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    in Entertainment

    Tune in tonight when we discuss how we feel about the legalization of Marijuana as well as other controversial topics that will definitely have people talking. We would like to hear what you think so call in...talk to us. press 1 to get into queue and speak to your favorite talk radio host. We are locked and loaded ready to shoot!!!!

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    Horror Flick Inspires Marijuana Strain & Alaska Initiative Endangered

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    All the way from Alaska, the show’s first guest is Chris Rempert from The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. The measure would make the possession of marijuana legal in Alaska for adults 21 or older and would establish a regulated system of marijuana cultivation and sales allowing for possession of one ounce and the cultivation of three flowering plants and the three immature plants.

    Initially support was high but has slipped recently to 50%. Chris will report on how the campaign is going, take a look at why there has been a decline in support and the programs they are undertaking to reverse the decline and get numbers back up to where they were a month ago.

    Movie-tie-ins to promote a corporation’s products are ubiquitous. From Iron Man and Burger King to Transformers and Chevrolet, the tie-ins are designed to push the movie and the product before a bedazzled public. In what must qualify as one of the most brazen movie tie-ins ever, Kevin Smith’s newest horror film Tusk has teamed up with the Los Angeles based medical marijuana dispensary Buds and Roses to produce two specialty strains of marijuana inspired by the movie.

    The film is a tangled web of circumstances in which a man is transformed into a walrus. The relation of marijuana to the events of the film is about the same as the relation between Iron Man and a Whopper, but like the Burger King tie-in, it’s a marketing sensation. Rising to the challenge, the Buds and Roses geneticists have created two new strains “Tusk” and “White Walrus.” The show’s second guest, Buds and Roses operator Aaron Justin reveals why the marijuana tie-in, how they went about developing two new strains and how this truly off-the-wall horror film inspired them to create these two new strains.

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