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    Wombanist Views -- Reappropriate Feature

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    Wombanist Views is excited to feature Jenn, a Chinese- Canadian blogger, and founder of Reapprorpiate, one of the foremost Asian American activism, identity, feminism, an pop culture blog.

    She joins us on Wombanist Views to speak about the blog Reappropriate, which has been in existence since 2001, where she provides thought-provoking commentary.

    Wombanist Views, created, produced, and co-hosted by Cherise Charleswell, is dedicated to broadcasting the voices of women who are doing positive and exciting things in their communities around-the-globe.


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    Wombanist Views Expat Women of Color Feature

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      WombanistViews is excited to feature ChaJones, Founder and CEO of Expat Women of Color, an internationalnetworking association that provides personal and professional development andresources for women of color who live, work, study and travel abroad;as well as create online and hands-on products to encourage success through expat living.


    The association’sultimate goal is to provide services and programs to encourage women to havethe best lives no matter where they are in the world. Cha Jones will join us toexplain how they go about doing this, as well as discuss what type of programs, services, andadvice they offer.


    Thinking about becoming an Expat?? Then this is an episode ofWombanist Views that you will not want to miss!


    Wombanist Views, created, produced,and co-hosted by Cherise Charleswell, is dedicated to broadcasting the voicesof women who are doing positive and exciting things in their communitiesaround-the-globe.


    Call In: (347)945-5922 


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    Wombanist Views “One Girl” Feature

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    Wombanit Views is delighted to sit down with Chantelle Baxter, co-founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of One Girl, an Australian based organization, working towards the goal of educating one million girls across Africa by 2020. Chantelle has been recognized as one of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s 30 Influential Aussie Women Under 30, and Melbourne’s Top 100 Most Influential People.


    She joins us on Wombanist Views to discuss the work that One Girl is carrying out, and their current campaign, which seeks to raise funds and awareness for girl’s education.


    Wombanist Views, created, produced, and co-hosted by Cherise Charleswell, is dedicated to broadcasting the voices of women who are doing positive and exciting things in their communities around-the-globe.

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    Views and Reviews with Sally

    in Entrepreneur

    SPECIAL NOTE : The Show is on TUESDAYS FROM 7:00PM - 8:00PM  CST  and SATURDAYS FROM 3:00PM-5:00PM  CST

    Welcome to our DEBUT SHOW!! We will have a Great show.  We will have a PLEXUS CONSULTANT named DIANA PEERY that would like to share her Business with us, and answer not only my questions, but YOUR questions as well, so call in and ask anything you want (Pertaining to the Business we are speaking of at the time).

    We will also be discussing a new EXTRAORDINARY BUSINESS called MY DAILY CHOICE, It is, in my opinion, the BEST BUSINESS TO BE IN TODAY, it has an unheard of Comp plan..You have to get in on this deal!!!!

    The main topic is FIBROMYALGIA, I will have an amazingly wonderful, Very Intelligent and Caring Expert in the Field of Fibromyalgia, and closely related disorders. She also can GUARANTEE that she can make your FIBRO DISAPPEAR!  I Interviewed her for over an hour today. I am under her care and already starting to see a difference or a Light at the end of the tunnel – I know it is hard to believe that anyone can KILL THIS MONSTER called Fibromyalgia that takes over 30,000 LIVES PER YEAR because of its PAIN and lack of REAL treatment from Western Medicine that just wants to Throw a band aid at it!

    My Expert’s name is Viviane Oberhand. Her website is WWW.FIBROALIVE.COM The following is from her site:

    Viviane Oberhand works one-on-one to release the foundations of pain at the true emotional and spiritual origins.Imagine a lifetime of freedom from the grips of the constant overwhelming pain in your body and emotions.

                Views and Reviews with Sally.

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    The Forbidden Books (Boko Haram) Nigeria's War on Terror

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    What ISIS is to Iraq AND Syria, and Al-Qaida is to Afghanistan, that is what Boko Haram is to Nigeria.  This diffuse Salafist sect has attacked Nigeria's police and military, politicians, schools, religious buildings, public institutions, market places, and civilians consistently in Northern Nigeria, but they have since gained confidence and now encroaching Southern parts of Nigeria. They have abducted several hundreds of children, women and girls to the world’s disgusts and destroyed townships, while they put terror in the hearts of Nigerian law enforcement institutions.  Up until few days ago, the Nigerian Government had denied the obvious advancement and atrocities caused by Boko Haram perhaps as political strategy amidst the very heated and looming presidential election coming up in few weeks.

    Experts argue that the group existence is due to the fundamental Salafist incubation that social development neglect of the region brewed. Others view the group as an armed revolt against government corruption, abusive security forces, and widening regional economic disparity. Most agree that the Federal Government of Nigeria could have and should have done more to address the strife.

    Read more

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    The Ruckus - Boxing News, Views and Updates

    in Sports

    It's time to close out January with the monthly roundtable.

    Joining regular hosts Jeandra LeBeauf and Ryan Bivins are Ismael AbduSalaam (BeatsBoxingMayhem.com & NYKloyalist.com) and Brandon Stubbs (Punch2theface.com). 

    Listen in as the crew welcomes Tom Loeffler, Managing Director of K2 Promotions and USBA featherweight champion Eric Hunter fresh off his victory against Rene Alvarado.

    Other topics on deck: Alvarado vs Rios, Premier Boxing Champions on Spike TV, and more.

    To call-in and speak with the hosts, dial 718.508.9852.



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    Views & Thoughts on Haitian Identity

    in Culture

    Views and thoughts on Haitian Identity. 

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    We're Entrepreneurs...But We're Human Too

    in Business

    When you look in the magazines or see television shows depicting entrepreneurs, there's this sense of advernture, a boldness that only a passionate, driven entrepreneur has. We see Cuban, Branson, and even Oprah, and we think "wow, those are strong people". And they are. But all too often, we try to hold ourselves up to these images stating "big girls and boys don't cry". You're not allowed to show vulnerability or any sign of weakness because it's frowned upon. Then we look at the alarming amounts of entrepreneurs who commit suicide. We think on the outside look like everything is great and we talk about how successful they are. But on the inside, they are in pain. We're taught to hide the pain, push it away beause we've got work to do. In today's show, I'll be focusing on the emotional side of entrepreneurship. No matter how successful you are, you still need an emotional outlet when things get tough.


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    The American Revolution News and Views

    in Politics

    My only interest is to preserve the rights of all Americans, regardless of race, creed, color, gender, or religion, and to ensure that the American way continues to be known worldwide as the standard for all men and women who are willing to stand up to tyranny, evil, and the abuse of human rights, wherever they may occur. Support our constitution and our second ammendment rights!

    Justin Burton

    New American Revolution Director and Radio Show Host.

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    The Ruckus - The latest Boxing News, Views, and Updates

    in Sports

    Jeandra LeBeauf, Ryan Bivins and Ismael AbduSalaam are back tonight with an all new installment of The Ruckus. Joining the hosts tonight are Hall of Fame announcer Al Bernstein and Editor of Ring Magazine Doug Fischer.

    Listen in as the panel recaps the week in boxing. Topics on deck tonight:

    Premier Boxing Champions - the new boxing venture between powerful manager/advisor Al Haymon and NBC Sports.
    Cotto vs Canelo - The fight is off
    Taylor vs Mora - The fight is off + Taylor's latest mishap with the law. Is he fit to compete?
    Recap Stiverne vs Wilder
    Preview of Rios vs Alvarado 3
    and more!

    The show goes live at 7PM PT . If you'd like to speak to the hosts, the call-in number is  718.508.9852

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