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    Should Renters be allowed to get information about their Landlords?

    in Current Events

    Today it's a Renters Market. When  you go Rent an apartment, the first thing the Leasing Agent does is give you an application and they want all kinds of  personal information and let's talk about the FEES and all the other nonsense that goes along with renting.. My question is, Who are your Landlords? What I mean is, we as Renters should give them an application associated with fees also so that we can get an insight on who we are renting from. Do you Agree or Disagree

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    Amazon Ads and Content Marketing Tips & Tricks

    in Internet

    In this episode we introduce a new character... Lizzy Brown! Ryan is MIA, so David, Fabio, and Liz discuss the Amazon advertising platform vs. running an Amazon store. And all of the great tips and tricks we can pull out of our resident wordsmith Liz! And more than likely a few side rants from David. 


    Some links that were talked about on the show.

    Amazon Web Store.

    Fillment by Amazon (Amazon Bot Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KRjuuEVEZs)

    Amazon advertising

    Amazon Web Services

    Ling's Used Cars & Car Leasing (What NOT to do! :)


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    S1-E8: Commercial Lending and Leasing with Christopher Rallo from TD Bank

    in News

    Special guest Christopher Rallo, Vice President at TD Bank, N.A. discussing middle-market commercial lending, asset based lending and leasing for small to medium sized companies.

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    The Power of Driver Credentials

    in Current Events

    Our special guest, Kirk Kostoff draws from twenty years of combined skills in the B2B sales marketing and strategic business development arena, drawing from his experiences in the Fortune 500 market.

    In 2011 Mr. Kostoff entered the logistics side of business through his introduction and interaction with CR England and what he refers to as their "self proclaimed" legitimate franchise. His recent actions with the ongoing CR England class action litigation associated with driver's rights, legitimate wages and living conditions has positioned him as an upcoming "voice of reason" and concern for the small business owner, just recently founding The Drivers Association of America.

    Through extensive OTR experience and close contact with established strategic alliances, our guest will be discussing "The Power of Driver Credentials, The Driver Shortage Myth and Remedies through Education and Implementation."

    We invite everyone to consider these topics and call in with their perspectives as we will also discuss the CR England case as it is public knowledge and to reiterate for all the industry newcomers about the motor carrier leasing scams to once again explain how it all works against the professional truck driver.

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    Community Investor Taking the Lead on Your Retirement by Self-Directing your IRA

    in Finance

    Joining Host Larry Muck this week on Community investor is Jack Kiley, Managing Partner of MidAtlantic IRA and a CPA. He brings over 30 years of experience in public accounting to the table. He has extensive knowledge in developing tax, retirement and financial planning strategies for high net worth individuals and closely held businesses. He spends his days educating potential clients about the ins & outs of self-direction along with overseeing the “Trust” side of the business.

    He is also the “technical” expert with regard to self-directing your IRA. Jack feels strongly about his clients’ having the ability to “self-direct” their retirement. Jack’s reputation for “speaking in plain English” regarding complex concepts gets him invited regularly to speak on these topics to groups across the country – and especially on the topic of self-direction.

    His knowledge makes him the expert to turn to, particularly when a complex scenario is needed for the purchase of real estate, mortgages, leases and other cash flows that the IRS allows in an individual retirement plan.

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    YMM PM -- Is Buying Or Leasing A Car Better?

    in News

    Dan Loney reports on the best option when you need a new car and why retirees should focus on dividend paying stocks.

  • 00:58

    The global search for talent - Options & Challenges

    in Business

    The global search for talent – current options and challenges of candidates available. 

     Hosted by YPI Consultants founder and President, Joann Venezia with co-host Wendy Oliveras with special guests Davita N Carpenter.

    Ms. Carpenter is a seasoned HR executive (20+ yrs.) with global experience managing the function of full life-cycle recruiting to include selecting talent management systems and social media marketing in such industries as federal contracting, healthcare, education, banking and IT. Her most recent recruiting experience in the IT consulting industry included recruiting (global) ex-pats and having to administer language testing to ensure candidates were able to manage in the U.S. market. Additionally, she was responsible for all of the immigration processing and relocation assistance to include housing, vehicle leasing, and language tutoring. 

    Contact Information:

    Davita N Carpenter: DavitaNicole.Author@gmail.com / 301-848-0305 (EST)

    YPI Consultants, LLC: info@ypiconsultants.com / 631-320-0217 / www.ypiconsultants.com

    If you want to be a guest on the show clieck here

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    Taxpayers Burned by Rooftop Solar Companies Taking Government Handouts

    in Politics Conservative

    David Williams contends that the Solar Investment Tax Credit and other state and local incentives to install rooftop solar installations are schemes that enrich politically connected and favored solar companies and their Wall Street investors at the expense of homeowners and taxpayers across the nation.  Even worse, customers who are enticed to sign onto these leasing programs are finding they actually reduce the value of their homes.

    David is President of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance and will discuss how taxpayers are being burned by rooftop solar companies cashing in on government handouts.





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    Truck Leasing for the Owner Operator

    in Business

    Leasing a truck and starting your own trucking business is an important decision to make. What should you look for in a lease and why should you avoid the trucking company owner operator lease purchase plan?
    How do you know you are getting the best deal that is right for you? Joe Hoovestol of Lone Mountain Truck Leasing is our special guest as we discuss the in and outs of successful truck leasing.

  • 00:59

    Denise Hester, M & M Real Estate Development and Consulting

    in Business

    Denise Hester is a Principal and Vice President of M & M Real Estate Development. Her expertise in marketing analyses, feasibility studies, financial analyses, business plans and master plans has allowed M & M to develop signature analytic products in-house for the Company and its clients.  

    She is also experienced in the leasing, marketing and sales of commercial and residential real estate. Prior to returning to Durham in 1989, she was a licensed real estate sales agent in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in investment real estate sales and residential rehabilitation. Concurrent with her real estate career, she was employed as an engineer with Georgia Power Company, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority and Southern Bell Telephone where she managed multi-million dollar design and installation projects throughout the southeast.

    She is a 1974 graduate of Harvard University with a major in mathematics and has done post-graduate study at Georgia State University in real estate, finance and risk analysis.

    M & M Real Estate Development and Consulting is a real estate development and consulting company based in Durham, NC. The Company's focus is creating economic development solutions for challenged urban neighborhoods and operating environments.

    M & M also provides consulting services to public and private investors, national and regional chains, developers, lenders, community development corporations, governments and institutions. We help our clients to achieve their goals by providing a range of pre-development planning, development, financial, and construction management services for residential and commercial projects.

    919-680-2878 * info@mandmrealestatedevelopment.co * www.mandmrealestatedevelopment.com

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    105 - Lease Your Cart Out For Cash

    in Entrepreneur

    Topic:  Leasing your cart out to other vendors. 

    There are many ways to go about doing this and there are mistakes to be made. Listen in and learn the myriad of ways you can offer your cart on the days you don't use it or if you don't use it at all to make a great income.  

    Hot Dog Vendor Radio is a weekly show for street food vendors.  We focus on the ongoing training, rules and codes, loopholes, tactics, tips and tricks for becoming more successful.


    You can watch the show live at http://streetfoodvendor.tv and join the chat room there as well.

    We take live hot dog vendor and street food vendor callers at:

    424.258.9364   Press option 1 to talk connect to show host.

    Each show with show notes is available at http://learnhotdogs.com including numerous blog articles, a resources page and much more.  

    *Explicit tag*  Shows can and do contain some words, you know little letters put together to form words, in other words, sounds come from our mouths that have been known to offend.

    To declare yourself "OFFENDED" is the same as telling the world that you can not control your emotions and that everyone else must do it for you. 

    Come and enjoy, grow your business and share your knowledge at Hot Dog Vendor Radio and Street Food Vendor TV.  

    If you would like to co-host or join the live feed, please email ben@learnhotdogs.com

    Much Love!

    Ben's Blog -  http://LearnHotDogs.com
    Ben's Live TV Show - http://StreetFoodVendor.TV
    Awesome hot dog carts - http://BensCarts.com
    Vendor Accessories and More - http://store.benscarts.com
    Build Your Own Hot Dog Cart - http://BuildaCart.com   

    Join the fun, be your own boss and make a real income.  

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