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    Solutions for Learned Helplessness, Shame and Guilt

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    Thursday March 19, 2014@ 1 pm (CST) Healthy Mind & Body radio wishes to set you and your Emotions FREE!!!

    We’re going to be discussing LEARNED HELPLESSNESS, how to recognize it, its causes and some possible solutions. And we’re going to throw in FEAR, GUILT AND SHAME because that’s how it begins… at least for humans.

    For me, there is nothing that is more sad and heart-wrenching to see than a person who is so down that they believe they can’t get up. We all have “our days” where life is tough or some decisions need to be made that are unpleasant.

    Some people through circumstance or behavioral training simply CANNOT or WILL NOT make any decision. THEY HAVE LOST ALL HOPE as a result of this Learned Helplessness.

    How does someone recover from situations like this?  All joking aside, this particular pattern is shows up in my office most often and it not addressed doesn’t seem to go away on it own and can become GENERATIONAL (yes, you can give it to your kids and grandkids).

    If this sounds like you or someone you know… TUNE IN ON THURSDAY and let’s get to the bottom of this so you can get back to what you want to be doing… living your life with HAPPY ABANDON

    If you would like to be on the call – 818-668-5406

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    Email me – drm@drmichaelharris.com

    Talk to you then,


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    Learned optimism is the idea in positive psychology that a talent for joy, like any other, can be cultivated. It is contrasted with learnedhelplessness. Learning optimism is done by consciously challenging any negative self talk.

    Martin Seligman’s came to the concept of learned optimism through a scientific study of learned helplessness, the idea that a certain reoccurring negative event is out of the person's control. As he was performing tests to study helplessness further, he began to wonder why some people resisted helplessness-conditioning. He noticed that, while some subjects blamed themselves for negative outcomes, others blamed the experiment for setting them up to fail.

    Seligman shifted his focus to attempting to discover what it is that keeps some people from ever becoming helpless. The answer was optimism. Using his knowledge about condition people to be helpless in the lab, he shifted his focus to conditioning people to be optimists. The result of these experiments led to defining the processes of learning optimism.


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    Learned Helplessness - Anthony Walton - Dream Catchers - LP

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    Department of Education: Enforce the ADA, don't use Higher Education to promote "Learned Helplessness". In the summer of 1982, I was the best student in Organic Chemistry at UC Santa Cruz. A month later I ran, from Tuolumne Meadows, over Vogelsang Pass to Yosemite Valley (29.9 miles in 11 hours). My love of the outdoors caught up with me a year later when I fell 140 feet rock-climbing on July 16, 1983.
    After 24 years of education (I kid you not), I have few friends, a meager social life, no wife or children and poverty. I do not have job skills or the knowledge required to engage in scientific research. I could not survive without disability payments, because I worked with three different disabled student organizations for 24 years: DSS and DRC (at UC Santa Cruz) and DSP&S (at Cabrillo College). All three intentionally subjected me to, Learned Helplessness. I have started a petition to make it so what was done to me will never happen to another person. To access the petition I have started, type the four words, “petition education ada chang.org”, into the search bar of google, bing or yahoo, while using Firefox, Safari, Opera or Chrome. Click on the link that has, “Enforce the ADA,” and take it from there. Join me tonight for an interesting conversation with Anthony Walton on Dream Catchers with Les Pau!

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    Learn about one man's near death experience and the lessons he learned.

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    Hi Angels Tonight we will learn from our special guest near death experience and the lessons he learned on the other side.

    The show starts at 6 pm east coast.

    The call in number to ask a question is 760 890 7143.

    We are broadcasting live on the air! Listen in at http://tobtr.com/s/7389511. #BlogTalkRadio


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    The P.Missick Encouraging Show / Overcoming Helplessness

    in Spirituality

    There are a lot of things in life that you want to do but you have feelings of helplessness. You want to go to school but you don't have the money to pay for tuition. You want to play an instrument but you don't have the instrument to practice with and you don't have a teacher to teach you how to play. You want to have a good friend but you feel you have nothing to offer the friendship. You want to have a good job but you don't have the skills necessary to hold the job. You want to help the sick but you don't know how. You want to have extrta money but you don't have a job. There are many reason why you feel helpless, but you have to go on! How do you pick yourself up from a negative position of helplessness? You can do it and we will talk about different ways to do it.

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    Richie Incognito gets a job after bullying report. Has the NFL learned?

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    After being excoriated in The Wells Report, which revealed homophobic bullying by Richie Incognito and other members of the Miami Dolphins, Incognito has been signd by the Buffalo Bills. Ray Rice, seen in a video punching his wife, is also expected to be signed by an NFL team this offseason. Has the NFL learned anything after a year of pretty terrible off-field press? Or have the incredible games and TV ratings masked growing social-issue problems for the league? Plus, how does this all play out for Michael Sam, who still has not received a contract offer? 

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    Is there a doctor in the house?

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    Join me with our Dr. Phil, as Judith Hylton will answer the questions most First Ladies have buried inside, and the yet unanswered, ignored, or never posed. Get answers, by a biblically based professional.

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    When God says Move! Move Now!

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    Join me for Part 2 of, " When God says Move! Move Now!"

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    TeenDVMonth 2015: Lessons Learned from Love & Hip Hop

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    Hosted by the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV), this BTR session will focus on the influence of pop culture and hip hop on youth dating relationships. Taking our cues from Love & HipHop, from NY to LA, panelists will discuss lessons learned about dating from some of VH-1's most popular TV shows. Our panelists include Maurice Hendrix, an esteemed colleague that’s been working in the domestic violence field for over 10 years, both in victim services and batterer intervention, in the DC metro area, and Start Strong Youth Leaders from Start Strong Boston, a high school peer leadership program that aims to prevent teen dating violence and promote healthy relationships. The session will be moderated by Kenya Fairley, NRCDV Senior Director of Capacity Building and Education.  


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         God speaks to us in many ways. Sometimes He speaks in and through events that are riveting in their circumstances and detail. Upon close examination of such events, we have opportunity to clearly see God's power, His love and His intention toward us. And if we dare to place our own helpless and need into the picture, His love shines out reaching for us too in our need for Him. Despair can be ever so close but our Father's Love is even closer. Join us for live prayer today and every day Mon. -Fri. Dial 714 459-3963.

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