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    From Behind The Veil: The Power of Confession

    in Women

    Today's Show: When we confess to the Father it enables us to experience such a freedom. It unlocks joy, peace, and frees us from the bondage of guilt and shame.  When we confess, not just our sin, but our thoughts, our feelings, and even our needs to the Father, we position ourselves before Him in such a way that He showers us with the Living Water of His love.  Join Tanyka as she speaks of the Power of Confession.  




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    From Behind The Veil: Overcoming Fear

    in Women

    Today's Show: We all experience fear.  We all have times when this powerful emotion can keep us frozen or stagnant.  What can we do to overcome it?  On today's show, Tanyka talks about fear, helps us to understand its origins and gives us insight on how to overcome it.





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    From Behind The Veil: Give Yourself Some Grace

    in Women

    Today's Show: We all have times when we are in need of grace.  We ask for it from others all the time.  Why is it that we don't always extend to ourselves the same grace give to others and receive from others?  Join Tanyka on today's episode, as she talks about those times in which we need to extend ourselves grace, and shares practical ways of doing so.  





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    From Behind The Veil

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    Today's Show: BROKEN PIECES

    Relational wounds cut deep.  When one experiences a relational wound, they are often left with broken pieces. Maybe it's a broken heart.  Maybe your self-esteem has been impacted in such a way that you have a broken or distorted view of yourself and of how God sees you. No matter what you have experienced, know that your brokenness is not your identity, God sees you as more than what you've experienced. Your broken pieces are not an indication that you are damaged goods, nor are they a sign that you cannot be made whole.

    For the next two weeks, Tanyka will be talking from the subject of broken pieces. Join her as she shares how God can and will not only heal you, but mend your broken pieces and use them for your good AND for HIS GLORY.

    Links: www.btvministries.com


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    RCM Live Resurrection Sunday: Leading From the Rear

    in Spirituality

        Hebrews 12:1 tells us to run the race that is set before us. However, that doesn't mean that we get to be backseat drivers. God calls us to lead from the front, and not in the background. Pastor John Bazemore, Jr. says that no matter what is going on around you - or who is against you, God still has an assignment for you. "Leading From the Rear" is the message on this Resurrection Sunday, courtesy of RCM Live and the King James Radio Network.

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    IndieReviewReview Behind The Scenes w/ The Darker Side Of Romance

    in Entertainment

    Welcome Everyone!  IndieReview Behind The Scenes's segment The Darker Side Of Romance returns with all new episodes! Tonight join host Author Ronda Caudill  as she chats with Author Brodie Storm about her newest releases from Dark Hollows Press!

     Brodie Storm has been writing since the age of 15 when she penned her first romance novel. She lives in rural Southwest Virginia, enjoys reading, going out with friends, camping and listening to music.

    Contact: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005117119315

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    Guest: LeeAnn Mallorie, CEO, Leading in Motion

    in Business

    LeeAnn Mallorie, CEO, Leading in Motion

    Leading in Motion help leaders stop the energy leaks that lead to burnout and poor performance, so that they can thrive.


    LeeAnn Mallorie, CEO of Leading in Motion, is a dynamic facilitator of conversation, movement and culture change. LeeAnn’s passion is supporting leaders and teams to Thrive. She believes that Thriving means using our bodies well, in order to serve a purpose that is uniquely our own. In her work, she supports leaders to find their own way, through the powerful embodiment practices, coaching, and a deep willingness to trust their own purpose reveal itself.



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    "Bites of Information from Origins to Twilight.,The Story Behind Vampires "

    in Paranormal

    On tonights show we discover the story behind vampirism along with accounts throughout time. We will draw sources from antiqity around the world and bring it back to modern times. This is a classic Rob Henry and Jason Olivo show that will satisfy your thirst for the undead.

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    From Behind The Veil: Broken Pieces Part II

    in Women

    Today's Show: Relational wounds cut deep.  When one experiences a relational wound, they are often left with broken pieces. Maybe it's a broken heart, a distorted view of yourself and how God sees you, leading to a poor self esteem both spiritually and naturally.  No matter what you have experienced, know that your brokennness IS NOT YOUR IDENTITY!! God sees you as so much more than anything you've ever experienced or done.  Your broken pieces are not an indication that you are damaged goods.  On this episode, Tanyka will explore how God not only healed the broken pieces, but used them for good and for His glory.


    Links: www.btvministries.com


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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes w/Music Promoter/RadioHost/Author Keri D Singleton

    in Entertainment

    Hello Everyone, My name is Michelle Cornwell Jordan one of your hosts, and my co-host Jamie White is also joining me this evening. Tonight we are very happy to have the opportuity to chat with Music Promoter/Radio Host and Author Keri D. Singleton!

     Keri D. Singleton has worn more than a few hats in two decades of working in and around the music industry. Radio intern, artist management, promotions assistant at Power 105 Radio in New York City, and promotions/marketing representative at several record labels and clothing lines are only a few of the titles he has held since the early 1990’s. 

    His clients include critically acclaimed collage artist Monicka Hasan. He also manages recording artist Julia Robertson, formerly of the Full Force-produce, 90’s quartet Ex Girlfriend.

    A documentary entitled "Live To Tell: 20 Years Behind The Music" (a short film documenting Singleton’s life in the music business) and his debut novel, “The Wanderer’s Game” were both completed in March, 2013. A month later, he began hosting a popular weekly internet radio show called ‘Keri’s Korner’ on F.L.O Empire Radio in New York City. Keri D. Singleton appeared in the January/February, 2014 issue of Soul Essence Magazine which was followed by a celebrity studded event celebrating the one year anniversary of his radio show. Keri D. Singleton continues to stay “relevant” by networking and cultivating old relationships with professionals while building new ones.

    E-mail: gothamsoldier@gmail.com Facebook: Keri.Singleton

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    From Behind The Veil

    in Women

    Today's Show:Don't Panic It's Just A Shift Part 2

    This new season has brought about a lot of changes.  Some have been abrupt, others planned.  Some changes have been smooth and others have resulted in feeling like we're in a whirlwind.  What's going on?  Why and how could everything be happening all at once?  If you've been experiencing feelings or thoughts like this, don't panic.  It's just a shift!  It may not necessarily feel good or sometimes look good, but it's all serving a purpose as it is working for our good.  Join Tanyka for part 2 of Don't Panic It's Just A Shift, as she shares an encouraging word in the midst of the shift.


    Links: www.btvministries.com