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    Sexy Leadership with Ruth Sinkeler

    in Entrepreneur

    Ruth Sinkeler CPCC, ACC, Human Developer, Expert in Sexy Leadership & UBUNTU Leadership, Happy MKB, Executive/ Business Coach,Speaker, and Author shares her insight on making Leadership sexy again.

    What does leadership have to do with sex?

    What makes you sexy and attractive as a leader? This is the BIG question waiting to be answered.

    Leadership has everything to do with being your most authentic self and living according to your values first. When you live your life from your core values and you act from them.

    Leading from authenticity creates trust. And trust is one of the biggest things anyone who calls him or herself a leader needs. To create trust with people you want to follow you is one of the biggest challenges of any leader. There is nothing to lead if no one trusts you.

    Is being a leader exclusively for an elite group? No it is not. There are many examples of people from all parts of society, genders and races, who stepped into their authenticity, lived according to their core values, created trust and have followers.

    Another thing leaders have in common is that they truly live by their passion. Whether it is a passion for garbage cleaning or for politics. It does not matter. Anyone who has a great passion and inspires others to do the same or achieve their dreams has leader qualities

    A true leader is aware of his or her  impact on people and takes responsibility for his or her actions. It might happen that even if acted from authenticity, core values and passion the impact on others is not that positive. Taking responsibility is of big importance in that case. Leaders don’t just create an impact and walk away. They stay and find ways to turn things around, the positive way. After all, it was all about creating trust, right?

    What does this have to do with sex? Maybe not much, but this sexy way of Leadership sure sounds hot.

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    People leave Bosses, not Companies...Is it lack of Leadership or something else?

    in Management

    Leadership expert Gordon Tredgold of GordonTredgold.com presents "People leave bosses, not companies ".

    If People leave bosses not companies, and you’re a boss, then just maybe it’s you that they are talking about.

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    Leadership 101

    in Education

    What is leadership?

    Are you ready to step out and begin your journey?

    We are here to help you.

    Let's get started!


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    LDF: Leadership Development Forum

    in Culture

    What is the Leadershipship Development Forum and why is it so valuable to GTN missionaries? Find out on this week's broadcast with Nancy Lovelace!

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    The push in Leadership

    in Motivation

    In order to lead, you must be willing to push.

    Persistance is the name of the game.

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    Leadership Development in Emerging Markets

    in Entrepreneur

    Are you looking for a time-tested, real-world and validated formula for creating organizational leadership in emerging markets?

    Join the conversation as we invite Jay Clark, Executive Director of The Kerusso Foundation as he shares some insight, thought leadership and success stories for developing leaders in emerging global markets.

    About the Guest

    Jay’s background is filled with starting companies, organizations and a church. His focus in the business world is leadership development through Sun Consulting Services, LTD in Hong Kong. He has an undergraduate degree in Management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and an M.B.A from Auburn University.  He has also received training in missiology and theology at the Missionary Learning Center in Richmond Virginia, while a missionary for the International Mission Board, and during his attendance at Southwestern Theological Seminary and through courses at Dallas Theological Seminary.

    From over 10 years of consulting experience in the US and international markets, Jay has gained valuable insights on strategy development, management challenges and practices, and leadership development. Jay founded Sun Consulting Services and managed the offices in the U.S. and Hong Kong.  Under Jay’s leadership, Sun Consulting was able to be a pioneer in China for the consulting industry by working with state-owned oil/gas company and a large publically traded Technology Company.  Jay has developed a network of global partners in Asia, Africa, Europe, India, and the Middle East for Sun Consulting Services.  He also opened the SCS office in Hong Kong.

    See Jay's BIO

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    Leadership and Organizational Development

    in Management

    Join Carl Brown and Mr. Jim Golden, CEO of Golden Opportunity for an energetic, engaging, and high-impact discussion for managers, supervisors, team leaders, and individuals who want to develop and sharpen their leadership and communication skills, and create and motivate high-performing teams.  
         Jim B. Golden began his learning and development career in 1992 as a corporate software trainer.  Since then, he has provided learning and development services to individuals, teams, leadership and management from various industries.  Jim is a member of Toastmasters International, where he has won several competitive speech contests, as well as club, area and district “Toastmaster and President of the Year” honors.  The district encompasses most of the mid-Atlantic region.
          Jim is a teaching excellence award nominated professor and course chair at University of Maryland University College (UMUC).  His teaching and facilitation focus at UMUC includes Public Speaking, Communication and Interpersonal Skills.  He has also received from UMUC, the dean’s recognition for outstanding student evaluations.


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    Cross Pollination: Special Guest Michael Harrington on Young Leadership in Gov

    in Management

    Michael Harrington, at age 32 has been both the Director of Student Affairs as Paul Smith's College in NY and currently is the Economic Development Director for the Town of Bennington in Vermont and was recently recognized as one of Vermont's Top 40 Young Professionals.  We will sit down with Michael to discuss key principles and leadership tips that he has learned over his career that propelled him to his current status.

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    What is Leadership

    in Education

    Pastor and Author Earlie James shares his journey and experience on Leadership.

    Every inspiring leader must listen. Much encouragement and inspiration will be shared.

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    Women's Leadership Virtual Roundtable | Confidence

    in Women

    Inspiring female leaders share perspective about how to progress in your careers while moving our companies toward inclusive leadership.


    Is confidence a big deal or a non-issue? Does “the confidence gap” exist? If it does, how do we grow in this area? How can I be confident and vulnerable at the same time?


    Johanneke Langenbach is a transformational business consultant who helps individuals, business teams and companies achieve amazing results. 


    Retired Colonel Jill Morgenthaler is a woman of many firsts. She was one of the first women to enter ROTC and train as an equal with men. 

    Linda Torakis is the President of McKechnie Vehicle Components, an automotive company based out of Detroit, MI. 

    Franciska Moors is a Managing Partner with Tiara International LLC who integrates business and academic experience with leading from intuition. 

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