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    Eric Jefferys, Lead Vocalist for the Hard Way

    in Rock Music

    Pop Art Painter, Jamie Roxx Interviews, Eric Jefferys, Lead Vocalist for the Hard Way.. a Hard Rock Band out of L.A.

    The Hard Way will be performing August 22nd at The Whisky with the cast of That Metal Show.
    More info, details, directions etc: 

    The Hard Way is a is a hard driving, melodic, hard rock juggernaut out of Hollywood, CA.


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    Lead Responsibly

    in Christianity

    In alcohol commercials, they show us all the fun and glamour of drinking and having a good time. Then at the end they tell us to drink responsibly. Lets talk about being a leader and leading responsibly. Lets look back at the first human leader of this world and how it effected the whole human race and the condition of this planet itself.

    Gen. 3:1-12

    Facilitator: Rev. Pryor

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    Lead Nurturing With Magdalena Georgieva of HubSpot

    in Marketing

    In this episode, Dan interviews Magdalena Georgieva (@mgieva) of HubSpot as they discuss Lead Nurturing. She literally wrote the book! This book: Introduction To Lead Nurturing.

    Maggie has unique insights because until two years ago she was on the HubSpot marketing team. Today she brings her experience as an inbound marketer to the product team at HubSpot that makes the tools.

    Listen in as Dan and Maggie discuss:

    What Is lead nurturing?

    2015 trends in lead nurturing

    Getting predictive with your digital marketing

    How to set up a good lead nurturing campaign

    We also walk through an example campaign Maggie has set up

    And as with all interviews in this podcast, Dan asks his guest, “What’s the ONE THING we as marketers should be doing right now?”

    Visit the HubSpot Workflows section and send her feedback via Twitter (@mgieva).


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    Amazing lead guitarist/ composer/producer, "Michael Tiffany" joins us!

    in Music

    Michael Tiffany is a lead guitarist/ composer/producer and a member of BMI and Sound Exchange Spanning a 30 years in music he has found his way to this point of being an accomplished guitarist and composer. He has been named Artist of The Month in the U.S. , UK and Canada at the same time. His love for music has kept the fire burning and given him the drive to accomplished many of his dreams as a musician. You can also visit his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michael-tiffany-guitaristcomposer/119293908147901

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    KEI Radio Interviews - Stephanie James "Just A Vessel" Poet, Speaker, & Vocalist

    in Christianity

    KEI Radio Host - Donna Ghanney interviews Stephanie James on Saturday, February 7, 2015 at 6:00 PM Eastern Time.

    Stephanie James also known as "Just A Vessel," is a poet, vocalist and speaker. Her mantra is "If I inspire you...you are my inspiration." She has been recognized for providing a message that will uplift, spread love and share the gospel of Jesus Christ through her gifts. Stephanie published her first book in 2012 titled Just A Vessel: Your Weekly Inspirational Messages. 

    See her videos below: http://www.justavesselpoetry.com/bio.html




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    in Entertainment

    “Soul To Soul,” a passionate new song cycle from vocalist, songwriter, producer and musician Carmen Lundy is Lundy’s 14th album, and the next chapter in her critically-acclaimed career as both a musical artist and a visual artist; a return to her roots but also an exploration of these roots -- and the journey that those roots can take you on. The release of “Soul To Soul” will be accompanied by tour dates both in the U.S. and overseas.

    Featuring the stellar talents of guest artists Patrice Rushen, Geri Allen, Randy Brecker, Mayra Casales, Simphiwe Dana, Bennie Maupin, Carol Robbins, Ada Rovatti, and Warren Wolf along with Carmen’s core rhythm section members Darryl Hall and Jamison Ross, “Soul To Soul” invites the listener on an intriguing journey. The moods and moments of “Soul To Soul” are genre-bending and traverse many borders, both literally and figuratively.

  • 00:31

    Inspirational Vocalist Ebony Archer Talks Success, Motivation, & Mentoring

    in Music

    Inspirational and popular vocalist Ebony Archer joins the national award-winning radio talk show Let's Talk America with Host Shana Thornton on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 7:30 pm EST to discuss her successful musical career. She will share with listeners her thoughts on just how to effectively address the youth in these modern times. Join this edition of the show with every member of the family. We offer real talk for real people. Tune in! 


    Please support our national sponsors by visiting www.letstalkamericawithshanathornton.com. Thank you. 

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    Vocalist Christy Sutherland discusses Welcome to Inspiration

    in Lifestyle

    Vocalist Christy Sutherland discusses her life lessons and role in film Welcome to Inspiration.

    WELCOME TO INSPIRATION has a loving message of faith, family and fun. It speaks to planting seeds, discipleship, self-study, and hopes to spark a moving experience through cinema in the hearts of its audience.


    Based on the popular and much buzzed-about book The Street Sweeper by Tim Enochs, Welcome to Inspiration brings a small town to life on the big screen. Releasing January 20 to DVD, Welcome to Inspiration is a family film with a musical heart starring a cast of well-known Christian and country artists, including GRAMMY® Award-winners Jason Crabb and Larry Gatlin, as well as Vocalist/Composer Christy Sutherland. Additional cast members include Jackie Stewart (Slingblade, A Time to Kill) as The Street Sweeper and Regina McCrary of The McCrary Sisters.


    The film follows the true-to-life story lines of people searching for meaning in the midst of unfulfilled dreams, challenging circumstances and unexpected struggles. When a big city couple find themselves stranded in a small town, their lives are changed forever.  A chance encounter with a Street Sweeper opens their eyes to inspirational life lessons that come alive through the town’s residents: a widow coping with the death of her soldier daughter, a small business owner rescuing a young runaway, a mechanic finding faith and a young musician bravely pursuing his dream. Like Enochs’ book, the movie reveals seven Bible-based principles, which Enochs dubs the “Seven Revelations of Irrefutable Success” that point toward a life of increased spiritual fulfillment.


    This show is sponsored by Gracefully Yours greeting cards and journals. Visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com for special discounts.

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    Positive Choices that Lead to Success!

    in Women

    We continue with our January 2015 theme, Creating My Own Success and on January 19th, it's all about Positive Choices that Lead to Success!

    Let's face it, choices are truly the real freedom and more and more women are giving up this freedom every day by not making the right choices.

    Join host and business success coach, Trina Newby and learn all about how to make positive choices and doing what's best for yourself, instead of giving in to what you want!

    Making the right choices for your life and business will allow you to experience the positive results you'll seeking!

  • 01:15

    Can Spirituality Lead To Financial Security

    in Self Help

    .Can spirituality lead to financial security: a disccusion of Ambit Energy With Daniel Fazzina.

    A New "Energy" Gold Rush is Taking Place — With or Without You! Join the conversation with Dr. Richard and Daniel about a new way to be financial independent and offer Free Energy!!!

    Check it out.


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    Dickie Jay Jones, Lead Gen Vendor and Cold Caller

    in Jobs

    @MaureenSharib recommended her friend Dickie J. Jones as a guest for the show. He sells lead gen data to sales people including recruiters. He sells them by cold-calling and he sells his clients on them by giving them pep talks about cold calling. And that's what he's going to do for us too. Will it be good? Wait and see

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