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    Positive Choices that Lead to Success!

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    We continue with our January 2015 theme, Creating My Own Success and on January 19th, it's all about Positive Choices that Lead to Success!

    Let's face it, choices are truly the real freedom and more and more women are giving up this freedom every day by not making the right choices.

    Join host and business success coach, Trina Newby and learn all about how to make positive choices and doing what's best for yourself, instead of giving in to what you want!

    Making the right choices for your life and business will allow you to experience the positive results you'll seeking!

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    Can Spirituality Lead To Financial Security

    in Self Help

    .Can spirituality lead to financial security: a disccusion of Ambit Energy With Daniel Fazzina.

    A New "Energy" Gold Rush is Taking Place — With or Without You! Join the conversation with Dr. Richard and Daniel about a new way to be financial independent and offer Free Energy!!!

    Check it out.


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    You want to lead that's fine that's great. Just don't lead my ass off a cliff

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    This episode will be about how some fuaxphas (People who pretrend to be Alphas) want to lead but have no idea how. A fuaxpha. Why I do't trust them to lead and why I'm not an angry black woman because I don't want them to lead. Also I'll talk about Operation Good Citizen a community action project, Operation Uniforms for Kids. on FB.

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    How Do Your Dreams Lead to Your Path In Life?

    in Self Help

    Guest: Mia Johnson.

    "Does The Path You Travel Lead To Your Dreams?"  

     I have the Soul of a Wanderer
    Forever "seeking"
    It's a Path that I have always chosen.
    But never because I feel "lost"
    but because I know there's always something new
    something absolutely amazing ahead-good or bad
    It is a good thing to know this...
    for I wander...
    without fear, for I have overcome much
    without regrets...for I have learned every time has it's season
    And life begins anew....
    There is no "REAL" path, for each chooses their own 
    some lead only to lessons needed to be learned.

    You've come to me.
    Now and in this place.
    I ask you only this....

    Join Dr. Richard, Jaimie and Mia.



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    KMnm/Can the young lead right now? you be the judge RA(2)5,1436

    in Religion

    GD's Peace to all.  What do you think? Based on what we have invested in our young minds, do we feel they have what they need to lead a country.  Well, they answered and shared what's missing.  Being able to focus, special skills, connections, and then yes.

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    Making Money on Every Lead: Tips from Kevin Guz and HomeVestors-Dallas

    in Real Estate

    Kevin Guz of HomeVestors-Dallas offers his tips about making money on every lead.

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    Packers lead slides away in one minute, Seahawks advance to Super Bowl XLIX

    in Sports

    In this episode of The Red Light Sports Ramble, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Evan Witalison and Troy will talk about the NFC Championship Game, between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks.  Before the game, not many people were giving the Packers a chance, to win in Seattle.  Aaron Rodgers had a calf injury, the Seahawks defense was playing on another planet.  The Packers had more than a chance, but let it slide away.

    The Packers were leading 19-7, and Morgan Burnett intercepted Russell Wilson, on the Packers 39 yard line.  Burnett slid, and the Packers thought they were on their way, to Super Bowl XLIX.  This slide was the start of the Packers lead disappearing.  With ball in hand, Aaron Rodgers handed off to Eddie Lacey three times.  Lacey who had been finding small holes all day(21 carries, 73 yards), was stuffed on each running play.  The sequence; minus four yards, minus two yards, and a two yard gain.  This drive lost yards and only took 1:12 off the clock, after Tim Matshay's punt.  Seattle took over with 3:52, on the clock, at their 31.  The next time the Packers got the ball back, they were losing 22-19, with 1:25 left.  Rodgers constructed a drive, that allowed Mason Crosby to kick the game tying field goal.  Overtime rules allow both teams a chance to have the ball, unless the first team scores a touchdown.  Wilson drove the Seahawks down the field, then took his shot.  A 35 yard touchdown strike, to Jermaine Kearse, ended the game.  The Packers would not get another chance, in overtime.

    For 55 minutes, the Green Bay Packers dominated the Seattle Seahawks.  The Packers pressured Wilson, forced him to throw a career high four interceptions, and even caused a fumble, early in the game.  If you ever needed an example of playing until the final whistle blows, this would be the game to reference. Listen in tonight.

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    The 36 Questions That Lead to Love

    in Lifestyle

    The Wright Foundation, founded by Dr. Bob Wright and Dr. Judith Wright is a principle-based learning organization that brings together the best of neuroscience, development, existential, humanistic, Adlerian, and positive psychologies and philosophies into a proven, practical system for learning the skills to have a great life.

    Kate Holmquest is a coach, curriculum developer, and campus director for Wright and the Wright Graduate University for the Realization of Human Potential who believes that dating is one of the best possible playgrounds for discovering and transforming yourself! Potential movie titles that describe her quest for satisfaction in single life are “40 First Dates” (a.k.a. dating with velocity), “Ten Things I Hate About You” (a.k.a. telling the truth on dates), and “The Thing About My Folks” (a.k.a. noticing and breaking the relationship rules I learned at home). 

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    Regina Cates: Lead with Your Heart

    in Relationships

    The job Regina speaks of—helping people awaken to lives of limitless possibility—began in 2004 after a long, painful journey to unshackle her own life. Since then she has become a source of inspiration for hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe. With the recent publication of her first book, Lead with Your Heart, Regina’s message has inspired an international audience to lead their lives from the wisdom of their heart.

    Using the language of shared experiences, Regina communicates universal truths in a down-to-earth manner everyone can understand. Her spot-on description of the human condition inspires people to take responsibility for their actions, words and thoughts, creating beneficial change in their lives.

    Website: www.romancingyoursoul.com

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