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    Words of Love with Allen Klein on Inspirational Sunday

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    Inspirational Sunday with Allen Klein and Dr. Jeanette on thoughts of love from Allen's new book Words of Love:  Quotations from the Heart.  We have so many different kinds of love: of family, spouse, children, work, nature and spiritual.  Yet, as our world continues to shake us with new challenges each day, the feelings and appreciation for love seem to slip into the background of our lives.  Today we will be reminding you of the simple pleasures of love and how it truly makes the world go round.

    For more information visit:  www.AllenKlein.com


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    New York Sports 30: Deflating Storylines, New-Look Jets & Knicks...Win?

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    To summarize what is coming up today on New York Sports 30 with H4TV's Brian Sausa and Aaron Jacobs:



    -Super Bowl Keys to the game

    -Our reaction to the situation with New England and their deflated balls. Is there any accountability for Deflategate?

    -How do we feel about the Jets' new leadership & what should they do with the No. 6 overall pick?



    -Who Ya Got? MVP Edition

    -Would LBJ leave Cleveland again?

    -Two in a Row: How many wins are too many for lowly Knicks?


    Numbers of the Week, Man of the Week, Closing Argument

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    Dr King at 86

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    To my knowledge he never suggested Selma as the venue for a march but he’s on record as urging King to do something to arouse the sleeping white conscience, and when violence met the marchers on that bridge, he knew the moment had come: He told me to alert the speechwriters to get ready and within days he made his own famous “We Shall Overcome” address that transformed the political environment. Bill Moyers

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    Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King

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    What is your dream? We also talk about the movie  Selma' Backlash Misses The PointBut Selma's treatment of President Lyndon B. Johnson has sparked a controversy that could threaten the film's legacy and, in the short term, its chances for prestigious awards. As portrayed by British actor Tom Wilkinson, LBJ is a beleaguered president and is — at times — exasperated with King on the issue of voting rights. Historically, LBJ and King formed an effective political relationship on the issue, although real tensions emerged between the two men when Johnson suggested that voting legislation be pursued later, rather than earlier, in the congressional session. Johnson feared that an immediate push for the black vote would undermine his ambitions for a "Great Society." Selma's script hews close to the historical record on this point. Still, the unsympathetic portrayal of Johnson suggests a president who was an antagonist on voting rights rather than a supporter. and box office. Join the Tournament Of Film Festival

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    Selma was Not just a Movie

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    Selma was not a movie,it was the struggle for the liberation of African people in America.
    On June 25 of last year, the Court effectively struck down the heart of the Voting Rights Act by freeing nine states, mostly in the South, to change their election laws without advance federal approval.Since then, at least nine states have moved to restrict voting rights. Is there anything more disgraceful in a democracy? Will the Supreme Court come to understand we’re not a Third World country?Richard Valeriani



  • "Selma." History, Artistic License, The Struggle Today & The Absence of Artists

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    We in Luqman Nation saw and enjoyed the movie "Selma."  We've been watching the response to the movie in socila media, and we're interested in the dichotomy of the reactions.  On the one hand, you have folks who take issue with the innacurately portrayed releationship between MLK and LBJ.  On the other hand you hvae folks who take issue with the innacurately perceived "passivity" of the Movement itself.  And in the middle you have an amazing movie that does take some artistic license here and there, but stays true to the significance of Selma.

    We'll try to talk about some of the socia issues faced during the time of Selma that we are STILL facing today.

    And we'll talk about how popular artists aren't weighing in on the discussion.  What's up with that?

    Come join us tonight in Luqman Nation!

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    Open Book: Cardinal Burke and the Catholic "Man-crisis"

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    Lori and Alice share with listeners this link to an interview with Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke.  His interviewer is Matthew James Christoff of the New Emangelization Project.  Our candid discussion will include quotations from Cardinal Burke's interview.  Our time together promises to be edgy, honest and lively!  Faith is a journey - and healthy discussion about hard topics is part of that journey!  We hope you agree - we hope you will join us!


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    Holiday Season Job Market, NFL Update, LBJ Recent Weight Loss, Hot Topics

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    After again being on an hiatus for a few weeks ...Kulture Shok Ent Reportz returns today with #TeaTimebroadcast so tune in for talk focusing on Holiday Season Job Market, NFL update, LBJ recent weight loss plus Hot Topics.

    Thanks for your <3 & support always.



    BETH aka B.TR

  • Open Book: The Signature of All Thing by Elizabeth Gilbert

    in Spirituality

    One looks at the world as a scientist and can surely see the signature of our Great Creator in all things, right?  Lori and Alice discuss the ongoing human challenges of coming to peace with science and religion during our time together.  The quotations today are deep, amusing and thought-provoking!  Hope you will join us

  • Open Book: Mary, the mother of Jesus

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    We cannot talk fully about Christmas without talking about Mary! Who was Mary? Why should we be interested in her?  And how is she relevant to the world today? Join Lori and Alice as they discuss quotations from the saints and from Elizabeth Johnson, author of "Truly Our Sister." We'll also wrap up our Advent season with special reflections!

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    Spice Up Your Marriage By Having An Affair!!!?

    in Relationships

    Linda B James (LindaBJames.com) explores relationship secrets rarely discussed by couples.  Having an affair can actually enrich your relationship. How is this possible? Listen to this provocative and helpful interview!

    To download the full interview go to my website and sign up for the LBJ Club.  Absolutely FREE!  

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