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    Constipated? Try These Natural Remedies

    in Health

    42 million people in the US alone complain of constipation. It’s no wonder we’re a constipated nation with our chronic stress and inflammatory diet. There are also people out there who are constipated and don’t even realize it.

    If you have healthy bowels, then you should be eliminating waste 1-3 times per day, and your stool should be a 4 or 5 on the Bristol Stool Chart. If you are eliminating less than once per day, then you are constipated. If you have to strain and spend 30 minutes on the toilet, then you are constipated.

    While many people just try to fix it themselves and resort to over-the-counter laxatives and enemas, these remedies are not safe long-term.

    In this episode I'll discuss a few natural remedies that can help improve your elimination and help you start feeling better.

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    Potty Training Support E72

    in Parents

    Today's episode included the following topics:

    *Child is making some good progress, even after some bumps in the road. He has pooped in the potty a few times but suddenly won't. He does an extensive "poop dance", mom prompts him but he'll sit for a minute, pop up, and then poop on the floor. Is this normal in the process? Does he need more time to "get it"?

    *Child is having severe constipation issues. She's had a enema at the children's hospital and prescribed laxatives. She doesn't want to poop in the potty and she doesn't want to poop in a diaper. Pooping itself causes a lot of drama. This child has what I call "butt trauma."

    *Family on day 3 with a 20 month old boy. Mom is definitely seeing progress but not a ton. Biggest problem is child won't sit to pee for any length of time.

    *Techical question: how to download OCPT to the iPad.

    *Child is doing great with pee. But with poop, she almost seems to get no warning. She will tell parents immediately after she poops but every poop seems to catch her by surprise

    *Night Training: why we do it. Why you shouldn't just leave your child to wet the bed. Why you shouldn't use undies/trainers with rubber pants. And other random questions about night training.

    *How to talk to your friends about potty training. (spoiler alert: you really don't)

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    Ask Herbal health Expert Susun Weed & Women's Dances with Laura Shannon

    in Self Help

    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Laura Shannon. Laura is known worldwide for her pioneering approach to traditional women's dances as tools for healing and transformation. Traditional Greek, Balkan and Armenian dances embody an ancient worldview of sustainability, community, and reverence for the earth. Blending folk dance, circle dance and dance/movement therapy, Laura's teaching seeks to rekindle this awareness and to rediscover the hidden wisdom encoded in the dances. With 25 years of experience researching and teaching, Laura is considered to be one of the 'grandmothers' of the circle dance movement, and brings her inspiring workshops, performances and trainings to over twenty countries.

    this episode Q&A- includes:

    • black mold allergy and major coughing fits- improve your lungs and breathing apparatus with mullein milk and osha tincture is powerful blocker of histamines..

    • limited diets make for limited health..

    • no studies show cholesterol in the diet has a connection to cholesterol in the blood..

    • chaste tree berry tea as opposed to infusion- limited amount of herbs used for infusions..

    • obtaining yarrow from fresh plant material- Red Moon Herbs and Catskill Mountain Herbs..

    • the bigger and more complex we make our breakfast the more stable our blood sugar is throughout the day..

    • avoid raw food to stabilize blood sugar- cook vegetables 30-60 minutes at least..

    • addicted to herbal laxatives and healing with infusions, brown rice, cooked vegetables and slippery elm..

    • low milk supply and adrenal fatigue- nettle infusions, turn off t.v., chicken soup and full fat organic yogurt..

    • drinking nourishing herbal infusions relieves what ales you in a relatively short amount of time..

    • and much more..

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    Foods that Fuel the Brain!!!

    in Radio

    All week on the show we've been sharing stories of trials and truimphs regarding the struggles surrounding eating disorders and the constant pressure now days to be THIN!

    Today, we are going to discuss how you can fuel your brain...which you need to function correctly for every task large or small in life...and especially when your working to overcome a major battle your facing with eating disorders or anything else. Why? We become what we think and speak! So if your brain is not fueled you'll probably have an almost impossible time just thinking clearly let alone fighting the thoughts that are bombarding your mind each and everyday that cause you to then Starve yourself, use laxatives, bing and purge or anythin else along these lines.

    To overcome all challenges you need your brain to be functioning...for some of you just getting to the point where you are getting enough nutrition for your brain to be fueled will be rough...but if you press through here you will be able to think clearer and continue to conquer the eating disorder you face. How do I know this...because I've physically experienced what occurs when I haven't been able to get the proper nutrition and how this negatively affects every area of our lives!

    Fuel up, your brain can't go anywhere without it!

    Laurel Live

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    Coping With Candida With Dr. Sally Rockwell

    in Health

    Dr Sally Rockwell visits PhatMan radio to talk about Candida (Yeast Overgrowth) and Food Alllergies. What are the symptoms of candida and why is it necessary to rotate foods in order to prevent food allergies? Tune in and find out.

    "For 25 years Dr. Sally Rockwell went from doctor to doctor asking 'what's wrong with me?' ... She was subjected to needless drugs and surgeries, --- addicted to socially acceptable drugs: coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, diet pills, , laxatives and diuretics. The doctors said, "Your tests results are within normal bounds. It's all in your mind."  

    "No one understood how she felt or knew how to help her. Finally a wise psychiatrist changed her diet, she got off the drugs, and turned her life around. Her brain began to function. She entered college and earned a B. S. degree in nutrition and then a doctorate in clinical nutrition. Now she is healthy, happy, vibrant and productive.


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    EATING DISORDERS Dying to be Thin

    in Education

    EATING DISORDERS have one of the highest lethality rates of any mental disorders. Tune in to find out why and how you can get help.

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    LAXATIVE ADDICTION: The Silent Secret Killer

    in Education

    LAXATIVE ADDICTION is injuring and killing thousands of American women. Find out why -- and what you can do to stop it.

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    in Religion

    SPIRITUAL WEIGHT GAIN OR LOSS http://www.miracleinternetchurch.com/ebooks
    Powerful help for those who have been unable to lose weight. Learn about unnatural weight gain, and common spiritual roots.
    WITCHCRAFT POWERS & DELIVERANCE Weight Loss Spells Free weight loss spells are nearly as popular as love spells. These spells are great, and can be quite powerful ... Do you struggle with your weight? Have you tried every possible diet and still can’t meet your target weight? Do you want to fit into your favorite jeans again? Weight Loss / Gain spell. This spell will help you loose or gain weight. I've done this spell many times and it always works, and of course if you see no difference ...
    Overeating and the resultant overweight condition can lead to back, neck and knee problems, high blood pressure, stress disorder, diabetes 11 and asthma. Ask yourself 3 questions. "Have I found it impossible to stay on a diet and exercise program until I reached my proper weight?" "Have I found it impossible to quit dieting and exercise even though I reached my proper weight?" "Have I used laxatives or vomiting as a form of weight control?" If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you should investigate the possibility of an eating disorder?
    Family curses
    Weight Problems
    Anorexia Nervosa
    Balanced Diet
    Binge Compulsive Eating
    Bulimia Nervosa

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    The Debut and the Debacle

    in Blogs

    The Debut Not a day goes by that the million of my readers that span the world in its entirety, don't ask me for more. More what you say? More of me naturally. 
    I am a sensual guy, so it's not enough that you read my words I want you to feel my words and ultimately me. It's ok I drink often and will retroactively give consent. While it may be hard to feel me physically (unless you live in NYC or don't buy me dinner before) at least you can hear me.
    So its a Date!
    I'll see you here next week and bring a change of underwear, you'll need it. I read that aside from prescrition drugs in the tap water there laxatives. Meanwhile Check me out here:


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    Under the Radar: Eating Disorders in Disguise

    in Women

    Cleansing, purging, detoxing. When it comes to getting healthier, these are terms you may have heard a time or two. But they're probably not not terms that the average person associates with an eating disorder. Usually the image of an emaciated young Caucasian girl plagued with issues of self-loathing comes to mind. But there is now evidence available that has broadened the scope and the definition of eating disorders, and some of them are more common than you think, even with minority women.
    Whether it's downing laxatives on a regular basis, or indulging in the use of certain "health" drinks or supplements, some eating disorders are disguised as commonly accepted, natural do-it-yourself wellness practices. However, when it comes to this kind of homegrown healthcare, what you don't know may be destroying you in more ways than one.
    Tune in as me and my guest, clinical psychologist, Dr. Leslie Bessellieu, reveals some little known facts about the silent side of eating disorders and the women you'd least expect to be affected by them.
    Tell every woman you know to tune in. This promises to be a very provocative show! 646-716-6910 or chat with us in the Javammunity room.

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    in Health

    Colon cleansers and their use have escalated in America; with over 20 million using colon cleansers, colonics, laxatives, colon "bombs" and herbal purgatives. Join us as our guest as we discuss the pros and cons of colon cleansers; their claims and their dangers; and hear from callers what successes they have had with the use of colon cleansers.