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    Real Talk 1 Drs Fresno City Council Hate Homeless People Vagrant as Olivier Said

    in Politics Progressive

    Olivier unwittingly admits, in spite of what Mayor Ashley Swearengin touts, that displacing homeless people from encampments year after year has not decreased homelessness.  In fact, it creates another issue: “Vagrants”, as Olivier would say.  Definition: A person without a settled home or regular work who wanders from place to place.

    Although Clint makes a distinction between the homeless and “vagrants” (after an opening statement that does not (“The damage done to our city by the homeless is out of control”), he doesn’t propose any way for the city to make that distinction in his plan.  So let’s get one thing clear about Clint’s call-to-action to criminalize vagrancy: he’s not just targeting the people out to poop on your lawn.  He’s targeting all homeless people.

    What’s his big plan to end the siege of homeless people destroying the city?  Make life more difficult for homeless people.

    Council Member Clint Olivier

    Phone: (559) 621-8000
    FAX: (559) 498-2541
    E-mail: District7@fresno.gov

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    TRUTH Tuesday And Guests Art Olivier And Shanon Sturgeon-Betgeorge

    in Politics Conservative

    Join us as we start our 1 Year Anniversary Celebration Week with special shows and guests all week long!

    Every Tuesday we delve into topics labeled “conspiracy” by the mainstream,“conspiracies” are indeed truth and need to be discussed to prevent further tyranny and repeated bad history.

    Issues covered include geo-engineering, Agenda 21, the Illuminati, 9/11 and much more!

    Tune in, take notes, and wake-up!

    Links to the articles can be found on our sites

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    Our scheduled guests are Art Olivier in the 1st hour and Shanon Sturgeon-Betgeorge in the 2nd hour.

    Art is a political activist,former Mayor of Bellfower,CA,former councilman,Libertarian candidate for Vice President in 2000 and former Libertaria candidate for Governor of California in 2006.

    He is also writer/director of Operation Terror,the fictionalized thriller about 9/11 based on extensive research and actual transcripts.

    Shanon lives in California with her husband and 7 children.She is also a leading voice in her community against SB277 (the mandatory vaccine bill  passed this year and signed by jerry brown).



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    The TRUTH about France, Isis, Syrian refugees, and Islam in General.

    in Christianity

    Our friend Olivier Melnick ( The Jewish Konnektion) is an Expert in Antisemitism. Olivier is an author and lecturer on the bible and all things Jewish. He left Paris only 4 days before the attack! . He is a “Completed Jew” with a heart to reach ALL peoples with the gospel of Christ! --- Join us at 10:00 am Central this saturday...  Lets ask him …”How should a Christian react to the Terrorism in Paris ( and coming soon to you) ?”

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    Rick Gianatos: All American Diva's - Music Producer Talks Legends!

    in Entertainment

    Legendary music producer, Rick Gianatos, joins Rated G Radio in Hour 1 of the Friday Night Dance Party tonight talking his latest project for the "All American Divas" CD & Book!   In Hour 2 - it's your requests, so call in or send me your requests early so we can give you a shout out, too!

    We listened to them "On The Radio" and we "Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet" to the ultra talented vocals of classic Ladies of Soul, Dance and DISCO!

    These "All American Divas" helped pioneer the Dance music genre in the 60's, 70's and 80's and have carried on recording tracks thanks to the dedication of classic Producers and Mixers such as Rick Gianatos (Gene Chandler,Shalamar, Edwin Starr, Shirley Bassey and many more).

    What happened after they hit the charts and what have they been recording and where are they performing? The Divas' stories will be recounted alongside the behind the scenes story of music business joys and heartaches. These Divas have such amazing, interesting stories to tell and continue to make music to this day and we look into their success and triumphs and visit their new recordings both in the book and with the wonderful fruits of their new music on an exclusive CD Album.

    The All American Divas CD Features:


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    Boston College Basketball: Get Ready For The Hardwoord!

    in Sports

    Coming off the Steve Donahue era, the Boston College Eagles were a team last year in search of an identity. With old players shoehorned into a new system, the team endured growing pains en route to a four-win improvement over the season prior. Unfortunately, though, the end result was a 13-19 record, their fourth straight sub-.500 season.

    Year Two has a decidedly different feel to things after the team underwent an overhaul. Junior Olivier Hanlan departed for the professional ranks, drafted this past spring by the Utah Jazz. Now playing for Zalgiris Kaunas in Lithuania, Boston College will need to find a new go-to scorer to replace the ACC's best shooter a year ago.

    To start the year, it looks like Eli Carter will provide that spark. A transfer guard from Florida, Carter will be the lynchpin and sparkplug to the BC offense in 15-16. It's the biggest switch in the new-look Eagles, who return only a couple of key cogs from last year. Idy Diallo, injured a year ago, will see the court for the first time in maroon and gold, along with big man Johncarlos Reyes. Jerome Robinson and AJ Turner will provide depth, while Ervens Meznieks brings the European style of play, with its sharpshooting tall players.

    They'll combine with the returning Garland Owens and Dennis Clifford to give BC a new feel in 15-16. The Eagles will try to work their way up the ACC ranks this season after finishing in the bottom four a year ago, a league featuring last year's national champion in Duke. Combined with a tough non-conference schedule, this is going to be an intriguing run for Jim Christian as he tries to resurrect the proud program of Jared Dudley, Craig Smith, and Reggie Jackson.

    So tune in at 8 PM EST on Wednesday as BC Interruption breaks down and previews the Eagles and gets you ready for the opening game, this weekend, against St. Francis Brooklyn!

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    Hoodlum, 1997

    in Movies

    Having just been released from jail, Bumpy Johnson (Laurence Fishburne) returns to his criminal ways as a linchpin in the African-American-run numbers racket. However, Bumpy's longtime friend Illinois Gordon (Chi McBride) and girlfriend Francine Hughes (Vanessa Williams) are both eager to get him back on the straight and narrow. But a brewing rivalry with Mafia boss Lucky Luciano (Andy Garcia) and his henchman Dutch Schultz (Tim Roth) threatens to raise the stakes to dangerous new levels: Stars: Laurence Fishburne, Tim Roth, Vanessa Williams

    Director: Bill Duke

    Writer: Chris Brancato

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    The Jewish Perspective interview with Olivier Melnick

    in The Bible

    A very special "Jewish perspective" update of our days events from our guest Olivier Melnick. You can find out all about his work at http://www.oliviermelnick.com . We will be getting some great information on his newest work and information concerning God's chosen people. Join Us!

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    Halle Berry Suffers From Misogynoir ---- Rachel Dolezal Benefits From It

    in Entertainment

    Hey Folks. 
    The Juxtaposition of this week is to look at how Halle Berry is being treated for existing and how Rachel Dolezal is being treated for existing. 

    You can push us toward being full time by signing up here. 

    And we always apprecaite anything that comes in through this link. 

     David Justice is coming out swinging after Halle Berry announced her divorce from Olivier Martinez.

    Justice and Berry married in 92 and divorced in 97. But during their divorce, rumors surfaced that Justice cheated on Berry, and was also abusive.

    Berry had once given an interview saying a famous ex-boyfriend caused partial deafness in her ear after he punched it, and throughout the years people pointed the finger at Justice.

    Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who posed as African American for years and headed a local chapter of the NAACP, admitted on Monday that she is white.

    In an appearance on The Real, a regular panel discussion in the style of The View but with all women of color, Dolezal said she was “biologically born white.” It appears to be the first time Dolezal has conceded her race in public.

    “You weren’t born black, so when you say you are black, it makes it hard for people to understand where you’re coming from,” said panelist Jeannie Mai.

    “Right, and that’s why I said, I acknowledge that I was biologically born white to white parents, but I identify as black,” said Dolezal. The audience erupted into applause. 


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    Reel to Real ~ The Manchurian Candidate, 1962

    in Movies

    A former Korean War POW is brainwashed by Communists into becoming a political assassin. But another former prisoner may know how to save him.

    Director: John Frankenheimer Writers: Richard Condon (based upon a novel by), George Axelrod (screenplay),

    Stars: Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey, Janet Leigh

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    Only on Halloween!

    in Comedy

    Halloween; World Series Game 4; Halle Berry files from divorce from Olivier Martinez; Red Meat causes cancer; Boy George slept with Prince?

  • Oni Lasana - Powerful Poetics

    in Poetry

    Since 1994 Lasana has toured internationally performing and facilitating workshops on the poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906). Her one woman play set in the 1800's features Dunbar's most beloved dialect poetry which gave voice to a people who had no voice. Dunbar was the first free African man in America to self publish and make a living from presenting his poetry, writing novels, short stories and plays. Lasana considers him the father of the spoken word movement in America. Tune in to find out why.

    Lasana is hailed as "The Voice of Dunbar" by Professor Nikki Giovanni and can be heard "rapping" Dunbar's poetry in the award winning book, 'Hip Hop Speaks To Children." She can be seen in the The Paul Laurence Dunbar Definitive DVD Collection and on You Tube. Oni Lasana is a life member of The National Association of Black Storytellers.  

    Her latest work in progress is to bring to life the poetry of The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey through the voice of his first wife, cultural activist Amy Ashwood Garvey.

    Oni Lasana will discuss and present selected poems of both literary and cultural icons. This poetical journey will  be taken with The Legacy of A Nation host, Bro. Ramisous and historian, storyteller, artisan and cultural rennaissance man, Bro. Isaac Maefield of Philadelphia.

    More on Lasana; www.OniLasana.com