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    Ignite Your Life - Launch Show!

    in Motivation

    Today is the offical launch of The Coach on Fire Radio Network. Coach on Fire Radio Host Carina Ghionzoli ("With Intent" Thursdays at 10:00 AM MST) interviews Ignite Your Life Host and Coach on Fire Radio Network founder, Michael Brooks about the launch and exciting shows that will premire over the next couple of weeks. 

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    Discover The Meaning of Your Dreams!

    in Spirituality

    Join us tonight as we take a journey into the world of Dreaming! What are dreams? What is a lucid dream? What do the symbols in your dream mean? How do you decipher the messages in your dreams! Discover how your dreams help you to receive information and confirmation. Learn how to analyze yoru dreams and use the information to help your healing and reach your goals. 

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    You have the power! to manifest your dreams and desires..

    in Motivation

    Join UIF founder and his guest rachel Lajoie as they discuss manifesting your dreams and desires onthe UI Radio.

    Rachel has been interested in healthy eating and exercise since a very young age, and even ran for NCAA in college. However, while earning her masters in astrophysics she developed a difficult relationship with food. This taught her to stop focusing on diet and exercise alone and start looking at well-being as a whole. Rachel now uses her passion for health and wellness to help women end cravings and emotional eating, naturally maintain their ideal body weight, and feel beautiful in their body!

    Check Rachel out at www.WholeLivingWellness.com

    Learn how to create and manifest your desires at unitedintentions.org!

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    So What Do Your Dreams Really Mean?

    in Lifestyle

    A dream is like a photograph of something we are able to relate to in movie form.Ecclesiastes 5:3 tells us that a dream comes when there are many concerns, activities or business. Dreams can either be a subconscious response to the circumstances of our lives or the Holy Spirit communicating His plans, ways and purposes to us. Dreams enable us to tap into the superior ways of the Divine Spirit. Precognitive or visionary dreams often reveal the obscure future, making it profoundly clear. Predictive dreams are filled with revelation that causes the dreamer to make the correct decisions to align themselves for a successful future. Our dream life is like a thoroughfare on which communication is carried through the soul to the visualization of the mind’s eye to the spirit. 

    Join Allen & Francine with special guest Barbie Breathitt as they journey into Dreams. Invite your friends, call in or just listen.....You will be glad you did



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    Have your dreams analyzed by dream expert and intuitive, Diane Brandon. Call in!

    in Spirituality

     I’m an expert in intuition and personal development, but more importantly I'm an expert on dream analysis. As you know, people tend to be fascinated by dreams, even as they scratch their heads over them.  “What in the world did that dream mean?” they often ask themselves.I specialize in interpreting dreams and helping people understand their dreams and grasp what they can do with them, if anything. 

    I’m the author of three books, and my newest, Dream Interpretation for Beginners – Understand the Wisdom of Your Sleeping Mind, was published in March. My other two books are Intuition for Beginners – Easy Ways to Awaken Your Natural Abilities and Invisible Blueprints – Intuitive Insights for Fulfillment in Life.

    I’ve interpreted dreams for over 40 years and have pored over sleep and dream research for about as long. I’ve developed my own, somewhat unconventional approach to understanding dreams and working with them and I view them as not just fascinating, but also potentially helpful to us. I never tire of speaking about dreams!

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    go for your dreams

    in Music

    go for your dreams

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    Visions And Dreams

    in Religion

    We have heard people success storys.And have you wonder how did they get such an idea or plan to do that with endurance.God give his people,visions and dreams,for small business or invention, to his follower to advance their wealth. but they must work it themselves.Jesus Christ came to help men and women to use their gifts for the kingdom of God.he will not stop your happiness but add to it.So if God gave you a vision or dream to better your self,follow up on it and do the best you can.     



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    Use Your Dreams And Premonitions To Change Your Life with Kelly Sullivan Walden

    in Moms and Family

    Would you like to use your dreams and premonitions to change your life? Do you believe that they provide insights into what you subconsciously know? Perhaps your dreams and premonitions is a source of guidance from loved ones who have passed on. 

    As a dream therapist and the author of three books on dreams, Kelly Sullivan Walden, has appeared on numerous national radio and TV shows, including Coast to Coast AM, The Dr. Oz Show and The Real, to analyze dreams and explain how we can benefit from listening to our inner wisdom.

    Join Kelly Sullivan Walden and me on Tuesday, October 27, 10-11 A.M. CT US as we discuss enlightening stories from people who have experienced the extraordinary and tapped into life-changing wisdom, from her latest book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions.

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    Making your dreams come true

    in Health

    Every day people just like you go out into the world and make their dreams come true.  
    They did it. Why not you? You’re no different than any of these successful individuals.  
    Why Couldn’t Your Dream Come True? True, it sounds hard. In fact, it probably is hard, with a number of obstacles to overcome. That may be reason enough to put your dream on permanent hold.  
    “Obstacles are like wild animals. They are cowards but they will bluff you if they can. If they see you are afraid of them... they are liable to spring upon you; but if you look them squarely in the eye, they will slink out of sight.”— Orison Swett Marden, writer. 
    Could a Plan Help? The easiest way to turn a dream into reality is one step at a time:

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    Interpreting Your Dreams with Kelly Sullivan Walden

    in Spirituality

    Kelly Sullivan Walden knows a lot about dreams and premonitions.  Her easy to remember  SADDLE approach to dream interpretation will have you seeing your dreams in a new light.  How does the dream make you feel? What doe the images mean to you?  Kelly has discussed the topic on the Dr. Oz show, now, she can give you a personal primer.  Dont' let your dreams make you feel bad. Learn to harness the message and live well!

    Plus - Mindfullness in the schools. It takes a village to make it happen - and they made it happen at the Mamaroneck Avenue School in White Plains, NY. Listen in and see what you can do in your community.

    This Health & Happiness Show airs October 18 on 100.7 WHU

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    Bring Your Dreams Into Life with Amy Cope

    in Spirituality

    Bring Your Dreams Into Life with Amy Cope

    Understanding your dreams is like having your own personal advisor.  But this isn’t just any advisor, this advisor is special.  She follows you around day-in and day-out, observing you, your actions, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and physical health.  She knows you so well, even better than you know yourself.  Like clockwork, every night when you go to sleep, your personal advisor gives you a daily report on your life and well-being – distilled down to exactly what you need to know right now.  This report is your dreams.

    If don’t understand your nightly dreams, then you’re missing out on an important part of your life.  Your dreams contain vital wisdom that can help you in your everyday life. The problem is, dreams often seem “weird” or “strange,” and you probably have no idea what they’re saying! 

    Fortunately, your dreams are meant to be understood.

    For more information visit: http://amycope.com/