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    To Your Good Health with Larry Kiser

    in Spirituality

    The Voice of Change welcomes Larry Kiser to the program today.  The title of the program is To Your Good Health!  The Power of your mind and body to eliminate emotional and physical pain instantly! Innate within everyone is the ability to change whatever bothers you on the spot.  A bold claim, yes, but provable , through body and feeling confirmation.  A few simple self tests can instantly demonstrate this fact. While explainable scientifically it is also of the mystical realm because it takes place in the holographic energetic and electro-magnetic fields.

    On today's program Larry will be discussing relief for simple pains and headaches.  He will be taking some live calls.  Feel free to call in to 1 646 929 1995.  Long distance charges may apply.  

    Larry Kiser has worked in the healing field for over 20 years.  His practice is influenced by study and work with Russian scientists, an ex CIA operative, Mayan Elders, a Shaolin Master, the Emissaries of Divine Light, various Spiritual teachers, years of working with clients, and his own Spiritual Guides. His teaching and practice includes national and international work in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Latvia, Mexico and Hong Kong. As a former lawyer he taught classes in universities and lectured in various states.

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    Fish Bait Radio "LIVE" with "The General" Larry Nixon

    in Sports

    Join us LIVE on Fish Bait Radio as we welcome "The General" himself Mr Larry Nixon.

    Your host Scott Burns will be talking to Larry about the 2015 season on the road and getting some inside fishing tips.

    Be sure to tune in to this must hear show and be sure to follow Larry Nixon on Facebook during the 2015 FLW Season.

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    Interview with Larry Tomczak and A Steven Furtick Update

    in Christianity

    Today on the EBC†RADIO show, in our first half of the show, Richard will be doing a false teacher update on Steven Furtick. In the second part of the show, Richard will be playing an interview with noted Pastor, Bestselling Author, and Cultural Commentator, Larry Tomczak. We will be discussing the gay agenda being push on our families by the media and Hollywood.

    As always the caller lines are open, and the chat room will be up. Remember podcast listeners can call us 24 hours a day at 414-369-2242 with your questions or comments. All questions on the podcast hotline will be answered on the following broadcast.

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    Two Year Anniversary of the "Larry Love Show"

    in Current Events

    Two year celebration of the "Larry Love Show"

    No topics r off limits

    9:30pm to 11:30pm Est.      Blogtalkradio.com/thelarryloveshow 

                      Call-in #1-646-716-5495 


    Your Opinion Matter


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    SME Larry Miller Explains the Art of Interviewing for TV, Radio, & Print

    in Marketing

    Join Kori and her guest, subject matter expert, Larry Miller, in a lively conversation about the art of interviewing. Get your questions answered by someone with 40 years of broadcast journalism, communication, and public relations experience. 

    Can you write a press release? Ask Larry how!

    How do you handle a hostile interviewer? 

    How does an introvert really do this?




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    In Your Own Hands with Dr. Larry Berkelhammer

    in Self Help

    Coach Cafe' Radio is excited to welcome Larry Berkelhammer, PhD author of 'In Your Own Hands: New Hope for People with Chronic Medical Conditions.'


    Dr. Larry Berkelhammer has lived with several chronic medical conditions since childhood. For decades he endured the frustration of not knowing the causes of his physical problems. He was then diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and a primary immunodeficiency disease. He was told there were no known cures for them and that treatment for some would make others worse. A long-time mindfulness practitioner faced with this reality, Dr. Berkelhammer became curious about what practical steps he and others could to do improve health and well-being. He trained with several world leaders in psychooncology, psychophysiology, and psychoneuroimmunology   

    Dr. Berkelhammer has now combined his research and practices into a book to help others with similar conditions. In Your Own Hands: New Hope for People with Chronic Medical Conditions serves as a guide to help those living with chronic illness, as well as their caregivers, learn to live with conscious intention to maximize health and wellbeing.   

    In Your Own Hands chronicles Dr. Berkelhammer’s personal experiences with his past work as a practicing psychotherapist to give those struggling with chronic illness practical steps to take their health into their own hands, using the techniques of mindfulness and mastery.   

    Learn more about Dr. Larry Berkelhammer - www.larryberkelhammer.com

    Visit Coach Cafe' Radio to listen to all of our archived shows and recieve your complimentary Self Empowerment Gifts! 


    Get to know your hosts-

    Kathleen Martin, LOACC- www.katheenmartincoaching.com

    Estra Roell, LOACC- www.americaslifepurposecoach.com


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    Candy Rayne of "Concrete Rose&Tangled Web"/Mary Taylor-Carr of "Bridging to Joy"

    in Current Events

    blogtalkradio.com/thelarryloveshow                 Callin#1-646-716-5495               9:30pm to 11:30pm Est.


                        Speak to the host, press #1 on your phone and the host will be with you shortly


    Your Opinion Matter

                                                                          Its All About Love

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    Clocks Off - The Uncle Larry Show - Tell'n it Like it Is!

    in Automotive

    Uncle Larry (Mr. Fellowship)...telling it like it is and bringing truth and brotherhood to game. There is no shame in the game when fellowshipping with the brotherhood and no facts to hard to find. So call in and be welcomed by your friendly host Uncle Larry. Just remember in the world of Clocks Off / No-Times racing be there or be square, and closed mouths dont get fed. So press the "1" button.

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    Speaking with Mr. Jeff Wuchich on (Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood)

    in Current Events

    Blogtalkradio.com/thelarryloveshow                                     Callin#1-646-716-5495                      9:30pm to 11:30pm Est.


    If you would like to speak with the host or the guest, press #1 on your phone and the host will be  with you shortly.


    Your Opinion Matter

                                                                                 It's All About Love

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    Author, Eric Terry SR(The Making Of A Man)/ Entertainer, Eugene Jackson

    in Current Events

    Blogtalkradio.com/thelarryloveshow                     Callin#1-646-716-5495


                                                  9:30pm to 11:30pm Est.


    If you would like to speak with the host or guest, please press#1 on your phone bad the host will be with you shortly.

    Your Opinion Matter


                      Remember! It's all about love


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    Let's Talk with Larry Bruce In Depth Bible Study Romans 8

    in Christianity

    Join host Larry Bruce & cohost Charlana Kelly for an in depth Bible study of Romans 8! We are the sons of God, full of promise and purpose.

    Connect with Larry Bruce on Facebook fb.com/larrybruce & Twitter @larrybruce1979. Connect with Charlana on Facebook & Twitter fb.com/charlanakelly or @charlanakelly. If you are close to Kennard TX join us at the Fellowship at Larry Bruce Gardens for Bible Study and brunch; starts at 11am.

    Let's Talk with Larry Bruce & Charlana Kelly is sponsored by The Fellowship at Larry Bruce Gardens and Broadcast locally on KIVY 1290 AM / 92.7 FM covering East Texas and broadcast internationally on Voices of Truth Radio Network, home of the flagship program A Voice for Our Time with Charlana Kelly giving a clarion call to all of God's people to speak up for faith, family, and freedom in Christ. #TRUTHmatters #SPEAKup

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