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    Live With Larry

    in Self Help

    An empowerring show navigating through the craziness. Finding ways to satisfy our 6 needs for surval and personal growth:


    We go through life almost robotticly. We are thaght to live a life that leads to being part of an organized machine instead of finding the path/s that suit us as individuals. Come take this weekly jurney with me to discover what path is right for you.

    Lets discover ways to satisfy the above needs while finding balance and using the principles of CNEI (Constant Never Ending Improvement)

    For more info click on erazalcoaching.com


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    RRBC RAVE WAVES: Bring On The Spotlight with LARRY HYATT

    in Books

    Welcome to Rave Reviews Book Club's BlogTalkRadio production of RAVE WAVES: BRING ON THE SPOTLIGHT, where host John Fioravanti is joined by current Spotlight Author, Larry Hyatt! We are discussing his first book, HOW TO REACH FOR THE AMERICAN DREAM... (AND NOT GET IT!). Join us as we explore this work of humorous fiction and become better acquained with Author Larry Hyatt.

    This segment of BRING ON THE SPOTLIGHT is being sponsored by Gwendolyn Plano, the very talented author of LETTING GO INTO PERFECT LOVE!

    If you'd like to know how you can get your own commercial recorded or read live on one of our shows, please visit RaveReviewsByNonnieJules.Wordpress.com.

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    Tonight Guest- EncoreHD Magazine (CEO/Owner) Mr. Larry J. Stephens

    in Current Events

    If you would like to speak with the host or guest, press #1 on your phone and the host will be with you shortly.



    9:30pm to 11:30pm Est.

    Callin# 1-646-716-5495 


    Your Opinion Matter & Its All About Love 


                   Te Larry Love Show 


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    Teen Advocate For 'HIV" - KAYLA QUIMBLEY (A Teenager Living With "HIV")

    in Current Events


    Callin# 1-646-716-5495

    9:30pm to 11:30pm EST.

    If you would like to speak to the guest or host, please press#1 on your phone and the host will be with you shortly.


    Your Opinion Matters


    The Larry Love Show

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    More from Clinton insider Larry Nichols

    in News

    Former Clinton insider and confidant Larry Nichols explains what strategies are at work to assure a Jeb Bush v. Hillary Clinton race for the presidency in 2016. The behind the scenes machinations of both parties will be exposed as the program unfolds. Learn the real intent of Hillary Rodham Clinton, the ultimate Communist facilitator, the reason for the sudden popularity of admitted socialist Bernie Sanders, and why Jeb Bush is being so quiet. Learn the reason why Donald Trump would not and could not agree not to run as a third party ticket, and why the media has avoided that issue.

    This episode delves deep into what you were never taught in high school civics or college political science classes.

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    Larry Nichols Plan for America on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

    in News

    Join us tonight as we are joined by Larry Nichols for the first two hours of the broadcast. Larry will continue to talk about the corruption inside the Clinton political macine as well as his plan to get America back on track through the states intervention. We will be discussing the 2016 election and the best and worst case scenarios this nation may find itself in.

    In the third hour we will be talking about important news while taking your phone calls.

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Larry Nichols

    in Politics Conservative

    "I noticed around her neck a bead chain lanyard (like the kind dogtags hang from) on which was hanging a card that denoted her as a proud member of the CPUSA [Communist Party USA]. I turned to her and said “Miss Clinton” and she said “you can call me Miss Rodham.” And I tried to mention that card around her neck and to my shock she yelled out, 'Bill, get this SOB out of my F-in face', and screamed it out loud… this is deep south in mid-70s .  I wanted to crawl under the table.

    "That was my first meeting with HRC.

    "And I was told that night by Bill that she hated taking baths. And she didn’t think it was necessary for her to have to shave."

    That's just one of the fascinating stories long time Clinton associate/operative Larry Nichols divulges in tonight's program.



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    The Ndustry Introduces Instrumental Music Extraordinaire, Larry Wilson, Jr.

    in Entertainment


    Larry Wilson  is a native of Cleveland Ohio, raised in Jacksonville Florida. He began his love affair with music at the tender age of 3 playing the drums in church. He began his formal education in music at Landon Middle School for the Performing Arts, later Lavilla Middle School of the Arts. He attended high school at the prestigious Douglas Anderson School For the Performing Arts and went on to attend the Florida State School of Music major in Jazz Studies. Larry has sense played over seas numerous times, visiting the countries of Spain, France, Ireland, the UK, and the Bahamas. He has also worked with many notable musicians and artist, some of which include Kirk Franklin, Vashawn Mitchell, Stephen Hurd,Tasha Cobbs, Alexis Speight; and has shared stages with notable jazz musicians like Wynton Marsalis, Marcus Roberts, Scotty Barnhart, and many more! He is the COO and Co-Founder of "The Cloud Music LLC" and the founder and chief producer of TruthMusicProductions (formerly StimulusMusic). Larry also serves as the Minister of Music and Fine Arts at the St. Paul Church of Jacksonville under Bishop Designate John E. Guns and is the Musical Director for Gospel artist Lawrence Flowers and Intercession as well as Travis Malloy. Larry is married to wife (Christine Wilson) and has a daughter (Chrissa).


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    Big Blue Views - Larry Vaught w/UK Football Updates; Kristin's Street Views

    in Sports

    Larry Vaught from Vaught's Views will discuss the latest news from UK Football's training camp (and there is a lot of news this week!).

    Also, Kristin brings her Views from the Street

    All callers welcomed, even if you're not a UK fan!  646-716-4741

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    Larry Clark - Director Of Operations of AIF (American Indoor Football League)

    in Football

    Ok guys, here is you chance to hear from Larry Clark -  Director Of Operations of AIF (American Indoor Football League).

    We will talk about last season and what happened on the field as well as out of the arena, as well as the front office, and talk about 2016.

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