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    PODCAST: The Changing Government Landscape

    in Technology

    Welcome to the TechSource podcast series.   Today we are speaking with Alan P. Balutis, Senior Director and Distinguished Fellow, Cisco Consulting Services, about the changing government landscape, which includes budgets, technology and acquisition.

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    Project Management for Landscape Designers with Cheri Stringer

    in Business

    Tonight Cheri Stringer of TLC Gardens will discuss project management for landscape designers.

    Some of the topics that Cheri will discuss include:

    Business partnerships and how they made the impossible attainable
    How processes elevate your business
    Handling outside of your experience
    The single most important key to generating consistent income from a design company perspective

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    Visual Marketing For Landscape Contractors

    in Business

    Our special guest this week is Adam Sokoloff, Presdient of Sunrise Signs located in Philadelphia, P.A.
    Whether you have one truck or a fleet of trucks, one employee or a hundred, how you present your company to the public is critical to creating and establishing your own unique image.  Too often, landscape contractors fail to be consistent with their “branding and messaging” to their clients, creating mixed messages, causing consumer confusion and ultimately lost revenue opportunities.
    On tonight’s show, we are going to discuss: What is a logo and why you must have one? Is it time to update your current logo? Color definitions and what they say about your brand Brand consistency for small businesses Small brand changes that can have a huge impact on your company How car and truck wraps can help brand your fleet Special Bonus: Free 30 minute logo review and branding consultation exclusively for FD2B listeners 

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    Landscape Performance Enhancement Training

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    Our special guest this week is Jay Murray,  President of LS Training Systems. As a former landscape design/build contractor Jay understands the importance of  training, not just for his employees safety and welfare but for his bottom line.
    Let's be honest, most contractors never seriously think about training issues until, unfortunately, something happens.  Instead of thinking of this as safety training and a drain on your time and resources, think of it as equipment efficiency training and a way to make your company more profitable.
    That's right.  If you really think about it, you're not training your employees how to be safe your training them how to properly use your equipment so that they can be efficient, productive and profitable. You know what else?  Proper training also requires your employees to understand how to take care of your equipment (ie a reduction in equipment repair costs)
    You know what a great by-product of all of this equipment training is?  Your employees are going to work safer.
    Hmmmmm!  All of a sudden safety training sounds pretty exciting doesn't it?

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    Guest: Tavis Dockwiller, Principal, Viridian Landscape Studio

    in Business

    Tavis Dockwiller, Principal, Viridian Landscape Studio

    Tavis Dockwiller, Principal, is the guiding influence for viridian landscape studio. Viridian heals ecological systems while making beautiful places for people. Tavis recognizes place-making as integral to the basic framework of society and understanding ecological systems as key to making place. Her designs give people meaningful ways to engage with the environment – to play, learn and relax. Tavis’ work is built from an understanding of long term strategy and strengthened by client investment in design.


    Viridian Landscape Studio heals ecological systems while making beautiful places for people. We deliver professional landscape architecture and ecological planning services from master planning through construction administration.



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    All in the Landscape Family - Women in Business

    in Business

    Our special guest this week is Valerie Hufnagel, President and CEO of Hufnagel Landscape Design and Construction Group. Valerie has transformed a small, family owned landscaping company tha grossed $75,000 to a million dollar design/build business. She now manages and oversees a staff of 25 employees and subcontractors. She attributes much of her business success to several factors including; managing inventory, streamlining purchasing, computerizing accounting and scheduling and always focusing on bottom line profits. Valerie will discuss what it is like to run a successful women owned landscape design / build / maintenance business in todays environment.

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    Growing a Balanced Landscape Business With Rich Goldstein

    in Business

    Our special guest is Richard Goldstein, President and Founder of Green Meadows Landscape Contractors located in Oakland, NJ
    Growing a successful landscape design/build and maintenance business is incredibly difficult.  Not only do we have the traditional headaches of employees and customers, managing payroll and insurance, as well as marketing and advertising. We also have to deal with the weather, language barriers, trucks and equipment and enough governmental regulations to make you want to scream.
    As all of you know, despite the insanity, the real reason that we do this type of work is, quite frankly, because we love it.
    On tonight’s show, we are going to discuss:
    A step by step approach to growing your business Design/Build vs. Maintenance Commercial vs. Residential Best management practices (BMP’s) Job descriptions and responsibilities The importance of a good estimating system Top quality customer service How to attract good people   Special Bonus: Throughout the summer call in to the show and ask a question live on the air and you’ll receive a “free 30 day membership” to FromDesign2Build.com.  Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question. 

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    Live from GIE+Expo with Landscape Management Magazine

    in Business

    Tonight we will be broadcasting LIVE from GIE+Expo in Louisville, KY at the Landscape Management booth with Steven Cesare of The Harvest Group.
    Steven will discuss:
    How human resources can help you minimize your risk of lawsuits The Employee Handbook The new I-9 form The three important parts of human resources and how they can help your company grow!  

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    Trends in Landscape Design/Build - With Dave Maciulis

    in Business

    Our special guest this week is Dave Maciulis, creative genius, principle designer and CEO of Natural Landscapes and the publisher of Natural Landscape Magazine.
    On tonights show Dave is going use his unique ADHD powers, metrosexual style and twenty years of landscape industry wisdom and experience to enlighten all of us about  the hottest trends in the green industry.
    As you will hear, Dave is never satisfied with the status quo and endeavors to take everything he touches and make it better. From simple to extravagant, he loves any challenge. and is never afraid to push the envelope to create unique outdoor-living environments for his clients.
    As both a landscape designer and magazine publisher Dave not only has the unique opportunity to learn about cutting edge landscape trends before you and I but also gets to try out the newest products and services before they hit the street.
    Dave’s won numerous awards for both himself and local landscape contractors and has appeared as an expert on TV shows such as “Backyard Pleasures” and “Til Debt do us Part".
    Tonights Special Bonus: One listener will recieve a free subscription to Natural Landscape Magazine.
    www.naturallandscapemagazine.com   www.naturallandscapedesign.com        

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    Landscape Business Basics with Marcus vandeVliet of MV Enterprises

    in Business

    Tonight, Marcus vandeVliet will discuss landscape business basics. 

    Even though many landscape contractors have been in business for 5, 10 or even 20 years, they still overlook the fundamentals when it comes to running their businesses. This causes them to improperly price work, month after month and year after year, not knowing whether they made money or lost money until the end of the year.

    Whether you're new to the green industry or a seasoned professional looking for a business basics refresher course, you must listen in tonight as Marcus Vandevliet walks us through the five business necessities that you must have to remain competitive and profitable - both now and in the future.

    Tonight we will discuss such topics as

    Why you must have a business plan
    How to create a realistic budget
    The importance of an accurate estimating system
    Job costing basics
    What is an information management system

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    Landscape Franchises WIth Jennifer Lemcke

    in Entrepreneur

    Our special guest this week is Jennifer Lemcke, COO of Weed Man USA.
    Jennifer will discuss why you should consider a franchise and employee training!
    She will talk about effective training tools for your employees, along with the pros and cons of purchasing a franchise.