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    YMM PM - What Landlords Won't Tell You

    in News

    WSJ's Mathew Passy explores some of the things that landlords won't tell you and why Starbucks wants to help foot the bill for its workers' college education.

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    033115 Andy Touma-City Council Chair Niagara Falls NY

    in Politics

    In this segment of our show Niagara Falls city Council Chair Andy Touma and I discuss city issues of sanitation, city charter, and spending. Mr. Touma elaborates on some of his concerns and some of the initiatives he and the city council have introduced.

    Regarding sanitation we discussed the contract and the resources necessary to implement the effective delivery of that service. The manpower makeup of the SWEET team is also discussed..

    Enforce the law, Brooke D'Angelo the coordinator of the program called in to explain the bulk pick up that runs from April 6 through May 8.

    Some callers discuss Modern's performance with the garbage pickup.

    A lengthy discussion of enforcement took place with some of the callers.

    People emphasizing that we should have bulk pick up once a month throughout the year. The question of the extent the responsibility of landlords to getting rid of bulk pick up was discussed.

    Some people are concerned and hope that the enforcement is done fairly and consistently.

    The caller discussed the North Tonawanda garbage pickup were violations are designated by a sticker placed on the tote by the individuals picking up refuse.

    The issue of frozen pipes and collapsed sewers was also discussed. Callers were wondering if the infrastructure has ever been comprehensively evaluated to determine the necessary work to be done.

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    Community Investor: Tools to Make a Land Lord's Job a Little Easier

    in Real Estate

    On this episode of Community Investor with host Larry Muck, discover how being a landlord can be tough for small operators. Our guest is Gino Zahnd, co-founder and president of Cozy.co, which brings business process and technology to landlords across the country.

    To reach show host Larry Muck, visit LarryMuck.com.

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    Pit Bulls, Parolees & The Planet

    in Pets

    There are definitely some perks in having your own reality show especially when you're trying to raise funding for the most notorious breed of dog in the world. The TV show raises awareness to the cause and allows us to educate those that otherwise would be following the the absurd words of news reporters, insurnace underwriters and ignorant landlords. Of course having a show now getting ready to go into it's 7th season, also helps with getting dogs homes that otherwise would stil be sitting in our kennel.  But.....there is a flip side.  Having an internationally recognized TV show also brings out the crazies, the obsessed and thousands upon thousands of emails and phone calls to take unwanted or dogs in need of help. I will go behind the scenes with not only our TV show but what goes on behind the closed doors of the rescue and give you the dirty details of life on the (Animal) Planet.

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    Profitable Land-lording and Landlord Trust

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss {profitable landlording}. 

    Done correctly getting into the Landlord Business can be the goose that lays the golden eggs and those eggs can be laid on a regular weekly to monthly basis if everything is set up to both the renters and the landlords advantage from day one.

    The best tool to protect both the tenant and landlord is the "contract" known as the landlord/tenant agreement.

    Over all "contracts" come in two flavors: (a) Implied Contracts and (b) Express Contracts.

    The best contract for both parties would be the Express Contract. These are contracts that are in writting ! We shall cover what needs to be included in each contract, but other items that need to be considered for a profitable landlord/tenant relationship   

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    Kicking Crime Out of Your Apartment Community

    in Real Estate

    Guest Brent Sobol of Sobol Realty and Legacy Community Housing Corporation provides insight into crime problems in apartment commuities, stories about properties he has successfully turned to crime free, and steps that landlords and management can implement to change their property from a crime zone to a crime FREE zone.  

    Brent has ownership in 3000 units and is actively engaged in the daily operation and management of property in Atlanta, GA.  Brent's non profit organization promotes respectable affordable housing as well as educates the apartments industry on crime free housing best practices.

    Brent is active in Habitat for Humanity, Junior Achievement and other service organizations, Brent was the recipient of the J.C. Penney United Way Volunteer of the Year Award as well as the Congressional Silver Medal for over 500 hours of volunteerism.  In 2007 and 2008, Brent was a back to back winner of the highest professional honor in the apartments industry, the National Apartment Association (NAA) Paragon Award.  In 2009, the Atlanta Police Department bestowed upon Brent the first ever Citizen of the Year Award for pioneering efforts to reduce crime and create safer neighborhoods in Southwest Atlanta.

    Brent is a third generation real estate professional, Brent holds a Georgia real estate license and is a member of the Atlanta Apartment Association, Atlanta Jaycees, Washington University Regional Alumni Board.  He has taught real estate investing and property management to numerous groups and in conjunction with the Georgia Real Estate Investors Association and NAA.

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    2015 Deal and Event Line -UP featuring Linda Pliagas & Jasmine Willois

    in Real Estate

    Welcome to the "View on Real Estate Investing"

    Linda Pliagas and Jasmine Willois have come together to create a team of dynamic women who are ACTIVE in the Real Estate Investing arena. Both California State University graduates, they will be periodically discussing the most exciting events and deals of 2015!

    If you've ever wondered: 

    How to be included in the "Loop"?
    Where all the serious investors go to network?
    How to climb the REIA social ladder with speed?
    Whose really closing deals in 2015?
    How to meet and mingle with the real players and avoid the guru crowds?

    Well this call is for you! Tune in as Linda Pliagas shares her secret to hosting some of the most successful REIA events in the nation. Be prepared to take notes, because she will be giving out dates and locations for the most attended events for 1st quarter 2015. Break out your calendar and learn about events from Beverly Hills to the Big Apple.

    Jasmine Willois, joins Linda and talks about the fastest growing industry in the REIA world and how to become a part of it. She has already closed 5 deals in 2015 and it's only JANUARY! Grab your business partner and get ready to be shocked as she explains the path she took to becoming one of the most influential women note investors to date!

    This call is for :

    Landlords with fatigue
    Flippers who have run out of patience
    Lenders looking for better returns
    Wholesalers who need more inventory
    Real Estate Investors looking for in roads
    Note investors ready to advance their business models

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    Urban Therapy with Sun #113 A House, An Apartment, A Room, A Shelter or Homeless

    in Real Estate

    This week's show will take a hard look at our living quarters and what we come to get used to vs what we may be forced into getting used to.

    Is a house a house as far as you're concerned?

    Do people who grow up in houses usually insist on living in houses for the rest of their lives?
    Is an apartment an apartment even if it's a housing project?

    Is living with someone the same as having your own place as far as you're concerned?

    Do we look down on people who rent rooms?

    What exactly does being homeless mean to you? Are people who are homeless usually on drugs or crazy? Is it their fault?

    How do people look at people who rent  vs those who own and what factors influence the decision to do either?

    What's up with Section 8 housing? Do you think it's a good program? Do you think that they should be combined with regular renters?

    How dot landlords, real estate companies and housing authorities view all oft these situations?

    Be sure to check out this very interesting show that will be unlike any other you have heard before.

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    Joe Barresi United Solar Supply How to benefit from a constantly changing world

    in Motivation

    Strategies of Success Speaker Joe Barresi a life long business owner in an ever changing and always exciting industry. Joe will share his ideas on how you can be the expert in your field and how to identify the correct strategic partners.

    see video on Live it Up with Donna Drake

    With rising global temperatures and traditional energy resources in decline, you may be considering how you can reduce your carbon emissions, improve efficiency of your home or commercial heating system and SAVE MONEY in the process. Solar heating of domestic water is one of the most practical and efficient ways of utilizing the free energy from the sun for home and commercial use.Attention Landlords: Great for MultiFamily or Apartment Buildings if hot water is included, stablize costs!

    United Solar Supply LLC

    Location:Aero Road Bohemia, Long Island NY 11716Mailing:P.O. Box 535 Bohemia, Long Island NY 11716E-mail:sales@utdsolar.comWebsite:http://www.unitedsolarsupply.com

    Tax Credits

    Strategies of Success
    Host Brian A Cohen



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    American Home Recovery Fund - The 411 on Non-Performing Notes.

    in Real Estate

    Our Realty411 Radio Show Highlights NON-PERFORMING NOTES.

    In this informative and lively episode, Jasmine Willois, co-founder of the Lady Landlords real estate clubs in Southern California, interviews Marc Gold with American Home Recovery Funds (AHRFunds).

    Listeners of this show will also be invited to attend their next New York / New Jersey Non Performing Road Show scheduled for the East Coast on November 15, 16, and 17th.

    The Lady Landlords of Orange County (LoOC) is proud to announce AHRFunds next New York/ New Jersey Non Performing Road Show is filling up fast! Sign-up for their FREE  webinar to give you an inside look at our Road Shows and to sign-up for the last few spots in this upcoming one.

    We are having a NON-Performing Note road show Coming to New York and New Jersey this November 15, 16, and 17th.

    To see what to expect visit this link to see footage from last months road show also held in NY/NJ.

    To find out more about the event we are hosting a FREE Webinar on Fri, Oct 31, 2014 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM PDT. Click here to register.

    To sign up for the Road show email: Jasmine@ahrfund.com mention The Lady Landlords of Orange County and receive $100 off trip fee.

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    Real Estate Property Management From Pain to Profit

    in Marketing

    Are you a landlord, a real estate investor, or a frustrated tenant who can't seem to get your repairs made timely and effeciently? Daniel Sturdevant of Bluff City Property Management in Memphis, TN, is our guest expert on ending the feud between landlords and tenants. He runs a successful real estate propety management company, eliminating all the headaches that Landlords face in managing real estate.

    If you are feeling the pain of property management, Daniel shares his system, service and expertise for eliminating those concerns. You'll discover ways he helps landlords focus on the appeaciation of owning rental property rather than on the pitfalls.

    Daniel will demonstrate why tenant complaints drop to almost zero because they have no maintenance concerns. His team operates like a well-oiled machine. If you're a property owner located in or outside of Memphis, an investor group or someone looking for an excellent property management team, don't miss this show.

    Daniel can be contacted at: (901) 495-2120
    Website: http://BluffCityManagement.Com