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    Self Directing Your IRA with NPNs Guest Belinda Savage Interview by Jasmine Willois, MBA

    in Real Estate

    Learn the latest information about Self Directing your IRA with Belinda Savage with IRA Services Trust, one of the country's largest self directing companies. This fanscintating inteview is conducted by Jasmine Willois of the Lady Landlords of San Diego and Orange County.

    Based in the Bay Area, IRA Services Trust has a history of excellent service and affordable rates for the real estate investor who want's to take control of their retirement.

    Whether you are an investor choosing how to invest your retirement funds or an alternative investment provider marketing to qualified investors, IRA Services Trust Company can help.

    With more than 30 years in the retirement services industry, 40,000 accounts and more than $4 billion in assets under custody, IRA Services Trust Company has a reputation for exceptional service, competitive fees and the opportunity for real asset diversification through self-directed retirement accounts.

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    Real Estate Property Management From Pain to Profit

    in Marketing

    Are you a landlord, a real estate investor, or a frustrated tenant who can't seem to get your repairs made timely and effeciently? Daniel Sturdevant of Bluff City Property Management in Memphis, TN, is our guest expert on ending the feud between landlords and tenants. He runs a successful real estate propety management company, eliminating all the headaches that Landlords face in managing real estate.

    If you are feeling the pain of property management, Daniel shares his system, service and expertise for eliminating those concerns. You'll discover ways he helps landlords focus on the appeaciation of owning rental property rather than on the pitfalls.

    Daniel will demonstrate why tenant complaints drop to almost zero because they have no maintenance concerns. His team operates like a well-oiled machine. If you're a property owner located in or outside of Memphis, an investor group or someone looking for an excellent property management team, don't miss this show.

    Daniel can be contacted at: (901) 495-2120
    Website: http://BluffCityManagement.Com


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    American Home Recovery Fund - The 411 on NPN's Interview by Jasmine Willois, MBA

    in Real Estate

    Our Realty411 Radio Show Highlights NON-PERFORMING NOTES.

    In this informative and lively episode, Jasmine Willois, co-founder of the Lady Landlords real estate clubs in Southern California, interviews Marc Gold with American Home Recovery Funds (AHRFunds).

    Listeners of this show will also be invited to attend their next New York / New Jersey Non Performing Road Show scheduled for the East Coast on November 15, 16, and 17th.

    The Lady Landlords of Orange County (LoOC) is proud to announce AHRFunds next New York/ New Jersey Non Performing Road Show is filling up fast! Sign-up for their FREE  webinar to give you an inside look at our Road Shows and to sign-up for the last few spots in this upcoming one.

    We are having a NON-Performing Note road show Coming to New York and New Jersey this November 15, 16, and 17th.

    To see what to expect visit this link to see footage from last months road show also held in NY/NJ.

    To find out more about the event we are hosting a FREE Webinar on Fri, Oct 31, 2014 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM PDT. Click here to register.

    To sign up for the Road show email: Jasmine@ahrfund.com mention The Lady Landlords of Orange County and receive $100 off trip fee.

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    Mortgage Q&A with Steve Bighaus. Interview by Jasmine Willois., MBA

    in Real Estate

    Have ALL Your Mortgage Questions Answered with Steve Bighaus.

    Steve Bighaus has over 24 years experience in the mortgage industry. He maintains a focus on servicing the real-estate investor by offering aggressive financing options and resources for buyers interested in purchasing or refinancing their investment property. 

    By concentrating on investment properties and the financing that comes with them, Steve is recognized nationally as an industry expert.  The knowledge that he has enables him to find financing for people even when they have had difficulty elsewhere.

    Steve has a strong focus on his family.  He and his wife Maria have raised four children, and have one grandchild.  In his personal time Steve enjoys listening to and making music. An accomplished drummer he has expanded his music vision and is currently taking jazz improvisation Vibraphone lessons.

    This interview is conducted by Jasmine Willois, co-founder of the Lady Landlords real estate clubs in Southern California

    Stephen Bighaus NMLS#112825

    Mortgage Banker at SecurityNational Mortgage Company

    Need a Personal Consultation with Steve?

    Please contact him below:

    Steve Bighaus | Senior Loan Officer NMLS 112825

    SecurityNational Mortgage Company Co NMLS 3116

    1604 Hewitt Avenue, Suite 703

    Everett, Washington, 98201

    (206) 930-1801 mobile

    (425) 903-5647 direct



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    The Truth About Tax Liens - Chris Gleason Interview by Jasmine Willois, MBA

    in Real Estate

    The Truth about Tax Liens - Learn Everything You Have Ever Wanted to Learn About Tax Liens on this Episode of Realty411 Radio "Invest Wisely".

    On the show today, our guest host Jasmine Williois, co-founder of the Lady Landlords of San Diego, will interview Chris Gleason, founder of MMG Capital about Tax Liens. Some of the issues that will be covered include:

    What is a tax lien.
    Tell us a typical investment scenario from start to finish.
    In what ways are liens are safer than the stock market?
    In other words what are the risks?
    What should we expect best and worst case scenario with turn around times?

    More information about Chris Gleason:

    Chris is the Managing Director of MMG Capital. MMG Capital is a direct, private money provider for real estate investors, high net worth individuals, corporations, partnerships and consumers. MMG was formed in response to the growing need for access to funding for valuable real estate transactions.

    MMG Capital was founded in 2007 and has representatives in both California and Florida who conduct the company's nationwide lending operations. The company's principals have over 50 years of combined industry experience and their expertise includes banking, private equity transactions, development, secured lending, land acquisitions and sales. As of its date of inception, the company’s principals have been responsible for the management of assets valued at over $6 billion.

    Chris is a graduate of the University of Southern California and has an MBA from California Lutheran University. Chris appeared on our Real Estate Wealth cover previously.

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    Gazans refuse to rent apartments to Hamas

    in Politics

    Gazans refuse to lease apartment buildings to Hamas. Gazans tried to get Hamas out of their residential areas out of fear of Israeli bombing [if big bad Israel kills Arabs in Gaza indicriminately, as what Pallywood propagandists say, then why is the fear of an Israeli bombing getting them to get rid of Hamas? Answer is because Israel doesn't target civilians]. Musa Abu Marzook, political leader of Hamas, says that it's worrying that Gazans won't allow themselves to be used as human shields anymore and blames it on the fictious "occupation" [never mind that Israel left Gaza in 2005]. He had the gall to say that "Palestinians" should be indebted to the "resistance fighters" i.e. the terrorists. For what? For using them as human shields and for firing rockets from their residential neighborhoods? For lynching any Arab who doesn't support their terrorist agenda by just saying that they're "colalborators" of Israel? In this episode, I will analyze the situation of Gazans demanding that Hamas leave their residential area and Mazook's full of crap responses that only far leftist morons and other Pallywood dummies could believe.

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    Community Investor - The Hard Job of Being a Landlord Has Gotten a Little Easier

    in Real Estate

    On this episode of Community Investor with host Larry Muck, discover how being a landlord can be tough for small operators. Our guest is Gino Zahnd, co-founder and president of Cozy.co, which brings business process and technology to landlords across the country.

    To reach show host Larry Muck, visit LarryMuck.com.


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    Rent Increases Cause Poverty As Landlords Line Pockets

    in Current Events

    Nationally, rents are so far above wages that of the 3,141 counties in the United States, in only four of them can a person making minimum wage afford a one-bedroom apartment.  
    It is happening across the country, but the once flourishing suburbs of Chicago are being hit hardest in the nation: The RENT INCREASES and landlords can legally hold a deposit. Of course, this has been the law of the land for some time. Problem is, today as wages are not increasing, social security benefits have a "fake rise" and businesses continue to fold- tenants find themselves "stuck" in a rental that rises in rent... and the only way they can move is by using security deposit money to move, which is wrapped into their current dwelling. THE EFFECTS OF RENTAL INCREASES ACROSS THE NATION ARE HURLING LOW INCOME FAMILIES AND INDIVIDUALS DEEPER INTO POVERTY.

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    Confessions of a Beleaguered Landlord

    in Finance

    Income property, at least in some markets, is still affordable, with, in many cases, rental income that offers a far better and safer yield than bonds. However, there are risks associated with owning real estate, and with becoming a landlord. That is why I'm bringing in a landlord who started investing in income property at the age of 21 as my guest on this special show.

    Over the last 30+ years, my guest has owned real estate in many different states. She has seen tenants and buildings and partnerships come and go. She's been up -- and upside down -- to the tune of multi-millions. She's removed auction notices from her door, while waiting for financing to come in and save the day. She's been forced to eat pate and crackers when her Neiman Marcus credit card was the only available currency. In short, she's seen it all. And, anonymously, she's willing to share her wisdom with you.

    There will be a 10-minute Q&A for call-in questions toward the end of the show (at 9:50 a.m.).


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    K9 Konversations - Pit bull owners need not apply.

    in Pets

    You know that around here we love our pit bulls. However even those who own them in places where BSL is not a factor can find pit bull ownership difficult for many reasons, chief of which can be finding rental housing that doesn't discriminate against your pet because of their breed. Many people end up surrendering their pit bulls to shelters because they can not find a landlord who will allow them to rent with their dog. 

    Should landlords and rental companies be allowed to refuse to rent to someone because they own a pit bull?

    Today we are discussing the problem of finding a new place to live if you are a pit bull owner. Have you been denied rental because of your dog's breed? Are you currently looking for accomodations and finding things difficult because you own a pit bull? Are you a landlord who wants to defend their decision to discriminate against people with pit bulls? If so, call in and talk to us we want to hear what you have to say! (646)716-6583

    As always if you can't catch the show live it will be archived for your 

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    Ms. Glenda Franklin for Alderman (Chicago's 17 Ward)

    in Spirituality

    Glenda Franklin is running for Alderman because she believes it is time for Chicago’s 17th Ward to have a NEW NORMAL – a future where children can walk to the best schools and ...play where they live without fear, where families have ample opportunities to support themselves, and where businesses thrive through fair and supportive economic policies. The NEW NORMAL means bridging the gap between South Side and the rest of Chicago, and finally achieving the parity in quality of life our great city has long promised.

    Glenda is currently the Founder and Executive Director of W.A.T.C.H. (What About The Children Here), a nonprofit dedicated to transforming youth into productive citizens throughout the Englewood & Auburn Gresham communities. Glenda has helped hundreds of youth begin their professional careers through partnerships with local and national companies such as Bank America, Department of Children Family Services, Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation and SOS Children Villages of Illinois.

    Glenda has served the 17th Ward as Staff Assistant to the Alderman’s office, where she fought urban decay by forcing banks and slum landlords to renovate their abandoned buildings. As the Secretary of the 17th Ward Democratic Organization, Glenda has also helped bring our community together through successful events like the Christmas in Englewood Toy Giveaway, the Senior Luncheon, and the Southside Gospel Festival.

    Glenda is a native of Chicago’s Englewood community and is a proud mother of three sons. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and is a Master’s candidate of Public Administration. Glenda is also an active and lifelong member in the Faith Community of Saint Sabina. See More

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