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    Nyesha Douglas/ CEO of Release The Limits Records

    in Music

    Niesha Douglas is the CEO of Release The Limits Records and the Manager for Gospel Artist James Powell. Music is one of her passions and she wants to help spread the Gospel through the gift of song and helping artists do the same.

    Release The Limits Records.....


    We believe that God equipped us for such a time as this. Our staff are professional, strategic, and more importantly believers in Christ Jesus and therefore, there is nothing we can't do through His strength....

    We offer just about every service in ministry from consulting and contract formulation to performance planning and artist management.
    If you are looking to utilize the strategic and professional services of Release The Limit Records, please submit an inquiry to management@releasethelimits.com

    Release The Limits Records canalso be found by CLICKING HERE

    Check out the video for 

    Thanks goes out to Nyesha Douglas for coming on my show Success With Tony D. Nyesha is the CEO of Release The Limits Records and Manager for James Powell. His Album Reconstructed  sweeping the airwaves. http://tobtr.com/8280729

    Check out his new video for the single "Recover."

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    Akashic Records

    in Spirituality

    Global Harmony co hosts Reverend Lori Cardona and Reverend Joanna Gabriel interiew Dr. Fran Friedman;  founder and facilitator of The Akashic Records Network.  Dr. Friedman will discuss how accessing soul informaion found in the records can help us to find inner peace with ourselves and take us to a deeper commitment to living a peaceful, harmonious life.  

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    Past Lives, Akashic Records, Animal Souls, Universal Magic, Jeni Cousins

    in Spirituality

    Past Lives, Animal Souls, Akashic Records, Harnessing Infinite Magic in the Universe!  Harness the amazing power of healing through the Akashic Records, connect with animal souls and find inspiration through Divine magic in the Universe. Today on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Intuitive Matthew Engel will chat with Jeni Cousins!

    Jeni Cousins is an internationally known clairvoyant, esoteric and spiritual teacher, medium, reader of past life akashic records readings, animal communicator, and intuitive life coach. She has a background as an actress for film & TV and she's the host & producer of "Soul Work" on Shaw TV which broadcasts live every Wednesday at 6:30pm in Calgary, Canada. All episodes are on You-Tube search under: Jeni Cousins For more info, visit: www.soulworkwithjeni.com

    Matthew Engel is an internationally known psychic-channel, executive coach, hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist, spiritual teacher and Host of Intuitive Transformation Radio. He has supported thousands of people in activating their inner light for nearly two decades. For more info and to sign up for his free newsletter, please visit: www.matthewwwwengel.com

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    Rap artist Eaz of On The A.V.E Records live interview 2/11/16 at 6:30pm-7:00pm

    in Entertainment


    Is a On Da A.V.E Records Hip Hop artist, producer, and writer. Born in 1982 Eaz (Eric Ingram) was born as a twin to a family of 6 children in urban North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a child, life was hard for Eaz. Drugs, poverty, urban plight and a host of other ills could have easily transformed Eaz into a criminal or worst. He had other plans. He studied and watched as his older brother Matthias(Verna Ingram) pursue a career in Hip Hop. So he and his younger brother E.S (Anthony Ingram) began writing raps to hip hop instrumentals. With the addition of Clay Native(Clarence Crawford) they form the group "Point Blank Assassins(P.B.A.)". The mild success of their 2013 mix-tape "From Da Block 2 Da Radio vol. 1" sparked something within this Hip Hop enriched family. In 2013 Matthias released a solo album called "The Forgotten". But, the pressure of recording/ preforming and some personal issue took a toll on P.B.A. The break up came as the group was just beginning to cultivate their craft and gain fan interest.

    Leaving Eaz with a dilemma...allow the brake up to end the years of work he put into Hip Hop, or advance into a solo career. Through family and friends encouragement Eaz chooses the latter. Eaz wrote and orchestrated music vigorously to achieve the gold standard of a quality Hip Hop album no one could deny.Another exclusive interview on Hot16RealTalk,podcasti

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    Paul Altman and Massive Land Fraud. School children and predatory teachers

    in Radio

    LAND FRAUD:  Paul Altman:  Are you the owner of the title deeds for Limegrove Shopping Center? How did you manage this deal without the land papers and did the former managing director of Republic Bank Mr Lehunte loss his esteemed position because of this massive land fraud.  Platinum Bay Condos, are you aware that Sotheby Realty pull up stumps as the realtors for this property, where Cheffette used to be after Mr Joseph Jordan established once and for all he’s the owner of Golden Anchorage Ltd which includes all lands from Limegrove to Molyneux.  How did you pull it off, and still managed to be bestowed Barbados highest honor?  We believe you should renounce this knighthood if any of these allegations are true.  A document fell off the back of a truck saying these lands were sold to Joseph Jordan on the 26th March 1986.  Property Transfer Tax Act Cap.84A section 12A. Form A47-072, No 1128/86 with your then company name Alleyne Aguilar & Altman Ltd as the real estate sales agent to whom commission was paid of $4,950.00 not as the OWNER or TRANSFEREE.  You seems to have a moment of amnesia here.  Briggs Williams was the former owner not you again. You would have remember I hope that Clarke, Gittens & Farmer were the attorneys who is part of this land transaction.  Maybe you should hire them to alleviate any malfeasance on yours or they part.  Even Howard Palmer the owner of the Beach House now knows this.  Dear Sir you cannot sell or market Platinum Barbados in Holetown.  These white on black injustices have to stop.  Massa days done long time ago.  Do the right thing for the sake of your knighthood and ask for forgiveness and a pardon.  Maybe we should be pardon if we got it wrong sir… Next the Central Bank.   Anonymous

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    Linda Howe - Connecting to Your Soul's Records

    in Self Help

    In her new book published by Hay House —DISCOVER YOUR SOUL'S PATH THROUGH THE AKASHIC RECORDS: TAKING YOUR LIFE FROM ORDINARY TO EXTRAORDINARY—Akashic Records expert Linda Howe takes readers into the Records as a means of spiritual enlightenment and personal growth. Howe, a world’s leading expert in the Akashic Records (aka energetic history of the Soul), shares insights into the Akasha in an accessible, fresh way. 

    Not since Edgar Cayce, has there been such a renewed interest in the Akashic Records. However, as an authority on the topic Linda empowers people, through her books and workshops, to personally tap into the eternal wisdom of their Soul for practical application in their daily lives

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    On Da Ave Records recording star Matthias live interview 2/5/16 at 6:30pm-7:00pm

    in Entertainment

    Remember Hip-Hop? Remember the music before the “bling”, before the pimp swagg, before the music got lost in the image. Remember the Hip-Hop that was an instrument of social change?  If you yearn for that kind of nostalgic music like the one I just described—let On Da A.V.E Records introduce you to Matthias aka “Mr 16 Bars”.

    Matthias’s lyrics has captured the attention of critics around the world. His soulful delivery and knack for melodies, mixed with witty wordplay, makes his album the perfect choice for a hungry hip hop listener. You will not be disappointed by his flow and ultimately moved by his honesty as he talks about his experiences as a soldier and growing up in the inner city of Philadelphia.So dont miss this one one interview with One of Phiily's best to ever do it.Only on Hot16RealTalk with Rapbrownn,It's radio revolution!!!!

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    The Land Is Guilty

    in Religion

    The land is guilty of the vilest adultery in departing from the Lord. 

    Join Me

    10EST 9CST 7PST

    Log on Or Call 347-426-3782

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    A Land of Our Own

    in Politics Progressive

    In this episode we will explore into the field of Urban and Regional Planning and discuss it's basic specializations and go over key terms.  How do we .....as liberated Black Africans shape or built environment after all the procuring of the nation state is done?  With our own land, our own country, and our own infrastructure, we don't have to take from urban models from West or even Africa.  We truly have the chance to stary entirely scratch and form the infrastructure, transportation linkages, and zones to as how WE see fit. 

    Every Organization or entity's goal is to ensure that there is an acceptable level of sustainability in its inner workings so that there will be room for things to be builit on by future generations.  This also must be done in the context of a group of people.  

    What is sustainability?  When we do build a nation, we want it's natural resources, environment, infrastructure, and land maintained and portected from unwarranted forces.

    Be excited for the beginning of something great.


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    in Entertainment

    Today on Hammer 96.7, Brian and I will be talking to Kenneth Hampton, about his new movie soundtrack and the music industry.


    Kenneth Hampton is a dedicated professional in the film and music industry. His experience includes Music Supervising, Composing for film and television, soundtracks, live stage plays, commercials and video games.

    He is the Founder, CEO and composer of C.M.G. (Composers Media Group) LLC, He's also Co-owner of Raise Em Up Records.

    If you would like to join us, and ask Kenneth some questions, you can call 646-595-3032. If you would like to be booked on the show, you can fill out the guest form here.