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    Off the Cuff Radio-(40 Million Dollar Slaves)

    in Music

    This is gonna be a very informative episode of Off the Cuff Radio. Joined by BX artist Hot Lava, The Guilloteam tackles the topics of unfair treatment of Black Athletes in the Sports World. We also gonna talk about Super Bowl predictions, Drake's Ghostwriting Accustations becoming more prevalant, The up and coming movies about Nat Turner and Jesse Owens and starting off black history month in a positive way. The call in number is 1-619-924-0703, Going down Friday Night at 9 PM 6 Pacific!



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    Off the Cuff Radio- The Coon Picnic Part II

    in Music

    This is gonna be a special TUESDAY episode of Off the Cuff Radio. This is gonna be where we gonna be delievering Back to back shows this week.  This episode is our Infamous Coon Picnic part 2. There has been alot of buffonary going on within the community so we gonna shine up our swords and give em that work.  

    This is gonna be a fun one and also peep our Boycott the Oscars show featuring B-Dub on Friday night! Its going down in a major way!


    Call in number is 1-619-924-0703

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    Off Da Wall Radio With Jahni Denver, and Joey Dixon

    in Entertainment

    Off Da Wall Radio kicks off with your host Meidai with special guest hip hop emcee Jahni Denver from Woke Crew and hip hop artist Joey Dixon from Beatshop. Uncut, Uncesnored, Raw... Anything goes 

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    Off the Cuff Radio- Grammys/Oscars Boycott(featuring B-Dub)

    in Music

    This is part two of our Back to Back shows going down this week. We're gonna be discussing the Oscars/Grammys and if there should be a boycott on the awards. We're also gonna be featuring RDU Rapper/Producer Beebeous dubbious as a special guest on the show as well.  

    We're also gonna be talking about the possible self destruction of 50 Cent, Why Instagaram is destroying hip hop, The Flint Water crisis and other topics. The call in number is 1-619-924-0703!



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    Off The Grid Sisters

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall have with us again the "Off The Grid Sisters" who will give us information on how to "ferment foods" and the value of eating fermented foods. Call in with any and all of your questions, comments, concerns, answers, and advice.

    Eating the rights foods are the key to good health and good living.

    Ask about how U can reach the Off The Grid Sisters.

    Call into our LIVE STREAM telephone # which is: 619-768-2945.

    Visit our website @ itsmyhouseradio.wordpress.com

    Call to listen to "It's My House Radio" by dialing on your phone or computer 712-432-8863.

    Thankyou for listening to "It's My House Radio"

    We are your Generational Wealth Station.

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    Dad of Divas Christopher Lewis How you can be the best dad possible

    in Motivation

    One Dad's Quest to Regain His Kingdom One Day at a Time!

    Christopher Lewis has been interviewing hundreds of Dads that have found unique ways to be the best dads.

    His website provides ideas on travel, products and links to the many interviews he has conducted.

    Welcome to the Dad Spotlight Community. For anyone that has been a part of the community in the past we have worked hard to created a podcast and a community that brings value to all of you.

    Look for - 15 LOW COST WAYS TO ENGAGE WITH YOUR KIDS and get your free copy

    Strategies of Success
    Brian A Cohen Host
    www.briansos.com - personal site
    www.longislandspeakersbureau.com - speakers bureau



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    The Black Issue with Dad. Urban Therapy with Sun #168

    in Lifestyle

    The issue of the Black father has been going on for generations and unfortunately in a negative way.

    Whether we are talking about the absentee father, the deadbeat dad, the abusive father, the man that never really came around, the man that had all those kids, the man that wouldn't marry my mom, the man that we never met or the one that we can't seem to get it together with, the Black father is a polarizing figure. He commands a lot of attention for a man that so many people say hardly exists in our lives.

    The issues with fathers is not exclusive to Black people. Other races and ethnic groups have had similar issues with fathers but their issues seem to have dealt more with abusive or neglectful fathers inside the home. Many Black people have the opposite experience.

    This is not a general show concerning fathers though. This show will focus on personal issues that people have had in the Black family with their fathers. 

    What has been your experience concerning your dad? Was he there? Was he absent? Have you been mad at him most of your life or have you been looking for him most of your life?

    Has someone else that is not been your biological dad been your dad all your life? How did that turn out?

    Have you been taught to feel like a father is not as important in your life as a mother is?

    What about people who have sons? Do we secretly fear that our sons won't be there for their children if they grew up without a dad? Do we try to prevent that from happening or do we let the chips fall where they may?

    What can be done to remedy the situation of the Black father in relation to the child, the family and the community?


  • 01:31

    Taking The Limits Off With Dana & Devon and Pastor Micheal Henderson

    in Christianity

    Join us Monday 2/1/2016 

    The conversation starts at Noon....  don't miss it!!!!!!!


    "Taking The Limits Off Radio", A non-traditional radio show with a vision to spread the Truth of God's Word; that inspires and encourages you to have a meaningful relationship with Christ, through biblical teaching and relevant information. A talk show that "breaks the chains off the norm" to promote a realistic conversation with God and his people.

    You can also watch the simulcast on Ustream at


    Live from the Brand New "Taking The Limits OFF Studios"

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    Evaporation Nation

    in Business

    It’s 2016! This is the year I predicted the worst of the worst of coming. So what happens if we go into a worldwide collapse? What if you lose your job? What if currency become worthless? What if your stocks evaporate overnight? This week we talk with Rich Dad Advisors Shane Caniglia, Tom Wheelwright and Ken McElroy about what to do in 2016 to prepare for the coming storm.

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    Drum Therapy and the DAD Program with Pat Gesualdo

    in Youth

    Today's special  guest, Pat Gesualdo, is the pioneer of the groundbreaking techniques of Drum Therapy and for his celebrated non-profit organization DAD (Drums and Disabilities).  Drum Therapy and the Program help the special-needs population with cognitive development and cognitive restructuring by replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. 

    The negativity that surrounds the special-needs child can be overwhelming. Most of these children are told they are stupid, dumb, or lazy by their parents, teachers, and/or friends. This can occur on a daily basis.  Many special-needs children, especially those from the inner city, have no support system at all. This creates a huge problem for them and for society as a whole. Negative thoughts become a major cause of low self-esteem, which then turns into negative behavior. 

    Pat is here today to explain more about how Drum Therapy helps children to develop and keep a positive outlook, and tell us about the many ways Drum Therapy is used to help children all over the world.

    Pat Gesualdo is also an award-winning drummer, author ofThe Art Of Drum Therapy, and clinician who has performed and recorded for various Columbia, Warner Brothers, Atlantic, RCA, and Paramount Pictures artists and special projects. He was nominated to Who’s Who In America and was an associate voting member for the Grammy Awards.

    To learn more about Pat Gesualdo and the D.A.D. program, please go to http://www.dadprogram.org



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    Michael Westmore Star of Syfy's 'Face Off'

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Michael Westmore Star of Syfy's 'Face Off'.

    Star Trek will be celebrating its 50th year anniversary this year and Michael worked on the make-up for Star Trek for 18 years.

    Twelve artists arrive at ancient ruins where they are greeted by McKenzie and professional conlanger, David Peterson. McKenzie reveals to the artists that hidden in the ruins are ancient artifacts that have corresponding long lost languages that David has created specifically for this Spotlight Challenge.  She explains that they’ll work in teams and use these objects to inspire a member of an ancient race.  It all culminates with a unique reveal on the Face Off stage during which the characters speak their lost languages.