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    "Jazz Ubiquity"

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    Welcome to "Jazz Ubiquity" where Djb-one is about to take you on a Contemporay Jazz Fest, every Monday night inside the Red Carpet Room. You'll get the chance to hear some of your favorite artists of all time, and even some that you may not have heard of. DJ.B-one definitely knows his Music/Intruments, and just what us jazz lovers wanna hear. So step inside the Red Carpet Room this evening and drop today's problems at the door, cause its all about pure relaxation when your tuning into "Jazz Ubiquity." Presented to you by the network with no filter, Diversity Of The Minds. Only on Blog Talk Radio. Let us hear from you by dialing 516-531-9334

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    Talking about Jazz with Sam Hankins

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    Tonites feature guest is Sam Hankins, he will tell us his story on how he got started and what moves him to continue his work as a music teacher and his latest tracks. I Ladydiva will bring up an event coming in October called 'Unite to face addiction' which the event happens in Washington DC on Oct. 4th and to mention about a treatment drug that counters the effect of opioids, there's an epidemic of people on heroin going today as we speak.

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    Stephanie Spruill It's a Jazz day comes to CoffeeTalk JAZZ Radio 9.22.2015

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    Thanks for stopping by! We know you'll enjoy our award-winning Radio broadcast. I'm Ms. Bridgette your host for the evening.

    Were excited to welcome vocalist, songwriter and musician Stephanie Spruill to the CoffeeTalk JAZZ platform.

    Over the years, Spruill has been credited on hundreds of gold and platinum records, she has contributed to numerous movies and has performed all over the world including appearances before royalty in England and Spain and three different U.S. Presidents.

    Join the jazz conversation. Our shows call in number is 1-347-934-0108

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    Suck It Up and Be A Lady!

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    Lord knows there are times we want to give people a piece of our minds. Most of the time they are very deserving of the mouthful we are chewing on. But, is it worth it to spit it out? There are times when we need to speak up and times we need to keep our thoughts to ourselves... even when we are boiling inside. Tune in to Womanly Word with Lady Newells for some valuable insight on when and when not to let loose!

  • The Spark Spot with Minista Jazz

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    Join Minista Jazz as she ignites your spirit to say yes to its infinite posibilities.

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Halie Loren!

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    What a time to have an episode of "Hybrid Jazz" - it's the beginning of Autumn, the start of Libra, it's Yom Kippur, and the Pope is in the USA :)  How do we celebrate?  HALIE LOREN!

    This Alaskan-born award-winner has had quite a journey - and she is still so young!  She made her performing debut at 10, her family moved to Oregon three years later - and she won accolades for her songwriting when she was still a TEEN!

    Halie also had the maturity to live in Nashville for a time, soaking up the music wisdom of the city and learning the ropes of the business - before she headed back to Oregon for continued education.  She has never STOPPED pursuing her education, in terms of perfecting her craft.  Already blessed with a unique and distinctive way of interpretation, Halie is also extraordinarily smart.  She knew early in her career that overseas audiences embraced her, so she has made it a point to release her music there first - which paved the way for more notoriety in the States.

    Her debut in 2006 generated MUCH interest.  Her sophomore project, "They Oughtta Write a Song" won an Just Plan Folks (Independent) Award for Best Jazz Vocal.  And it was the second-highest selling album in Japan.  Halie's name is actually known all over the world - because of smart distribution and the attraction of sophisticated audiences to a true talent.

    Her latest CD - after growing success of six prior efforts - is called "Butterfly Blue", released in the USA this past June. Halie, by this time, has acquired growing intrigue in more than just Jazz circles.  Her songs reflect the diversity of her FULL range: Blues, Folk, Pop and Soul as well as the music that she enhances effortlessly: Jazz.  There is so much more to say about Halie!  But you'll hear it ALL on 9/24 - and you'll love what you hear :)

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    Get the "T" w/ HomeGirl Nika & Lady V

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    It's Ladies Night in the playhouse.  HomeGirl Nika & Lady V gives it to you straight and direct.  Bringing you hot topics you can relate to, that are often swept under the rug.  Well, no more sweeping those topics under the rug anymore.  We speak about things going on in our communities and homes every day.  If you want to add some laughter to your evening, come hangout with the ladies.  There will be no sugarcoating in the playhouse.  This is the new hangout spot for only the grown & sexxxy.

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    Up Close & Personal with Jazz Pianist/ Keyboardist "Gail Jhonson"

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    Join us as Gail debuts her new album "New Beginnings" on today's show!!!

    Born and raised in the city of Philadelphia, Gail Denise Jhonson began piano lessons in elementary school at age 10. Proving to be a gifted student she advanced quickly and at age 14, played her first gigs on the organ with numerous local Funk and R&B bands. By the time she was 18, her musical pursuit led her to enroll into Berklee College of Music where she received a B.A. in Composition. Returning home, as a jazz pianist, Gail performed with several jazz bands, and other popular Philadelphia artists. She left Germantown in 1985, with her keyboard strapp?ed on and landed an audition with Morris Day (of The TIME). She eventually moved to Los Angeles to make her dream career come true!


  • Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Internationally Heralded Luis Munoz!

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    Luis Munoz might not live in Costa Rica any longer - but he takes his homeland with him whenever he composes and plays. He is able to bring his country's folklore and rhythm to music in a way that defies description.  Lush, tranquil, passionate.  He moves your mind geographically to locations where you have never been physically.  But you can feel the outlay of the land when you hear the direction of the song.  It's unbelievable.

    Educated in both music and architechture, Luis finished his degree in the former at the University of California, Santa Barbara - where he now resides.  Under some amazing tutelage, Luis found his way in composition - he has worked with documentaries, animated films, dance and theater projects.  In the late 80's, he made his way into the recording end of the business.  In the 90's, more work that honed his intuituve skills.  By 2004, "Downbeat" was singing his praises.  "Vida" was named "Best Latin Jazz CD - and, in 2006 - Luis was recognized by his birthplace for Best Jazz Composer/Producer.

    "Of Soul and Shadow" and "Invisible" followed - two immensely respected works that brought more international recognition. With "Luz" in 2013, Luis introduced the amazing voices of Magos Herrera and Teka Penteriche.  At that point in his career, he was overwhelmed with the praise for his musicianship and creativity.  With "Voz", he takes both to new levels.  Bringing Magos and Teka back to the studio - with the addition of Claudia Acuna, he has imbued a new sense of truth into the mix. With mostly voice on this album, the listener is engaged in the moment - with both original and beloved songs - that will compel you to travel.  You may not have a ticket - but you WILL travel.  The best vacation EVER :)  Join us on 9/29 at two p.m. Eastern.


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    Interview with Helene LaFaro-Fernandez and "Jade Visions"

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    This Jazz Classic Talk Show/Interview will be with author Helene LaFaro-Fernandez and feature her biography of her brother Scott Lafaro, "Jade Visions." Join me, Jose Reyes (Jazz Con Class Radio) and my co-host Noal Cohen (Author of "Rat Race Blues: The Musical Life of Gigi Gryce") and learn more about the innovative Jazz bassist Scott LaFaro. We will also be joined and assisted by special guest, Phil Palombi, a Jazz bassist/composer/educator and author of "Solo Transcriptions of Scott LaFaro."

    More on "Jade Visions" (Amazon.com):

    Winner of the Best Book of 2009, Jazz Division, sponsored by AllAboutJazz-New York, 2009
    Selected for "Best of the Best" from University Presses, ALA Annual Conference, 2010

    Winner of the 2010 Association for Recorded Sound Collections Award for Excellence in Historical Recorded Sound Research in Jazz, 2010

    “Fernandez’ insightful comments about her brother offer far more than jazz scholars have ever known about this significant and somewhat enigmatic figure in the history of jazz. All in all, a very complete portrait.”—Bill Milkowski, author of Jaco: The Extraordinary and Tragic Life of Jaco Pastorius"....Learn More