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    Pastor Todd Lackey - The Picture of the End Time Church

    in Christianity

    Pastor Todd is a revivalist and strives hard to ensure unity in the Body of Christ. He is actively involved in the Nashville Region and the common cause of the Great Awakening that is coming on the church. He will talk to the Bride about what the Holy Spirit is revealing to him about the last days...the way the church will look...what we must do to prepare...and to deliver an on-time word for the Bride! He is from New Rivers International Church in Lebanon, TN.

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    Defending John Lackey - 6/10/14

    in Sports

    On Tuesday's podcast, I reacted to the Red Sox' 4-0 loss in Baltimore on Monday night, and I strongly defended John Lackey against the idea that he is "threatening retirement." Also, I discussed the Stanley Cup Final and the NBA Finals, while closing out the show with my final thoughts on the Tom Brady "top 5 QB" argument. Listen every weekday by subscribing to "I'm Just Sayin" on iTunes

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    Dominant Lackey - 10/16/13

    in Sports

    John Lackey comes up big . . . again. And Mike Napoli proves he should stay in the lineup. And Tazawa has a strikeout to remember. Breaking down Game 3 of the ALCS. Listen every weekday LIVE at 9 am ET. Every show available on iTunes and TuneIn.

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    Your EVOLUTION is UNLIMITED! with Skip and Kristine Lackey

    in Self Help

    *** NOTE - at the beginning of this episode - the sound cuts in and out a few times.  It DOES clear up quickly. 
    CHANGE is inevitable.... are YOU ready? 
    Join Skip and Kristine Lackey - Founders of EvolutionUnlimited.com as they share their powerful new theory of "evolutionary awareness" and how having conscious awareness of a simple 10-step process can help you find the meaning of YOUR life!
    Have you ever heard that "people don't change"?  Do you believe that it's actually possible for people to make the necessary shifts in their lives to move in a new direction?  OR are you relegated to living your life based on your early environmental "family of origin" programming? 
    People are told all the time... you have to do THIS to have a different life outcome.  They shake their head in agreement and go right back to their old patterns, beliefs and behaviors...And they don't change!!  Why? 
    Skip and Kristine will be discussing that by consciously recognizing where you have been, where you currently are, and where you are heading on your own personal growth path -- it will allow you to effortlessly make the necessary changes to your beliefs, behaviors and patterns that will allow you to live a life with purpose and passion.
    They will be sharing the importance of understanding where you are on the 10-step personal evolution scale that they have created so that you can consciously move forward in life in a graceful and effortless manner. 
    If you would like more information about their upcoming workshop - "Your EVOLUTION is UNLIMITED" or would like to learn more about what they are up to - CLICK HERE!

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    Stan Lackey

    in Radio

    up and coming actor Stan Lackey stops by the show.

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    Building Your Network with Tamara Lackey

    in Photography

    It's a new episode of Building Your Network featuring the Queen of Marketing and Business in photography, Tamara Lackey.  Her business background has given her an amazing foundation as a teacher, author, interviewer and some where in life she found time to be an outstanding photographer. She's also one of the few photographers who's helping photographers think about how they integrate their careers with their families, with losing focus on their most important priorities.
    In this new interview Skip Cohen and Tamara talk about the challenges photographers, both new and old, face to build their business, while holding focus on all of their non-business priorities.

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    Cinema Files Radio - Robin Steffen

    in Film

    We have Actor Robin Steffen from "The Lackey Movie" fame. 

    Join us as we hear great stories of being part of Sci Fi Pop Culture.

    Come Listen to your Host Steve Pisa on Cinema Files Radio as we put another Episode in the Can.

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    Kristine and Skip Lackey - New Beginnings Cleanse 2012

    in Romance

    Tonight's Topic: Standing Naked -The Key to Creating Conscious Relationships in your Life.
    Join your host Skip Lackey in welcoming - Kristine Lackey- Co-founder of Evolution Unlimited and The Meditation Prescription.
    When you chose to metaphorically “stand naked” in the truth of who you REALLY are… miracles happen. And those miracles show up in the form of healed pasts, conscious and creative present awareness and courageous futures. Skip and Kristine will share how they found one another only after they began to find themselves. And, how their choice to constantly be evolving individually, from a place of complete and total exposure, brings depth, clarity and strength to everything they do and every relationship they share with another. They will also be sharing their own personal journey into the creation of their conscious relationship can be a beneficial tool for EVERY relationship in ALL areas of your life.  You can be assured that Kristine will “shoot from the hip” and you never know what personal information will be revealed.  Join us for what promises to be a lively discussion!
    This show is the 8th of 8 straight nights of amazing teachers giving us NO NONSENSE tools to evolve as human beings. Ready to make 2012 the best possible year of our lives. 
    Skip's guests include - Joan Borysenko PhD, Marci Shimoff #1 NY Times best Selling author of Happy For No Reason, Ariane de Bonsovian - Founder of TheFirst30Days.com, Mark David - Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, Aaron Huey - Transormational Speaker/Coach, Joel Young - Founder of NonPersonalAwareness.com, Scott Sorokin - Global Digital Leader at MindShare

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    New Beginnings Cleanse Follow-up Call with Skip Lackey

    in Health

    This is a call for those people that participated in the 2012 New Beginnings Cleanse calls with me over January 2-9th. 
    It's a check in to see the shifts and changes that have taken place over the last month. 
    We will come together and share what we have learned and where we are going....
    Be sure to listen to the other episodes that you might have missed. They are well worth the listen. 

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