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    Lavender Hill: Natalie Weiss on TDOR

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    On Sunday the 15th, Natalie Weiss joined Corwin and Phil to talk about the Transgender Day of Remembrance and some of the activities in the Lincoln and Omaha area to honor the transgender community and all they fight for. Natalie is a trans activist. She joined in on the conversation and is very well spoken. A pure pleasure to have her on the show.

    Lavender Hill is Nebraska's only LGBTQIA-etc news and talk program on community radio. The show airs live on Sundays at 11am Central. You can listen at KZUM-Lincoln/KZUM-HD 89.3FM or online at www.kuzm.org. Lavender  Hill can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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    Lavender Hill: The Clincher & news

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    Omaha based rock band The Clincher joins Corwin & Phil for music and conversation. The Clincher is a mix of heavy metal and thought provoking rock. They joined Phil & Corwin to share some of their music on live on the air and join in on the talk about some of the latest news to effect the LGBTQIA-etc community in Nebraska and around the world.

    Note from Phil: I was nervous about the sound quality of their performance. Being in the studio it was difficult to understand the lyrics with the overwhelming volume of the instruments. When I listened to the play back I was pleasantly surprised. My thanks to Ryan Evans, program director at KZUM, for doing the sound during their visit. This is one show you won't want to miss!

    Lavender Hill is Nebraska's only LBGTQIA-etc news and talk program on community radio. It airs live on Sundays at 11am Central on KZUM-Lincoln/KZUM-HD 89.3FM and on the web at wwwkzum.org. You can find Lavender Hill on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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    Lavender Hill's KZUM Promo

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    Lavender Hill is a segment of the Wimmin's Show on KZUM-Hd 89.3 FM in Lincoln, NE. Corwin and Phil, the hosts of Lavender Hill, put together a radio promo spot for KZUM with the help of the program director. This is that promo.

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    LH: Interview Segment with Vine UCC & VERGE

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    At the end of January, RevKess as Phil, interviewed the Rev Dr. Ranae Koehler of Vine UCC in Lincoln, NE. Along with her were two of the leaders of VINE's open and embracing LGBTQA support group VERGE. They were talking about VINE being the first UCC in Lincoln to vote on and approve a statement of affirmation for all LGBTQA congregants and visitors. Kevin Tjeersdma and his husband Corey Webster, both from VERGE, were present to talk about the group and the upcoming celebration of equality for Vine UCC on Saturday 21 February 2015 and the spoecial musical guest for that celebration, openly gay contemporary Christian singer/songwriter/producer Shawn Thomas. 

    This interview, with additional music and discussion of current events that effect the LGBTQA community were aired on Sunday 15 February on KZUM. You can hear the entire show on the PMPChannel as well.

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    LH #203: Marriage Equality & Political Mishaps

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    On Sunday 25 January 2015 Corwin and Phil talked marriage equality and political mishaps. Particularly the marriage equality case in Nebraska. As of the time this show went live it looked like the judge scheduled to hear the case had postponed the hearing pending the ruling from SCOTUS on similar cases before them this session. Phil has since learned that it was merely a postponement of a hearing to allow same sex marriage in Nebraska pending his final decision. That hearing has been rescheduled and Corwin and Phil will be talking more about that on 1 February.

    Lavender Hill airs live every Sunday morning at 11am Central. Approaching four years on the air, Lavender Hill is Nebraska's only LGBTQIAA news and talk program on community radio. Thanks to the continued support of KZUM and listeners, Lavender Hill will be celebrating the four year anniversary the same time that KZUM celebrates 37 years on the airwaves! 

    You can find Lavender Hill on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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    Lavender Hill #190: James Michael Bowers, 2nd visit

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    Nebraska State Legislature candidate, James Michael Bowers, joins Corwin and Phil for a conversation about marriage equality, transgender students, the minimum wage, and more in this episode. James has been on the show before talking about what it is like to be the first openly gay man to run for the state legislature in Nebraska. You can find that visit in our from episode from July 27.

    Lavender Hill airs weekly at 11am Central Sunday on KZUM-Lincoln/KZUM-HD. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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    Lavender Hill #185 - HRC in Nebraska

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    In the 185th episode of Lavender Hill, hosts Corwin and Phil talk about the Human Rights Campaign opening a Nebraska office, transgender issues, global LGBTQ issues, coming out videos, and more. Phil and Corwin were really on a role for parts of this episode.They hope that you enjoy listening as much as they did making this show for you!

    Lavender Hill can be heard live every Sunday at 11am Central on KZUM-Lincoln/KZUM-HD (www.kzum.org). LH is the only radio source for news, views, interviews, and music that impacts the LGBTQIAA community on Nebraska radio. The Hill, Corwin, and Phil are proud to be part of KZUM Coimmunity Radio.

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    TWS: Women Out Loud September 2014

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    At long last, a new episode of Women Out Loud from KZUM's The Wimmins Show. With special thanks to Deb Anderson, host of the program, PMPChannel is proud to bring you a new edition of Women Out Loud featuring Amy Platner, Cheri Jackson, and Rachel West. Amy is the main poet behind this segment with regular contributor Rachel. This was Cheri's first visit to the Women Out Loud poetry segment.

    Women Out Loud features original poetry from women poets in and around Nebraska. Amy has been published several times over, Rachel has appeared in many online features and local print media, Cheri is just starting to explore the world of publishing her poetry. Check RevKess's YouTube channel for a still photo video of this poetry segment.

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    Lavender Hill #188: Fall 2014 Pledge Drive

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    Sunday, Cotober 12, 2014, found Corwin and Phil, with special guest Kate, once again asking for the listeners to "put their money where their ears are" and pledge their support to KZUM and Lavender Hill. To help with that they had a selection of SPECIAL pledge premiums to share with those who called into the show to make their pledge. Two of the three premiums were claimed during the show. Thank you to Lincoln listener Loye and Omaha listeners Brad and Jeremy for their support and to Lincolnite Joan for her continued support for Lavender Hill and KZUM.

    The hosts did much more than just ask for your money. They continued the conversation from last week regarding trans education of teachers and staff at Lincoln Public Schools, including the audio for Superintendent Steve Joel explaing to parents the LPS guidelines. It would seem that this rumoured "mandate" for trans-inclusion had hit national media thanks to a teacher sharing a handout with a parent and implying it was to be enforced policy at LPS. On Tuesay the 14th parents, teachers, staff, students, and concerned citizens can attend an open-to-the-public meeting to learn more and share their view points.

    With plede drive going on, not much was able to be convered during the rest of the show. Talk of marriage equality, Matthew Shepard and other issues of interest to the local and global LGBTQIAA community were touched upon. You can still pledge your support to Lavender Hill and KZUM by visiting www.kzum.org.

    Tune in on the 19th as Corwin and Phil return to regular programming for the Hill.

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    Lavender Hill #187 - Trans support from LPS & more

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    Lavender Hill is a production of KZUM-Lincoln.KZUM-HD in Lincoln, NE. Hosts Corwin and Phil bring listeners a variety of news, talk, interviews, and music of interest to the LGBTQIAA community with a focus on Nebraska. The Hill airs live every Sunday at 11am Central on 89.3FM in Lincoln and streams live on the web at www.kzum.org. Podcasts of the talk portion of the show are also available through the KZUM site. PMPChannel has graciously made the entire hour program available, with only minor (dead air) edits.

    On October 5, 2014, Corwin and Phil reported on a number of issues of interest to the local community. Namely the recent reports through local print media and TV that the Lincoln Public School system has established guidelines to assist teachers and staff in address issues that some students may have with gender indentity. In the October 12th edition of the Hill you will hear updates and a message from the LPS Superintendent Steve Joel.

    Music featured in this episode include a rare recording by Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury, a lullaby from Gay Panic, some classic folk rock by The Mama's and the Papa's, a live recording from Joe Stevens, and local heavy metal rock band The Clincher.

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    MP: SJ Tucker & Betsy Tinney

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    On August 19, 2014, RevKess got to sit down at the KZUM studios and talk with SJ Tucker and Betsy Tinney. Both ladies are truly magickal beings and they were in Lincoln, NE to bring their special kind of musical magick to an audience at the historic Feguson House. Earlier in the day they met with RevKess to talk about their music, their lives, and share of themselves with listeners of Murphy's Magic Mess on KZUM - and with the PMPChannel listeners.

    August 24 heard the first part of this conversation on the Mess. The second segment, split into two parts, was heard on September 7. For your listening enjoyment is the entire interview and a selection of music. The music is slightly different from that heard on the Mess.