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  • 02:01

    #OpBart-5, #NoFare, And U.R.G.E -

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    Caleb Spilchen takes the airwaves by storm again… On this episode, Caleb talks with top guests involved with protests on the Bay Area Rapid Transit System in San Francisco…As well, as covering a new tool taking Twitter BY STORM.

    During this show, you'll hear from Krystof, and two others - about how BART police arrested them without reason in the BART station, and how Hubris got arrested twice for protesting… You'll also hear from a reporter, who was the first one arrested a recent protest.

    Plus, an Anonymous caller tells us, he's bringing out a new DOS tool… Also, we discuss a new tool for bombing Twitter hashtags… All that AND MORE, on the CrappyTires show.