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    Power Talk with guest Krystal Wurm & DR.Robert Rose

    in Self Help

    Krystal Wurm is the founder and President of a non-profit organization that specializes in creating and implementing parties for low-income families at no cost to them. I‘ve spent almost fifty years successfully teaching from kindergarten to graduate students.  During this time I have constantly challenged the status quo asking, “Why are we doing it this way?”  It  caused me problems with some of those with more legal power, but it sent me to the libraries and then the Internet to find solutions.  It's how i developed the SELF-SUSTAINING CLASSROOM!  
      In these searches I didn't find the solution, but found many .  It amazed me how many could effectively solve specific problems.  Once I truly understood how complex and enormously different each student was from every other I began experimenting with ways to individualize instruction.  The disadvantages were total exhaustion for me and the unconscious encouragement of selfish behavior for my students.  I learned to balance that by developing extensive group dynamics and group cohesiveness techniques. www.imaginativecurriculum.com

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    Princess Krystal is a Diva Fit 4 Life

    in Entertainment

    Millions of women struggle with weight loss and self-love around the world. Princess Krystal was one of them who made a choice to change her lifestyle and become better not bitter. As a child, she watched her mother yo-yo diets and battle with weight loss. Princess has transformed her mind with the determination to live the life she has always dreamed of. She gained the courage to have Sleeve Gastrectomy in January 2014. Ms. Krystal recently got engaged to the love of her life and now living a purpose drive life with her new attitude. She founded Divas Fit 4 Life, a non-profit organization geared towards connecting individuals of all races and ages to healthy eating habits with routine exercise.  It has ignited the drive in her heart and inspired countless women.  Join us live in the chat for tips on how to be your best and live a fulfilling life.



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    Debunker Boys with Krystal K Rock

    in Paranormal

    The debunker boys are at it again talking with the beautiful Krystal on her experiences with the paranormal. 

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    Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn - Chakra, Intuitive Reader Krystal Starr

    in Spirituality

    For the last twelve years, I have been an advocate of the healing benefits of Energy Work, so when I come across someone who is in integrity, shining their light and doing a beautiful job in this this arena, I become eager to learn more about their area of expertise … and then share it with others.

    Enter KRYSTAL STARR.  An Intuitive Reader, Crystal, Chakra, Feng Shui Expert and owner of Krystal’s Intuitive Center in Mountain View, California, who designs wonderful healing programs to help people get rid of negative energy in their lives.

    During our time together, Krystal will share her unique perspective on working with Life Force Energy energy through the seven Charkas, explore questions that her clients often ask her, acknowledge her personal sources of inspiration, speak to her concerns about the future of our children, and share intuitive insights on how we can seize opportunities (everyday!) to move forward in a positive direction for the highest interest for ourselves, our children, and Mother Earth.  

    If you are looking for thought-provoking honesty and clarity from someone who who deeply dedicated to helping others, you’ll love our conversation with Krystal Starr. Thank you Krystal for doing this work. 

    WEEKLY ROUND TABLE with HIC Luttmers, John Carosella, Deb Carosella and Midlred Lynn: How to Become Strong and Use Your Voice - An Exploration.

    Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn airs the FIRST SUNDAY of the month @ 10:30am PST.  For more episodes and contact info, go to: healingconverationswithmildredlynn.com. Feel free to share this episode with others. Thanks for listening!

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    KiwK&J~ Krystal on OK Cupid & Zoosk Dating

    in Relationships

    Texting, sexting, and finding matches....the world of internet dating as discovered by Krystal. Who, mind you, has been out of the scene for 10 years. Oh, this is HILARIOUS.

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    Niacom Music Mix with Host Leslie Renee guest Krystal Williams April 7 @8pmCST

    in Christianity

    Join your Host, Leslie Renee for ((2)) HOURS of great music from the nation's HOTTEST INDIE INSPIRATIONAL ARTIST!! My guest tonight is Gospel Recording Artist “KRYSTAL” . Also known as Krystal Williams, she is a maverick in the gospel music world. KRYSTAL’S voice is a unique blend of contemporary gospel, worship, neo-soul, jazz, and hip-hop; possessing a sound that is unique and culturally current with a powerful anointing. It is “Krystal” clear that this young woman’s ministry is rooted deep and here to stay. KRYSTAL has been endowed by God with a plethora of gifts and talents that create divine opportunities to minister on many levels. One fan said, “Its music that touch’s me from the heart with a message of hope.” Krystal Williams has currently 1 single available online entitled “Can’t Let Go” to her credit; available at www.cdbaby.com/krystalwilliams . 


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    Kickin it with Krystal ft. Stuttering John Melendez

    in Entertainment

    That's right, you know him from the Howard Stern Show and you know him from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. But, did you know he makes hilarious music videos? Did you know he majored in film and television in college? ME NEITHER! Let's get to know the real JOHN MELENDEZ!!!!


    Follow him on Twitter @stutteringjohnm

    or visit his website at johnmelendez.tv

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    SWU- Special Guest Poet/Author Krystal Holliday

    in Education

    Book of Poetry Release Party – Martin Luther King Center, Dallas (Postponed –TBA)

    Poems about Foster Care and how it affects one’s life and mind

    About the Book – Broken Butterflies – Broken Butterflies is a collection of unconventional poetry written by Krystal Holliday. The Book tells of a poets journey to self-mastery. It’s honest and reflective approach will leave the reader inspired and encouraged to follow the calling that nudges at one’s soul. “Broken Butterflies” explores the meaning of life through dialogue with God. In it you will find creative nuggets of truth sure to entertain and presents the audience with great read.

    About Krystal Holliday – Krystal is a native of Dallas, TX. In 1998 she was placed into foster care where she stayed until she graduated high school in 2003. This experience has left a residue of resilience in her character and increased her compassion for youth in foster care. Krystal is a student at North Lake College who intends to continue her education at TCU. Her major of choice is English and Creative Writing. “My ultimate goal is to establish group homes for children all over the world that will provide those youth with exceptional education and a place they can call home.”

    Question 1 - Who inspired you to write your book?

    Question 2 - Who would you consider to be a role model for you and why?

     Question 3 – Can you give us a sample of your poetry?

    Question 4 – How do you come up with the poetry that you speak and write about?

    Question 5 – How can people buy your book?

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    Mall G

    in Entertainment

    Dwayne “Mall G” Wilkerson has solidified his position as a top rank soldier from New England; built strong with a heart and mind of Boston. As a reputable artist and savvy entrepreneur, the multi-talented Mall G has been marking his stamp in the hip hop culture proving to be marketable in the ever-changing industry of entertainment.  MallG has formed the most powerful movement in New England presented as G$D (Getting $hit Done). Mixtape “More Than Rap” was certified as a classic during its release in (YEAR).

    Mall G decided to apply pressure to a pad with a pen back in 2008, taking influence early on from legends: Big Daddy Kane, Mobb Deep, Nas, Scarface, Biggie, Snoop Dogg, Wu –Tang, and NWA. Mall G has always been able to relate to gangster music most, through his experiences in a similar circumstances and a culturally influenced lifestyle. He has found solace in the creativity of making and listening to music.

     Mall G is currently promoting “New Religion” project (2nd installment to the GSD Series). GSD the movie will be dropping soon. Also, he will be introducing “The Family Album” featuring label mates Krystal LaReign, Yung K, and Hugh Heff. Loose Diamonds is the name of the clothing line, with fresh pieces for the 2015 season.


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    5-1-15 Part 2 Anka Radulovic 'Interview - Talk'

    in Spirituality

    Anka discusses the KS perspectives on medical prescriptions and the journey of being an empath. Anka shares her side of the experience in meeting with Harvey at the hospital. What it is like to live as a human family on Earth and the current ascension processes of Earth purge and Human purge.




    INTRO: Krystal River Harmonies - 'Kantarian Passage Procyone Requiem' Annahazi version (written by E'Asha/Ashayana Deane) ... OUTRO: Krystal River Harmonies - Tauren Technique, Request of the Diamond Door Passage - Combination Singing  (written by E'Asha/Ashayana Deane) 

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    Kickin' it with Krystal- Dave Lerman REVEALS more celeb secrets

    in Entertainment

    We're picking up where we left off last night with Dave Lerman!!! He's going to be dropping more of his explosive PIPE BOMBS of insider secrets the celebrities DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW! Tune in!


    Wanna talk to the host and guest? Call in! 347-327-9710