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    SWU- Special Guest Poet/Author Krystal Holliday

    in Education

    Book of Poetry Release Party – Martin Luther King Center, Dallas (Postponed –TBA)

    Poems about Foster Care and how it affects one’s life and mind

    About the Book – Broken Butterflies – Broken Butterflies is a collection of unconventional poetry written by Krystal Holliday. The Book tells of a poets journey to self-mastery. It’s honest and reflective approach will leave the reader inspired and encouraged to follow the calling that nudges at one’s soul. “Broken Butterflies” explores the meaning of life through dialogue with God. In it you will find creative nuggets of truth sure to entertain and presents the audience with great read.

    About Krystal Holliday – Krystal is a native of Dallas, TX. In 1998 she was placed into foster care where she stayed until she graduated high school in 2003. This experience has left a residue of resilience in her character and increased her compassion for youth in foster care. Krystal is a student at North Lake College who intends to continue her education at TCU. Her major of choice is English and Creative Writing. “My ultimate goal is to establish group homes for children all over the world that will provide those youth with exceptional education and a place they can call home.”

    Question 1 - Who inspired you to write your book?

    Question 2 - Who would you consider to be a role model for you and why?

     Question 3 – Can you give us a sample of your poetry?

    Question 4 – How do you come up with the poetry that you speak and write about?

    Question 5 – How can people buy your book?

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    KiwK&J~ Krystal on OK Cupid & Zoosk Dating

    in Relationships

    Texting, sexting, and finding matches....the world of internet dating as discovered by Krystal. Who, mind you, has been out of the scene for 10 years. Oh, this is HILARIOUS.

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    Kickin it with Krystal ft. Stuttering John Melendez

    in Entertainment

    That's right, you know him from the Howard Stern Show and you know him from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. But, did you know he makes hilarious music videos? Did you know he majored in film and television in college? ME NEITHER! Let's get to know the real JOHN MELENDEZ!!!!


    Follow him on Twitter @stutteringjohnm

    or visit his website at johnmelendez.tv

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    Kickin' it with Krystal- Dave Lerman REVEALS more celeb secrets

    in Entertainment

    We're picking up where we left off last night with Dave Lerman!!! He's going to be dropping more of his explosive PIPE BOMBS of insider secrets the celebrities DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW! Tune in!


    Wanna talk to the host and guest? Call in! 347-327-9710



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    Chatting with Krystal Joy Brown Star of Motown the Musical

    in Moms and Family

    On a Special Edition of The Urban Woman Radio we will be chatting with one of the stars of the smash hit Motown the Musical.  Krystal Joy Brown plays Diana Ross to a tee. She captures not only the diva qualities, but also the passionate and strong side of the legendary songstress.

    Motown the Musical is a highly entertaining from the from the current rises to the grand finale.

    Krystal Joy Brown is a soon to become a household name. She has starred in the Broadway Production of the hit show Rent. She has also appeared in Hair as well as Leap of Faith. 

    We will also discuss the less than smash hit movie Aaliyah Princess of R&B. The movie was not good at all. Alexandra Shipp is a beautfiul young lady but I am not reminded of Aaliyah when I look at her. The gentleman that played R. ea Kelly did not even resemble him. The only positive aspect was the depiction of Aaliyah's mother who seemed so supportive. Since she and her mother had such a close bond, it is important to show how her family reacted to her death. That did not happen. An hour was focused on the relationship between R. Kelly and 15 year old Aaliyah. They rushed through her later years. It would have been far more intreresting to see the weeks leading up to her ill fated trip to the Bahamas.

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    P&P Talk to the Twins with Producer/Actress Kyrstal Lee

    in Film

       Krystal Lee live on P&P Talk to The Twins

      TUG Productions LLC is a company that produces social, educational, and informative media projects that impact the world. CEO & owner, Krystal Lee, is a young entrepreneur motivated to change the world with her gifts of writing, leadership, and producing. She has a rich corporate history working with several stations to include: Telemundo, New Screen TV, TUG Network, Word Network, and The Golf Channel. In addition to her TV production career, Krystal is an established C level executive that has worked with Legacy Worldwide, the second largest media company in North America and Business Radio ExE the 4th largest online business radio station. She leads a team of successful young and mature professionals. Collectively, the team has over 40 years experience in their respective space. The team is made up of 5 core members and 15 supports. Total Restoration is one of the many projects created by Krystal Lee in connection with TUG Productions LLC. She had a vision to help small businesses because this sector is the foundation of the US economy and what’s the value of financial wealth if your life is in shambles!

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    Kickin it w/K & J SEX TOYS

    in Entertainment

    Talking sex toys! Call in and join us

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    Amy Brock Spiritual Intuitive/Life Coach/Fresh Health & Life Spas

    in Health

    Amy Brock, BSW, CVO Spiritual Intuitive/Life Coach and the Chief Visionary Officer of Fresh Health and Life Spas and Inspired Visionary Services. Residing in Orlando, FL, she serves as an international Spiritual Life Consultant and Healing Medium.

    Amy's areas of specialty are spiritual energy management, grief and loss, past life trauma recovery, proving the survival of the soul and life path development.

    She blends her background in mental health counseling with her psychic medium abilities to foster a unique approach toward self-discovery and care.

    "Amy and I found each other after I opened my 3rd business and quickly became kindred spirits. One day we met for breakfast just to collaborate and share business ideas and we spent the next 3 hours communicating on a very spiritual level. Amy was aware of some big changes ahead of me and she along with her guides openly advise me. It turns out that Amy saved my business and my life. I trust Amy’s ability to guide me in both my personal and professional life~ she is truly a blessing!"  Krystal E., Business Owner/Skyebird Juice Bar

    Please go to www.theAmyBrock.com & click onto Events..."Find Your Soul Seminars" ~ Intuition  Bootcamp April 16, 2015 sponsored by Fresh Health and Life Spas 5:30 to 9:30pm.at Fahia Shriners Temple Orlando, Fl.  You can register at support@fhlspas.com   407-897-2211  Early registration available! Amy would love to hear from you. You are welcome to call her for a 15 min complimentary consult!


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    TCE Chats w/ Chef Krystal Lee ~ Omni Fusion Kitchen / Discuss Employment Data

    in Jobs

    Powered by The Career Engineer (TCE) - www.tcenow.com

    TCE Biz Spotlight:  Meet Chef Krystal Lee future owner of OMNI Fusion Kitchen (a crowd funding project)

    Cooking is one of her ultimate passions.  However, after graduating high school She began a career in the legal field and went to college for that purpose.  Approximately, ten years ago, She began managing law firms and all the while catering events.   She decided to attend Culinary School to expand my knowledge base and learn different techniques to improve the food she served.

    While in culinary school, Ms. Lee cultivated 'fusion of soul foods' which is fusin soul foods of all nationalities. When you eat at OMNI you’ll have something that is familiar and different at the same time. Refuel your life, your soul, enjoy your food and your sweets at OMNI Fusion Kitchen.

    Learn more and Support by making a contribution to ~  OMNI Fusion Kitchen Project 


    DOL Unemployment Data - December 2014

    Unemployment Rate:  5.6%
    Initial Insurance Claims:  294,000 as of 1/3/201
    Payroll Employment: +252,000

    Programming: SweetBerry Design

    Powered by TCE Career & Biz Network

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    KiwK- Are You Smarter Than Lever?

    in Entertainment

    Krystal goes head to head against internet & Twitter famous Ryan Lever. Who is smarter? Also, highlights from the celebrity interview from Tuesday the 14th's impromptu show with Stuttering John Melendez from the Stern show and Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

    We take calls!!! 347-327-9710

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    Follow Ryan Lever @Ryan_Lever

    Follow Krystal @K_R_Y_S_7_A_L

    Follow KiwK @Kickin_it_wit_K

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    KiwK Ghost Sex

    in Entertainment

    Last night's seance opened a portal and now the crazies are flocking to the show to call in with their problems. One in particular is pretty crazy and I'll be talking with him. His name is Leonard Flint. He's homophobic. He's a pastor. He's also being raped by a gay ghost. Think Patrick Swazy from the movie Ghost.





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