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    Think & Grow Rich: Overcome Procrastination to Succeed

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    The Compassionate Capitalist show with host Karen Rands, continues the Think & Grow Richer Series with the topic of Procrastination...how it is a success killer and strategies to overcome it.  Our special guest is Kristopher B Jones.  Clearly a man who has conquered procrastination on his journey to success. Kris is the former President and CEO of Pepperjam, a full-service internet marketing agency and affiliate network he founded in 1999 and sold to eBay Enterprise (NASDAQ – EBAY). Since leaving Pepperjam 2010, Kris founded an early stage technology investment fund called KBJ Capital, which includes portfolio companies Highlighter.com, French Girls App (pix posted), Yumm.com, and Internet Media Labs to name a few.  He is a best-selling author and sought-after speaker.  To learn more about Kris, visit http://krisjones.com and follow him on twitter @krisjonescom.

    Over 70 yrs ago, Napolean Hill described procrastination as the hidden killer standing in the shadow of every human being waiting to spoil one's chances of success.  Failures come from the attitude and behavior of waiting for the "time to be right" or as we have discussed the underlying causes of lack of belief in the ability to reach a goal, and burning desire to overcome a fear of failure.  Kris will share his insights and experiences in overcoming procrastination to achieve his admirable success early on, and which he continues to build upon.

    Learn more about Karen Rands and her company that educates Investors and Entrepreneurs to a common end of bringing innovation to market, creating jobs, and creating wealth - Compassionate Capitalism http://kugarandholdings.com   

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    A Crash Course on Being a Virgin Politician

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    Please join us as William Araujo gives an insightful and educational look at what it is like to be a union carpenter running for mayor and governor in New Jersey.  In his book, The Virgin Politician, he uses generalized descriptions of people, not wanting to concentrate on their actual names, rather his true learning experiences, as he takes a blue-collar journey through politics.  Sometimes this book is shocking and sometimes this book is funny.  Either way, it showcases an in-depth look at what it is like for the average person to get involved in politics, with absolutely no political experience....a true political virgin.  

    This show will also feature special guests, Sam Khan and Kristopher Sharp, who both have also navigated entry into the political world.  

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    Off The Post

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    Join Russ Cohen, Anthony Mingjoni and Kristopher Martel from the Predatorial. We'll preview the Central Division.

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    NHL on the Ice w/ Tony Jarmenko & Kristopher Martel

    in Hockey

    Join Bryan Yates & Alan Zee for a very special edition of NHL on the Ice, tonight, at 8:30 p.m. EST. Joining the guys to talk free agency will be Tony Jarmenko of Stars Insider and Kristopher Martel of The Predatorial.

    The first two days of NHL free agency were as wild as predicted. Ninety-six players were signed for a combined $543 million Tuesday, with the average annual salary being $2.8 million. Bryan & Alan will break all of it down for two full hours tonight. The guys will tell you the winners and losers, as well as which teams got better and which teams failed to improve.

    The dynamic duo will also break down the remaining top free agents and discuss any potential trades that may be in the making. You won’t want to miss this very special two hours of non-stop NHL free agency talk.

    NHL on the Ice doesn’t exist without you the listener and if you’d like to participate, you can do so by calling the show at 646-564-9713. You can also follow Bryan and Alan on Twitter @NHLON_The_Ice  & @NHLTheIceZlot.

    You can check out On the Ice on Facebook at NHL On the Ice Podcast. Also check out our web site for new content every day at http://nhlontheice.com/

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    Those Left Behind - Bonnie Eggle on The Ruthie Report

    in Politics

    The Victims and Their Families - of Illegal Immigration Are Being Forgotten

    GUEST Bonnie Eggle - Bonnie will join the show at 9 pm


    While the games regarding illegal immigration continue to be played in Washington DC and by our elected State Officials

    NO ONE considers what this on-going, out of control, lawless invasion and the subsequent pandering is doing to ........

    the Family, Friends, Communities and Loved Ones ....of those lost, those murdered to due to the inaction to enforce our current

    immigration laws and secure the border.


    NOT ONLY are the victims themselves, pushed to the back of many minds - by so many..........BUT ... THOSE LEFT BEHIND as well.


    It is hard for many of those continuing dealing with the loss of a loved due to illegal immigration whether recent or in years past.....

    to hear TODAY - the pandering, the gift giving, the proposed suggestions and legislation of Amnesty - like BONNIE EGGLE -

    leaving them to wonder and wrestle with questions of why, whether the losses and sacrifices of their loved ones are taken into

    consideration - if their deaths matter.


    This elevated pandering- instead of enforcing the Rule of Law and securing our borders ... brings to the fore-front AGAIN and AGAIN

    (and in many cases....painfully) the loss of so many.

    Please join Bonnie and Ruthie as the Mother of yet another fallen Office in Enforcement ....shares with us -

    Kris's Life, that frieghtful day - and what she believes must transpire.






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    Kristopher Harrison - Media Wrench

    in Spirituality

    Kristopher Harrison is a Philosophy student of University of Toronto. In November 2011 he and 11 other people started MediaWrench.org. Since then it has slowly grown, and has been conducting interviews with some of the key people in today's grassroots movements. On the side, MediaWrench has done some promotional and charity work, in an attempt to document and preserve the ideas that seem to be gaining traction in communities across north america. Currently, MediaWrench is growing in popularity, and is always looking for good writers who need a place to present research into sociological and grassroots issues. As of now Mediawrench consists of less than half its original membership, but still maintains a degree of consistency in its output, and content. MediaWrench's humble beginning took place in the camp of the Toronto Occupy movement's Media Tent, upon the resolution of the camp itself, MediaWrench.org was created to give an unadulterated portrait of current issues, and to a lesser degree, to show that the mainstream media as it is currently, is too big, too slow, and obsolete as a means of staying connected to reality.
    We've worked with protesters, helping to promote and document their events, also we've compiled interviews and video for court cases against police brutality. We've helped raise money for orphanages in Kenya. We've even had one of our videos screened in a Harvard classroom Links:
    mediawrench.org facebook.com/mediawrench
    youtube.com/mediawrench @mediawrench

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    Procrastination is the a Tool of the Devil??

    in Self Help


    Feel free to call in and ask questions or make a comment.......

    Hello Friends, 

    Yrs ago, A Billionaire Mentor of mine told me that "PROCRASTINATION is the Proof of Satanic Influence". Guess what Guys??? He was absolutely right!!!! 

    I cannot tell You guys just how many "Good things" that I have sacrificed at the alter of PROCRASTINATION. I have to constantly remind myself to "DO IT NOW"!!!! Dont' wait friends... Master Procrastination with Bottom line Thinking and Agressive Well Thought Out Actions!!!!!

    On that Note.. Here is my book recommendation for the Month of November. Magnus Opus by Don Tolman. This book is quite possibly the Greatest book that I have ever had the privilege of reading. 

    be blessed friends........Kristopher Aaron


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    Kristopher Sharp -Student's HIV Status Outed by Campus Flyer

    in Health

    Kristopher Sharp, an openly gay student running for student body vice-president at University of Houston–Downtown, was the target of a horrific smear campaign last week when a flyer with Sharp's photo and the headline "WANT AIDS?" circulated around campus. Accusing Sharp of having a "homosexual agenda," the flyer's creator reached a new level of awful by also printing a copy of Sharp's confidential medical records containing his HIV-positive status on the back. Though he initially considered transferring schools, thanks to the support of his friends and the university, Sharp has decided to stay at UHD and continue his campaign. He is not planning to pursue any legal action: "I just want an apology. And I'm going to wait for that.

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    No Huddle Radio: A Bear Cupboard in Green Bay

    in Football

    Join Marques, Jason, and Kristopher of ALLGBP.com are joined by Jason Hirschhorn of AcmePackingCompany in breaking down the Packers - Bears Monday nighter and updates on more walking wounded including quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  Just how bad is it in Green Bay?  Listen in and join the live chat! They'll also be handing out "game balls and lame calls" as well as reviewing the weekly Stock Report, where they examine who's trending and in what direction. Finally, they look ahead to the Packers' next opponent, the Philadelphia Eagles
    Join the writers at AllGreenBayPackers.com for a fast hitting discussion of all things Packers. Please be sure to visit  ALLGREENBAYPACKERS.COM, where we are "All Packers All the Time."  You can also browse Packers Talk Radio Network for more Packers podcasts from the best Packers bloggers on the internet.

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    No Huddle Radio: Packers Win at Baltimore, Suffer Losses

    in Football

    Join Marques, Jason, and Kristopher of ALLGBP.com breaking down the Packers - Ravens game and updating the statuses of Randall Cobb, James Jones and Nick Perry.  Listen in for some potential roster moves the Packers could make in the wake of Sunday's game.
    They'll also be handing out "game balls and lame calls" as well as reviewing the weekly Stock Report, where they examine who's trending and in what direction.
    Finally, they look ahead to the Packers' next opponent, the Cleveland Browns
    Join the writers at AllGreenBayPackers.com for a fast hitting discussion of all things Packers. Please be sure to visit  ALLGREENBAYPACKERS.COM, where we are "All Packers All the Time."  You can also browse Packers Talk Radio Network for more Packers podcasts from the best Packers bloggers on the internet.

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    Sick and Twisted

    in Entertainment

    Join Sick and Twisted as we Take Wrestling shows to the Extreme.With Host Terry Pantera, and Kristopher Kage. This show is not a PG show so dont think your getting ur Old New Age Wrestling Radio show because ur not this is the show all Grown up.

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