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    Dr. Kristine Kevorkian - Death and Dying

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    Dr. Kristine Kevorkian holds a doctorate in thanatology, the study/science of death and dying. She worked as a hospice social worker for many years, and a deputy coroner. Dr. Kevorkian has received certificates of recognition for Outstanding Social Work Service from political figures in California.
    Kristine managed to come full circle in researching, defining and protecting the terms "environmental grief" and "ecological grief." This research allows her the opportunity to combine her love for whales and the environment with her passion for thanatology. In conducting her research, Kristine found political parties manipulating terms intended to protect the environment. In order to secure these terms and definitions, scientists and professors encouraged her to protect the terms.
    Dr. Kristine Kevorkian is an educator, consultant, international speaker on issues of end-of-life care, grief and loss, death and dying, environmental grief and ecological grief.

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    What Not to Do in the World of Modern Recruiting with Kristine Sexter

    in Legal

    Kristine Sexter, President of WorkWise Productions and FindTrainKeep Great Employees, is an industrial and organizational consultant who has devoted more than 22 years to studying success and professional commitment. She has an extensive background in recruiting, developing and retaining top talent, and has been called "THE" authority in teaching executives and leadership teams how to find, train and keep great employees. She is a professional speaker, consultant and columnist and is the author of six books, including Rolling Out the Recognition: Employee Retention Strategies for Manufacturers.

    Sexter will be presenting two sessions at ALA’s upcoming Human Resources Conference for Legal Professionals, February 18-20 in Orlando, Florida, and she’s here today to give us a little preview “Where to Put Your Recruiting Dollars: The Top Five Undisputed Sources for Finding Right-Fit Employees.”

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    What If ONE Question Could Change Your Life? (Coach Spotlight: Jeanet Annoff)

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    Join Host, Kristine Burke, as she interviews Transformational Coach and Soul Art Program Master, Jeanet Annoff of the Netherlands.

    When after a mystery illnes in 2011, Jeanet Annoff realised that she could have died without warning, she vowed that from now on she would
     only do things that mattered to HER. Only, she had no idea what that was. "Born into a violent home situation, I was trained to focus on my
     environment by default. I had no idea what mattered to ME and I was determined to find out," she says.
    During her recovery she started to explore alternative medicine and quickly discovered the connection between soul, mind, body and spirit by personal experience. Sensing the potential within herself, she became certified in multiple healing modalities so she could experiment, because she wanted results. Fast.
    Within two years time she transformed her life, going from psychiatric patient to healer, coach and and Soul Artist.
    "I believe everybody is their own healer, teacher and coach and that is how I see my clients," Jeanet says. She is creating a one-woman theater show based on her life experiences. "People need to see with their own eyes, how simple it can be to change your life. Words are just words, and my theater show will help you experience it with me as I tell my story with creativity and humor."

    Jeanet will be offering a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PACKAGE to our listeners.



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    The Road to Enlightenment with Kellie Fitzgerald and Kristine Marie Naef

    in Goals

    My guest today is my friend and fellow author Kristine Marie Naef.  Today we'll be talking about the new book we're both co-authors of "Beyond the Loss, Breaking the Stigma of Depression and Suicide" as well as a bit about our personal stories battling depression, illness and much, much more.

    While this doesn't seem like my usual positive topic, I assure you it is.  The more open and honest conversations we have about depression, suicide and other mental illnesses the brighter and more positive our society as a whole will become.  For too long people have felt ashamed to admit they were having dark thoughts and needed help.  It is my hope this show and this upcoming book will start some conversations to let people it's OK to need help and it's OK to openly grieve the loss of a loved one who committed suicide.

    As always thanks so much for listening!

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    Women in Wireless Interview Series with Executive Women: KRISTINE NEWMAN

    in Women

    This is Women in Wireless Interviews with Executive Women. Women in Wireless is a global networking group of over 12,000 members and our mission is to connect, inspire and empower women in mobile and digital.

    In this podcast series we interview exceptional women who have advanced to the executive level in this often male dominated industry to get their perspective and gain inspiration from their journey. 

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    LaToya Rose, Financial Wellness Coach

    in Lifestyle

    LaToya Rose is the Executive Director of LR International. She has been a Financial Wellness Coach for ten (10) plus years and strives to empower individuals and businesses to create wealth and profits. She is Certified as a Tax Accountant, Financial Specialist, and Transitional Life Coach.

    Currently, LaToya Rose conducts seminars and workshops for corporations, community organizations, and individuals in the areas of financial, life, and business management. The seminars and workshops include: Too Legit to Quit: Small Business Profits, Financial First Aid Intensive Clinic, Creating Wealth and Improving Financial Health; Transitioning like a B.O.S.S., The Glass is Half Full training, Financing Your Education: Scholarships and Grants Edition, and other special topics related to domestic violence, sexual assault, and suicide awareness.

    LaToya Rose is offering a no-cost discovery call for our listeners and a $50 credit to use towards the purchase of her products and services.

    Follow @SpeakLaToyaRose on social media, like her fan page on Facebook, and join her on Periscope for her Manifest Greatness Morning Boast (#MGMB). 

    Contact Latoya at: http://meetme.so/LaToyaRose.

    And, as always, you can reach the Host, Kristine Burke, at CoachKris@me.com.

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    Shadè Y. Adu: Establish yourself as a visible and rock star online

    in Lifestyle

    Shadè Y. Adu is a personal brand strategist, empowerment speaker, and the founder of Savvy Soultions Consulting LLC which offers signature online branding services for visionary women entrepreneurs. . She is trained specifically to help individuals strategize and establish themselves as a visible and rock star online brand empire. Her years of experience as an international educator and trainer allow her to offer creative solutions for womenpreneurs and their brands on the coveted path to online brand building success.

    Shadè particularly specializes in online branding, digital product creation, and live streaming. She offers her services to individuals, small business owners, organizations, and corporations. 

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    Vassiena Adesanya and Transforming Yourself to the Next Phase of Your Life

    in Lifestyle

    Vassiena is president and CEO of VAJARE Enterprises, a certified Life Coach and a certified Motivational Speaker by Les Brown Enterprises. She is finance professional with over 20 years of sales, insurance, mortgage and compliance experience. However it is her reputation as a Master Transformer, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach that is growing by leaps and bounds. With her unique brand of humor and transparency, Vassiena fuels women to transform their lives in the midst of turmoil with ease and confidence.\

    Vassiena ‘s mission is to empower individuals to move beyond self-imposed limitations and to live the life of their dreams at any age.


    She offers the following virtual coaching programs:

    "Moving Past FEAR"

    "Crushing Your Biggest Goal in 90 days"

    "Don’t Stress, R.E.S.T. your Way to A Breakthrough."

    "How to Transition from Employee to Employer"

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    Natisha Willis, Connection Coach & Networking Strategist

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    Most women start businesses as a way to create freedom for themselves - well freedom requires friends. That is the tagline for my membership organization, the Freedom Friends Club - where we connect and create friendships with other awesome individuals to create freedom for ourselves. Whether we define freedom financially, emotionally or with some other -ally - we will need ALLIES or friends to both achieve and maintain freedom.


    So with making friends as my aim, I create both physical and virtual spaces for women entrepreneurs to create lasting friendships. I run a mastermind group for women entrepreneurs, I volunteer in my local community both as a Certified SCORE Mentor and as a mentor for the Junior Achievement Rising Women program, a program to teach high school girls how to run, operate and liquidate their first real entrepreneurial venture. I work primarily with women who are committed to personal development and use public speaking, coaching, training and book writing to change their own lives and the lives of their communities.

    Coaching for me means partnering together to create transformation in the world. 


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    Are Your Dreams Worthy of YOU? (Coach Spotlight: Cheranissa Roach)

    in Lifestyle

    Join Host, Kristine Burke, as she interviews transformational coach, Cheranissa Roach.

    "I have a soft spot for moms, Cheranissa shares. "I love helping them to pursue their dreams while raising their families without sacrificing either."

    In addition, Cheranissa conducts seminars and workshops for corporations, community organizations and individuals. The seminars and workshops include: Adjusting to Change, Retrain your Brain for Success, What You Think About—You Bring About, Jump Start Your Journey to Success, Racing to the Top, and the life changing, Parenting Under Pressure.

    Ms. Roach is a Certified Christian Life Coach, Certified Diversity Trainer and a Certified Wellness Trainer with the Professional Woman Network. And she will be offering a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PROGRAM to our listeners.


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    Learn What Feeds You—On Plate and Off w/Irene Ross (Coach Highlight Episode)

    in Lifestyle

    Irene Ross knows what feeds us. She's dedicated more than a decade to studying and coaching what nourishes  us, what we crave, and why there is often a difference between the two. “In order to thrive, we need emotional, financial, spiritual, career and community wellness," Irene says, "and every one of them ties in to how we feel physically. The idea that the food that we eat is separate from the rest of our experience has not only led to our collective weight and health challenges, it has fed our sense of shame and guilt, which drives much of our eating—round-and-round the cycle goes. If food were just food, it would be easy to eat only what we know to be good for us.”

    Listen in as our host, Kristine Burke, interviews long-time friend and fellow wellness coach, Irene Ross. Irene is offering a SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL COACHING PACKAGE to our BTR audience. Enjoy the opportunity to feel greater peace in your body as Irene shares her wisdom as well as some of her many client success stories about how she has helped her clients to make peace with the food on their plates by focusing on how well they nourish themselves off-plate.

    For more information, please visit Irene at:  www.irenefross.com (under construction) and www.ifrmarketingcommunications.com.