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    Kravitz on ACA Futures

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    Don't expect an aria, but our Monday guest is quite capable of it. Instead David Kravitz will come on as lawyer and poltiical analyst to discuss the Affordable Care Act. ACA, or in the moment, ObamaCare, survived the huge challenge before the SCOTUS. We'll discuss with David its constitutionality, its future, and perhaps how the tax angle arose and what it means. He is well known also as a founder of BlueMassGroup.

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    Interview with Virginia Kravitz

    in Spirituality

    Today Mark and Ralph talk with Virginia Kravitz. 

    Virginia Kravitz, Career and LIfe Coach, is the Founder of In the Current®.  Ginny guides accomplished professionals to move through change and have greater joy in their careers and lives.  Her unique approach incorporates the Five Stages of Living in the Current.  More at: www.inthecurrent.com 

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    TECHNORI REALLATV Seth Kravitz and Steve Tomaszewski

    in Technology

    REALLATV.com presents another "1st" LIVE show at "TECHNORI" LIVE @ JP Morgan Chase Plaza in Chicago with CEO Seth Kravitz & CEO Steve Tomaszewski of www.ReallaTV.com
    Technori Pitch Technori Pitch is a monthly showcase of the city’s most innovative companies, pitching their latest technologies. It’s the city’s first large-scale, curated platform for companies to demo before an audience of entrepreneurs, executives, and enthusiasts. Every month, five companies get: - 5 minutes to demo their product. - 3 minutes of moderated audience Q&A.

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    Lynette Washington is a native New Yorker. She sings in several languages. Her style is rooted in the jazz, R&B, and gospel. Lynette began singing in Russian nightclubs in New York and Europe. She recorded on GRP releases of jazz trumpeter Tom Browne and with her own R&B/Dance group Touché on Emergency Records. She worked with Aretha Franklin, U2, and Peter Gabriel and was featured in New Voices of Freedom in U2's Rattle & Hum, BBC's One World, One Voice, and Lenny Kravitz's "Give Peace A Chance" on Virgin Records. Lynette recorded radio commercials and appeared in national TV commercials for Roy Rogers, Mercedes Benz, Boy’s Town, Nescafe and Pizza Hut. She appeared with drummers Buddy Williams and Anton Fig, saxophonists Clifford Jordan and Gerry Niewood and bassists Alex Blake and Cameron Brown. Her appearances include Creole, The River Room, Sweet Rhythm, Azalea, Opa, and Lenox Lounge. In 1999, Lynette completed her first solo project entitled Long, Long Ago (A Jazz Celebration of Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa (1999)) featuring Chuck Mangione's reedman Gerry Niewood. Her second project, Smoky Dawn (2003) with Gold/Platinum Award winning producer, pianist Dennis Bell to release a double CD LIVE! at Harlem's Kennedy Center.





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    Creative Ideas For Designing with Italian Tiles and Ceramics of Milan

    in Design

    Hello Family, Welcome back this week to our clips and tips segment! Happy Wednesday and we're moving right into the fall season. We have a great show planned ahead for creating and implementing ideas with Italian Tiles and Ceramics of Milan. Yes, they are the leading industry trend setters for the ceramic tile industry, and we focus on how well they're able to capture creativeness, elegance and style with porcelain stone wares. We also go over how world renowned recording artist, songwriter, instramentalist, and now designer Lenny Kravitz has captivated the industry in his collaboration with a leading trend setting tile company- Lea Ceramiche. So, tune in with tonight for an exciting segment!

    See Ya There!


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    5 Secrets of Highly Successful Law Firm Retirement Plans

    in Legal


    What do highly successful law firms know about retirement plans – that you don’t?  Tune into this podcast and learn how strategic retirement plans can make your firm more competitive and profitable. From designing and managing retirement plans to avoiding big mistakes along the way, learn the top secrets for successful law firm retirement planning. 

    About Dan Kravitz

    Dan Kravitz, President of Kravitz, Inc., is nationally recognized as a leading expert on retirement plans for law firms. He has been a featured speaker at numerous national retirement industry conferences, is the author of a popular book, Beyond the 401(k) and has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal and other major publications. Backed by his expert actuarial and technical team, Kravitz has helped thousands of law firms implement innovative, highly successful retirement plans.


    Contact: http://www.kravitzinc.com/

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    The Week In Reviews - Singer Songwriter Christina Holmes

    in Music

    In June 2013, Christina Holmes, a singer/songwriter originally from New Jersey, now based in Rhode Island, was presented with the opportunity to record her debut album with multi-platinum producer Narada Michael Walden after he heard some of her demos and was blown away by her raw talent. Walden has produced music royalty like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin, and worked with world-class musicians like Sting, Carlos Santana and Lenny Kravitz. He bonded not only with her talent, but also with the message her music represents. Soon after Christina flew to California to begin working with Narada at his legendary Tarpan Studios. 

    I will be talking to Christina Holmes about Peace, Love and C. Holmes. Better still. we will be taking a couple of tracks for a spin.

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    William Rottman, "Running My Mind"

    in Music

    William Rottman is a Canadian born singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His sound blends the energy of the late-60s with a contemporary rock edge. William's new 11-track disc entitled After So Long is finally here and his songs are ready to lick your eardrums and send shivers down your spine. William's vocal style has been compared to Adam Levine (Maroon 5), Pat Monahan (Train), Sting and James Taylor. William was exposed to music from a young age. He was a child prodigy and was featured in a local Canadian newspaper playing drums at the age of 7. At 12 he began teaching himself guitar and bass. As a guitarist and background vocalist for Maverick/Custard recording artist, Ben Jelen, William appeared on the "CBS Late, Late Show" and the NBC hit TV drama series "Las Vegas," amongst others. He has been the voice of Coke, Pantene, Verizon, and Campbell's Soup, and has sung alongside Lenny Kravitz. Most recently William toured the US with Australian platinum recording artist, Shannon Noll (Sony BMG).

    Mary E. and Steve Champagne first met William at The Depot in Cold Spring NY, in 2008 and since then have remained connected through the music. William has performed in Michigan City Indiana for the "Strides" event where he generously donated his time and talent for a great cause. 

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    "Up Close & Personal" with Keyboardist/Composer " Cal Harris Jr."

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    Cal Harris Jr.’s upbringing in Los Angeles was not a typical one. His earliest exposure to music took place literally in the company of legends. As the son of Grammy-nominated sound engineer Calvin Harris, Cal Harris Jr. grew up wandering the halls of the renowned Motown Studios in Los Angeles. In fact, one of his fondest childhood memories was a trip to the candy store with Melvin Franklin of the Temptations—a treat he would appreciate even more as an adult. It was within this environment that Harris would develop a love affair with music…and a well-groomed talent.
    “I fell in love with arranging music after attending a Commodores session with my dad. It was a great track and I fell asleep as they began working on the orchestration. I woke up a few hours later in a wonder land of music. Soaring strings and horns, and sizzling cymbal swells. It was amazing to hear the transformation, an experience I'll never forget." It's no surprise that Cal Harris Jr. went on to a career as a very sought after sound engineer and producer. He has worked with such music monsters as Earth Wind and Fire, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Whitney Houston, and Beyonce. Harris found a comfortable niche as a very sought after recording engineer, programmer, and keyboard player for music giants. Still, it wouldn’t be long before he could no longer control the desire to combine his talents and record his very own works. The time had come for Cal Harris Jr. push his abilities to the next level and reveal the gifted composer within him.

    Cal has a passion and talent for composition as well as a lifetime of priceless experiences in the industry. He drives home the idea of creating solid, seductive, and infectious melodies through impeccable production. He is involved in nearly every part of his music's production, including writing, keyboards and mixing. 

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    PSYCHED UP RADIO SPECIAL FEATURE: Franklin Vanderbilt, Never Taken "Alive!"

    in Entertainment

    Royalprince Franklin Vanderbilt was born to drum. Born on April 13, 1978, his Grandmother named him Royalprince, anticipating an exciting and worldly future for her young Grandson. Raised on Chicago's West side, Franklin's family encouraged the development of his innate musical talents. As soon as Prince Franklin could crawl he was banging on pots and pans, and by age 5, he was seated on a Ludwig drum kit given to him by his Father and Grandfather. This began a childhood filled with music.

    In 2002, when legendary r&b/funk diva Chaka Khan came to Las Vegas to perform, she selected Franklin to hold the drum seat with her and her band for the next 2 1/2 years.  When he was not working with Chaka he toured, worked and recorded with fusion jazz pioneer, Stanley Clarke, rock guitarist Richie Kotzen and Billy Sheehan.

    In 2005, Franklin had the honor of working with 22 time Grammy winner Stevie Wonder.  In 2007, Royalprince Franklin firmly established himself as a professional percussionist when he received a call from 8 time Grammy winner Lenny Kravitz to become a member of his band. Franklin has been touring worldwide and making TV appearances with Lenny Kravitz for the past seven years. 

    A young and seasoned musician, Franklin continues to focus on his music through songwriting, singing and composition of original music. Franklin embraces the same passion he brings to the stage in his daily celebration of life. 



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