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    No Not That - Trigger your Hunger for a Bigger Game

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    Join for me for Segment 2 of the 'Play Your Bigger Game' series launch.

    Last week I introduce to Rick Tamlyn's concept of 'Life is all Made up' so why not  make it something Fun & Engaging by playing a bigger game.

    Today we'll explore the first square on the board - HUNGER - and how it gets activated in our lives.

    Hunger lives deep within us!  It activates us to want either something More, to stop something that's wrong, or to fill a Need that's Missing.

    I'll talk about all three on today's call and examples of Bigger Game players.

    Learn more about the Bigger Game and how you can Play Yours at our upcoming workshops at Heart-Centered Programs.

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    Sharpton on hunger strike! NOT! - Marriage a human right?

    in Politics

    Hr1  UK welfare bride who is too fat to work says taxpayers should pay $15k for her wedding. It's a human right!

    Woman passed over for a job due to inappropriate attire. Judgement is one of those skills you need to land a job, that includes in your attire & how you handle criticism. The only way this woman is going to land a job now is by getting a face transplant after posting a profanity-laced rant on social media.

    Hr2   Millennials, common sense, and entitlements. Do you hire people in the millennial generation?

    Ben Carson says he and Rev. Al Sharpton have the same goal for America. Ben is either naive and trying to give Sharpton the benefit of the doubt or completely oblivious. Either way, he's not equipped to be president!

    Only in California would legislators declare a state of emergency after dumping perfectly good, clean water into the ocean in order to save an un-endangered bait fish! We should have been capturing that water for years. Now we have a man-made dust bowl, courtesy of the California Legislature. Genius! 

    Hr3  Ohio public school hosts “Covered Girl Challenge” asks students to wear a hijab for a day. Do you think it's ok? Do you think they'll also challenge students to wear a yarmulke? A cross? A priest's robe? A Sikh dastaar? Doubtful.

    Rev. Al Sharpton launches hunger strike to get Loretta Lynch AG confirmation.

    Out-of-state students at UVA and UMD were asked if they would be willing to give up their U.S. citizenship to become “undocumented students” so their tuition would be $80k less. Think they did it? Yep!

    Scott Eastwood reveals what Clint Eastwood was like as a father, Old school upbringing.

    And now, the California legislature is working to provide medical for illegals. Why?

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    peterson Garcia Post Fight Show

    in Sports

    mashtuck sports radio post fight boxing show

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    Thirst & Hunger!!!!

    in Entertainment

    Yes we about to go in tonight we want to know who is more thirst men or women. Also we will also be touching on who has the highest sex drive men or women. Tonight we about to go there so I hope you all are ready to call in baby! The great Dr. Exposed aka Deon Walker along with his wonderful co-host Alicia will be setting this thang off tonight.

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    Women Fight Back with Rose Colombo and Victoria Lee Scott

    in Current Events

    Listen to Live online worldwide radio, Women Fight Back, with Rose Colombo and Victoria Lee Scott, every Wednesday, 10:30a to 12pm pst and 1:30-3p est-usa.  Rose and Victoria share beauty tips, stress relief tips, quotes, women's issues, and poltical rants on current events.  Theyare seasoned business women, Beauty Experts, Radio Hosts, Political Activists, and Advocates for Justice.  Share, Follow, and Bookmark.  Listen Live worldwide online, podcasts, or call in at (347) 324-3704.  All shows archived at freedomizer radio or www.rose4justice.com 

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    Fight Fatigue

    in Health

    Are you tired of feeling tired? If the answer is yes, then the solution to your problem doesn¹t simply lie in getting more shut-eye. At this
    tele-lunch & learn expect to discover how a healthy diet, regular exercise, and proper stress management are your best allies in the fight against fatigue.

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    SNFL Jose Diaz Jungle Fight 76 Special

    in MMA

    On a special Friday episode of Sunday Night Fights Live we spend this show talking with Jose Diaz one half of the main event fight at Jungle Fight 76. Diaz will have his toughest test yet and it is for the Jungle Fight Welterweight Title to boot. Join us Friday April 10th at 9pm EST / 6pm PST 

    Make sure to check out the great sponsors that make the show happen.

    Caliber Media

    Takedown Grapplewear

    Scrap Soldier Clothing 

    MMA Somnia


    Global Combat Network 

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    Knuckle Up! #297 UFC Fight Talk

    in Sports

    Listen Live to Sports Action Network Radio as we bring you internet Radio content from some of the best Boxing, Kickboxing, BJJ, MMA, fighters, promoters and Shows from around the World!

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    How to Fight for Your Life

    in Education

    If at all possible, you want to avoid having to fight for your life. You want to escape, run away, and make sure you and your family are safe. However, it may come down to the point when you know if you do not fight---- you will die. When that happens, and only you can make that call.....it is then time to fight for your life. These are things they did not teach you in school, or work or in your home. However, if and when that happens.....do not be timid, do not hesitate....FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

    This episode will go over the ways you will fight for your life......do not miss it. 

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    UFC Fight Night 64 recap, Rampage & Bellator issues, the biggest in UFC history

    in MMA

    On tonight’s episode of The Majority Decision we will take a look back at UFC Fight Night 64. Mirko Cro Cop made his return to the UFC, how did he fair in his rematch with Gabriel Gonzaga? There was a big upset in the woman’s strawweight division, does the winner deserve a title shot? Quinton Jackson has been forced out of his UFC 186 fight because a court ruled in favor of a Bellator injunction filed against the fighter. Did the judge make the correct call? Also, this past week was the anniversary of one the biggest fights in the history of the UFC. Take a walk down memory lane with us as remember the first Forrest Griffin versus Stephan Bonnar. A fight that changed the UFC forever.

    Listen live to The Majority Decision every Sunday night at 10 PM central time!

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    Paydirt! Former NFL Pro Bowl Running Back Thomas Jones is on the Show!

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      On this episode of The VDown, we welcome 12 year NFL veteran and Pro Bowl Running Back Thomas Jones to the show! Thomas was drafted #7 in the first round by the Arizona Cardinals in the year 2K out of the University of Virginia. From there he went on to play with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Chicago Bears where he rushed for 112 yards with an average of 7.5 yards a carry in Super Bowl XLI. He then went on to the New York Jets. 

      During the 2008 season with the Jets, Jones scored 13 rushing touchdowns, 2 receiving touchdowns, and an AFC leading 1312 yards rushing. This strong play sent Jones to the Pro Bowl for the 2008 season. He then set a New York Jets record for rushing touchdowns the following season with 14.

      Thomas then spent his final two seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs. During his time with the Chiefs, Jones become only the 25th player in the 95 year history of the National Football League.

      So join us on April 7th at 5 pm CT/ 6 pm ET as we reminisce with Thomas about his playing days and have him tell us about his new adventures and plans for the future at www.blogtalkradio.com/vdown. If you can't listen live you can always listen later at www.blogtalkradio.com/vdown and don't forget to visit our products page at www.thevdown.webstarts.com/products.

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