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    Creating Your True Reality with Michael Alan Kowal and Lordiel

    in Spirituality

    Understand and embrace the essence of genuinely living a life full of joy from aspiring to your fullest potential not only through referring to tried and true philosophies, but using actual tools with which to attain and maintain the goals these philosophies teach. From bodywork to herbs, daily self-care methods to meditation techniques, experiential involvement with nature to recipes for disease remediation, there are myriad possibilities for personal success on all levels of perception for health and well being, that make life not only more survivable, but joyful.
    With the purest of intentions, it is Michael Kowal's goal to connect to all of his listeners  with hopes of not only engaging them with pure enjoyment through his music, but perhaps a life-changing experience that speaks only of knowing, and knows only truth. Michael Alan Kowal aka Nashista is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and synthesist. Michael has been writing and performing for thirty years and has focused on ambient/meditative music for the past sixteen, writing pieces for film, performance, and the meditative arts. His eclectic background is comprised of not only music, but Massage Therapy, QiGong, TaiChi, and Wildlife Biology, sharing his teaching experiences with people of all ages from children to the elderly.   www.massagempower.com

    Lordiel, a Spiritual Practitioner is available for individuals and groups ,more info @ www.celestial-energies.com    A LOVE Offering is greatly appreciated @ www.paypal.com Please use asklordiel@gmail.com for gift giving. Thank-you!

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    As the seasons change so do our bodies to adjust to these changes it is all good

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    We have a lot of people this time of year, especially in Canad feeling a little bit sleepy or thinking that they are run down or needing extra rest. Well it is true that you need to give yourself some extra rest however it is very natural for you to be feeling a little bit sleepy right. now. 

    If you think about it your physical body is actually made up of your natural world. So as the natural world is going through a major change or shift so is your physical body. Here on this part of the planet we are moving from summer into fall/winter, a hibernation time, which by the way doesn't mean that we all curl up in our houses and go to sleep for six months. However our times and schedules do change, a shorter day, meaning less natural light is something our bodies do respond to naturally. 

    Change of season is a wonderful thing, don't worry about it or try and out maneurver it, instead go with it, take that extra nap, go to bed an hour earlier, wake up an hour earlier if you can. Remove something from your busy schedule and take five while your body with the natural world makes that change. We are all one we are all naturally tuned in to one another.

    And not to worry very soon once the shift has occurred and we are into the cooler weather you will be back on. Most people have a body prefernce. Are you more active or alive or energetic feeling in the summer or winter or warmer or cooler climate, that's all good, just go with it. When you are operating from the place of who you truly are your life just gets better and better.

    All of Our Love

    Christine Kowal ~ The Heart Energy Program

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    Part 6 It's all up to You , What would you like to do in this life?

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    Love is the most powerful force, creator, who you are inside, what runs the world and what can run your life if you focus on your Heart Energy, your gut feeling, the positive, raising your vibration, making yourself Feel Good. 

    You have the power to Create Your World, all you have to do is believe and Create. Creation is the focusing on what it is you want, going inside for each and every question that you have and never doing what everyone else is doing unless that is what your Inner Guidance System is telling you to do, Your Gut Feeling. 

    Focus on what you want, Follow Your Gut Feeling in each and every decision that you make and Always do things that make You Feel Good from the Inside. 

    All of Our Love And Thank you for Being part of The Heart Energy Program and listening

    Christine Kowal  The Heart Energy Program

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    Part 5 What Happens When Something Very Difficult comes up in our Lives?

    in Spirituality

    Love is the most powerful force, creator, who you are inside, what runs the world and what can run your life if you focus on your Heart Energy, your gut feeling, the positive, raising your vibration, making yourself Feel Good. 

    Everybody has difficult times in their life or what some consider to be challenges or what some consider to be the closing of one part of your life, the opening of another or what some consider to be the end of something the begining of something new. A lesson we need to learn to get to the other side or where you want to go.

    LIfe is always a choice, we are in no way making light of difficult times what we are suggesting is that every topic has two topics and that is where we are going to take you so that when those difficult times come up you can push forward from them.

    Thank you for listening and being a part of the show

    All of Our Love Christine Kowal The Heart Energy Program

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    Part 2 Old Addictive Behaviour

    in Spirituality

    How do I find that inside place in me instead of going to old habits?

    We spoke last week about how to break the forward motion of a bad habit. A bad Habit that has become Addictive Behaviour. That which we turn to without conscious thought without thinking in a flow of forward motion.

    This week is part two of this discussion. Once we have caught that negative thought, once we start becoming conscious of our difficult places and stopping in that moment of feeling bad before we reach for out old behaviour.  Putting our hand on our Heart and taking three deep breaths, with our eyes closed, if possible. Whats next? So I am conscious, I am still then going and taking that drink, putting that piece of food in my mouth, or whatever it is that your addictive behaviour or bad habit takes you to.

    What do I do instead? Indeed is the important question.

    Part 2 is:

    What do I do Instead of My Old Addictive Behaviour? We will be discussing the next step. Hope to see you there. 

    All of Our Love

    Christine Kowal ~ The Heart Energy Program

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    What is the Heart Beat of the World and Why does it make us Feel so Good?

    in Spirituality

    The Heart Beat of the Earth is felt inside each and every one of us. All living beings have a Heart Beat or that piece of God, Love, Universe, Creator inside. It is how and what we share and who we are and it is Love Peace, Joy, Bliss.

    When you are open and listening to the Heart Beat of the Universe you are feeling good. Some can hear the actual rythmn, in actuality You can all heart the rythmn when you learn and take time to listen. But even if you cannot feel it as a rythmn, you feel it within your own Heart Beat, Your own Centre, Your own Core, and it makes you Feel Good, it makes You Feel Very Very Good, and it makes you go out and do good things.

    Learn next week what the Heart Beat is and How to Understand and Feel it.

    We Love you All, The Earth Loves you  ~ The Heart Energy Program ~ Christine Kowal and The Animals

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    Who Makes You Feel Good And How do You Make that work for you in a Good way?

    in Spirituality

     You have Absolutely and Completley Everything that You need inside of You. You are the Creator of Your World. So why doesn't my world look the way that I want it to? What can I do to create the world that I want?

    Well one very important part of Your world is who you put in it and how you interact with them. And we know that sometimes their are people that are in our life for life. So focus on the people that make you feel good, put more of them in your life.

    Get stronger about who You are, work on making people feel good, as you start working on making yourself a more positive person more positive people are drawn to you, you Heart Energy radiates out. When Mother Theresa used to enter into an area where people were fighting, the fighting would stop while she was there.

    That was a woman who held her power, she was on a mission  and her  belief in herself, her Heart Energy, what she was doing was so powerful that her love simply spread out around her where ever she went.

    When you Love yourself others love you back. You can make others feel good by feeling good yourself and when people don't feel good there are a few things that You can do to make it work for you, that is what we will be discussing next week. 

    All of Our Love

    Christine Kowal  ~ The Heart Energy Program

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    Episode 13: With Dmitry Gerasimov (Blitz Edition)

    in MMA

    Dmitry Gerasimov is a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who currently competes in the featherweight division of Ressurection Fighting Alliance (RFA), which airs their fights on AXS TV. Originally born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, he has lived in the US since he was 5 years old. He was the Minnessota State and Regional Taewkondo champion for blackbelt. He is a student of UFC bantamweight Pedro Munhoz and Strikeforce veteran Marcus Kowal in California. Gerasimov will be fighting Chinzo Machida, older brother to UFC fighter Lyoto Machida, at RFA 15 on June 6th at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Culver City, Ca. 

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    Heart Energy and Money - How do I Raise My Vibration around Money?

    in Motivation

    Money is one of the largest things that most people need to deal with because at the moment most of us require it to survive, and it seems the more money people have the easeir their life or survival.

    Now we will say that that is not always the case, however money is very important in the world at the moment and the best way to live, we think, is doing what you love, what you are here to do and making good money for it so that you get to live the way that you want to live and you are happy and Feel Good most of the time. So how do you use Heart Energy or your Inner Guidance System, your inner voice to create money, that will be next weeks topic.

    All of Our Love 

    Christine Kowal ~ The Heart Energy Program ~

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    Mark Radcliffe,- plus Motion Potion's Robbie Kowal

    in Entertainment

    6:00 EST..Mark Radcliffe...http://markradcliffe.net/...http://www.youtube.com/markradcliffeSoon he switched his focus from writing to songwriting, playing in various nationally-recognized venues like Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta, Club Passim in Boston, Mississippi Studios in Portland, OR, The Living Room & Rockwood Music Hall in New York, and LA venues such as Genghis Cohen, the Room 5 Lounge, and the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. And then while living and playing regularly in LA, Mark met Rob Giles, a singer in The Rescues, who would become his next producer & co-writer.6:30 EST...Motion Potion...http://www.motionpotion.com/...http://www.youtube.com/user/m0ti0np0ti0nMoPo (aka Robbie Kowal) is one of America's most versatile, experienced and flat-out joyous party rockers. His decade long mission is to 'put the party back into the party', and to connect the casual music fan with the hard core dance music mavens; proving that music is more than just beats.

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    The Fast Life of Dr. Robin!

    in Current Events

    Nearly 6 months ago, the Central/ Cocoanut neighborhood was under attack. Well-wishers from outside of the community chose to install a mural that was seen as gangland graffiti and drew nothing but negative fire until it was removed...
    Now the "artist/ tagger" responsible has struck again!
    Join us as we discuss the impact that this has on the children of this community, the neighborhood itself and, to a greater extent, Sarasota!
    RiseRadio | Weekly! will open the conversation with the owner of Sarasota Architectural Salvage to understand if the insult hurled at Scott Gerber is intentional.
    We'll also invite Scott Gerber, Denise Kowal and Dr. Allison Pinto to call in and share their insight on this issue.

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