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    Marisa Ronstadt : sings Bluberry Moon. Matt LeGrand: pop master heart throb

    in Music

    Marisa Ronstadt hails from a talented family whose name was made famous by her cousin, Linda Ronstadt. Marisa’s musical tastes are rooted in mariachi, R&B/soul, and rock, but like many Mexican-Americans raised in the U.S., her influences range from Lola Beltran and Pedro Infante, to The Beatles and Marvin Gaye.  Now In Los Angeles, Marisa began songwriting with Jeremy Keller, and before she knew it, they had given birth to a new band, Marisa and The Know It Alls. Her debut single Blueberry Moon is the first recording by “The Know-It-Alls” and she joins us this Friday to tell the story.

    Matt LeGrand is a an emerging pop singer based in Chicago whose music is a sleek mix of Nick Jonas’ style and Justin Bieber's urban feel mixed into a unique sound that’s entirely his own. His debut single “Spring Break GRL” blasts off with a booming beat, Matt’s vocals creating an unforgettable melody that flows fluidly across the slick synths aimed right at his legions of fans known as The Legrand Girls. He will bring “Spring Break GRL” and his other songs to us Friday and any LeGrand Girl who wants to call in a talk with him is welcome on the air.

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    Slow Down, Take Note, Nature Sings Her Song!!!

    in Spirituality

    Please join us this morning as part of your own Honoring Hour of Self. We’ll be sharing a message of peace, love and the realized birth, which is happening about us, right here right now. All of Nature is singing its song of pure peace and perfect beauty.  Its brilliant enfoldment, is just calling to us, to take note.  What message is in her song? Join us this morning as Lynn  and JR share its peaceful song. 

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    Mom Threatened To Shoot Up Prom Event, Teen Sings Beyonce "Halo"

    in Indie Music


    Mom threatened to "CLAP THAT SH*T UP" if Prom teen didn't do something to pay her back her $500. See what this girl did to her mom while being scared straight. She made her mom cry while almost in tears..Voice of Porcha singing Beyonce "Halo" 
    Video by UDG Sounds Radio

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    Joanna Langfield's Movie Minute Podcast of Pitch Perfect 2.

    in Entertainment

    It may not be well, you know, perfect, but this harmonious sequel still sings.

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    Heavenly Sunlight

    in Religion

    Jeremiah Chapter 37 King James Version

    Here Zedekiah is made King over Judah,but Zedekiah or his servants or the people of Judah would listen to the words of the Lord as Spoken by his Prophet Jeremiah. But, they still want Jeremiah to pray for them, Eygpt is on the move to Jerusalem,and the Chaldeans hear  this and the departed from Jerusalem but came back.

    Psalms 149: 4 The Lord, takes pleasure in his people; He will beautify the humble with salvation.





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    * Day 3 | A 40 Day Journey | Prayer! Praise! Power! Help Us To Live Right *

    in Prayer

    Heavenly Father I Praise Your Most Precious and Awesome name

    for you Oh LORD are worthy to be Praised and there in no other God

    like you Our Jehovah.

    The Songwriter sings Bless the LORD Oh my soul and all that is within

    me Bless His Holy name. For you Oh LORD has done wonderful things

    for us Your Children. You have sent Your Son Jesus Christ who knew no

    sin Father to be sin for us. Jesus took our sins upon Himself and became 

    our Passover Lamb. Because of His Blood that was shed on Calvary's cross

    we a made right in your eyes. Father as we Pray, Praise together for these

    40 Days, Dear LORD I Pray for Your Holy Spirit Power to fall afresh on us

    Dear LORD and make us more like Jesus. Father I Pray for Breakthroughs, I

    Pray for Healing, Father I Pray for Supernatural Blessings and the Manifestation

    of Your Glory. Father there is no one like you Dear LORD...no one like You and 

    we set aside time to come to Pray, Praise and Worship You. Father as we come

    we Pray that everything that is not of You, will we washed away by the Righteous 

    Blood of Jesus Christ. Father, We Thank You, we Praise You and we Glorify Your

    Name. We lift Your Name Dear Father above All Other Names. Father, we cannot 

    Thank You Enough for Jesus Christ...Through whom we have the Gift of Eternal Life.

    Beloved, may the LORD richly Bless You for agreeing in Prayer, Praise and Power

    over the next 40 Days. It is my sincere Prayer the Great LORD move on Your Behalf

    in all aspects of your's and your families lives. Beloved as we choose to follow Jesus,

    let us be mindful of a Characteristic we identified in Noah and that Charateristic Beloved

    is "Righteousness." Righteousness Beloved is defined as "The State of Moral Perfection

    Required by God to enter Heaven." 

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    Gospel Artist Dante Hall Uses The Power of Music To Promote Love

    in Women

    Love is a powerful force, beyond just an emotion, and when expressed in song, it literally has the power to heal relationships. Gospel artist Dante Hall, in his new CD What About My Love, expresses the emotions of a man as he tries to bring back the one he loves into his life. As a Gospel and soul artist, Dante sings songs that delve deep into the power of love as a spiritual force that connects souls to each other and to their Creator for a healing energy that brings peace and contentment. He is part of the national gospel music 18 city music tour sponsored by McDonald's and Dr Pepper featuring major gospel artists in a free concert designed to raise money for The McDonald House Charities. As a featured vocalist andbackground singer for the Inspiration Celebation Gospel Tour, Dante Hall shares his insight, experience, and hopes for the transformative power of Gospel Music when infused in the inner city communities which sorely need spiritual upliftment.

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    What is the future of Hip Hop?

    in Entertainment

    I went to an event the other day and they were playing Rap music, as I listened I noticed that every song was about "Bitches", "Niggers" sexual organs, sexual acts and doing bodily harm to someone. Music is very powerful, it can get you through hard times. The military sings cadence when they train. Certain songs and musical instruments have been outlawed by countries.

    Songs are sung in protest and in churches to inspire and bring people together. At one time there were plenty of Rappers who made music to bring people together and give them a sense of pride but you'd be hard pressed to find one on the top ten nowadays. All this negativity has to be effecting our younger generation. What is the future of Hip Hop?

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    Sensual Voices - Carina and Alecia; co-authors and global entrepreneurs

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to a rich and powerful conversation with women about Sensuality, Desire and Connection.
    In this series of radio shows you can listen to the co-authors of the upcoming Heal My Voice book Sensual Voices: True Stories by Women Exploring Connection and Desire.

    Hosts: Andrea Hylen
    Guests: Carina Halvardsson, Sweden and Alecia Caine, USA/Italy

    Carina Halvardsson  is a dedicated body worker. She loves being a Qi Gong teacher because it helps the body, mind and soul to be in harmony. We all need to slow down, feel and see what is happening inside and outside of us. She loves when it´s simple, easy and fun. Life is too short to waste on complicated, difficult things. She loves nature and wants to be the voice for it. She loves the art of finding the essence of yourself, your inner genius. Her heart sings when she is allowed to be authentic and true.


    Alecia Caine is a modern day renaissance women. As a CPA and single mom, striving for work life balance in a male dominated profession, Alecia discovered her own path for success and created Moulala to empower and inspire women to live life to the fullest with joie de vivre while achieving financial success. A lover of travel, Alecia founded Find Your Self in France, designer of bespoke itineraries to France. After raising her 2 sons, she is following her passions from France to chocolate making, travel writing and more recently to Italy where she will live part time. 



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    * Speak Life-From Your Tongue *

    in Prayer

    Glory be to the name of Our Precious Lord and Savior

    Jesus Christ. The One Who Was and Is and Is To Come.

    Heavenly Father I Thank you for carrying us through

    another Beautiful, Wonderful Day...I Thank you Dear LORD

    for your Mercies, Thank You for your Grace, Thank you 

    for your Forgiveness, Thank you for your Lovingkindness

    that are all new each and every morning.

    The Songwriter sings "Your Grace is Enough" and it truly is.

    Beloved I've tasted and seen the sweetest of Life and that is

    Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Father through the Awesome

    Power of Your Holy Spirit I Praise you and I Glorify Your Name.

    And Father the Title this evening says "Speak Life-From The Tongue"

    and this is taken from the Scripture Reading that says "Life and Death

    is in the Power of the Tongue and those who love it will eat it's fruit."

    Beloved, can you discern when you are speaking death? How about when 

    you are speaking life? Beloved it breaks my heart to see how easy it is for

    Brethen in the Faith to tear down each other vs build up. Beloved I am no

    saint in speaking life or death. I truly believe it's the Grace of God through the Power

    of His Holy Spirit that is equipping me and teaching me to speak life vs death. So much so

    I have been speaking and the very thing I speak manifest within 24 hours.

    No joke. So the term "be careful what you wish for is very real in my life" I have to

    be careful what I speak. And I encourage you Beloved to get into Jehovah's will

    for your life. And no matter what others may have to say about you just

    know that if you are speaking from the heart, from the Holy Spirit of 

    the Almighty God, there is no condemnation in your speech. Join me as we Explore the Proverbs Together 

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    The Dace Man Show Ep 98 - Marching on Capital Hill

    in Radio

    In the world of Podcasting there is only one show where you will get it all! Join Chris "The Dace Man" Dace as he assembles a crew every Wednesday at 8PM EST to talk about all things sports, weird, political, and celeb related. Also enjoy popular segments Weird News with Gibby, Franks Corner, On Capital Hill with Nick Andrew, Gibby Sings, The Douchebag of The Week, and Who Said it.

    Official Face Book

    Official Tweet Machines:
    The Dace Man - https://twitter.com/TheDaceMan
    Frank Ward - https://twitter.com/freddddddddddyy
    Patty Mc Titties - https://twitter.com/bornxforthisx

    Official YouTube: