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    Kosherfest, blogs and kosher trends

    in Food

    We will be talking with mom blogger Esti Berkowitz, from Primetime Parenting, Kim Amzallag, Director of Marketing for The Jewish Daily Forward, and Soshana Raff, mom bloger at The Kosher Shopaholic.
    We will be discussing next week's Kosherfest, the new media presence and the impact of bloggers on the kosher food trends.

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    A schmooze with @koshereye about our top 10 picks from kosherfest 2010

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    Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending my second Kosherfest and my tastebuds are still satisifed from the diverse kosher products available today. I couldn’t wait to arrange a Blog Talk Radio interview with my friend Roberta Scher of KosherEye.com to get the inside scoop on their top 10 picks from the show this year.
    If you are not familiar with Kosherfest, according to the show’s producer, more than 6700 attended Kosherfest with a 17% increase in key buyers. Why are these numbers so high?
    Industry statistics show that the current kosher customer is 40 and under, and looking for gourmet, upscale and healthy kosher products. According to several sources*, the number of kosher consumers in the U.S. tops 12,100,000, and 21% of Americans who regularly or occasionally purchase kosher products do so because the items are kosher-certified. There are approximately 10,650 kosher producing companies and plants, there are 125,000 kosher certified products, 40% of kosher sales occur on the eve of Passover, 19,000 is the average number of kosher products in US supermarkets, and the dollar value of kosher products produced in the USA is $305,000,000,000.
    While many of the exhibitors still featured traditional kosher foods such as pickles, pastrami and challah, it was the variety and newness of products that attracted industry professionals from all over the globe, and caught the attention of buyers from SuperValue, Wegman’s, Safeway, Wakefern/Shoprite, Winn-Dixie, HEB, Stew Leonards, COSTCO, Wal-mart, A&P, Kehe Foods, Kroger, Acme and Key Foods, among many other top food purveyors.
    So, join our show today and get the inside scoop on more than just kosher food your bubbie used to make. Roberta and I will take you into the 21st Century of kosher food. Follow us on twitter and use the hashtag #kosherschmooze and you could win a copy of Susie Fishbein's Kosher By Design Teen's and 20-Somethings.

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    Kosherfest 2009 I am joined by yeahthatskosher.com To Discuss Our Favorite Finds This Year

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    Kosherfest has come and gone and now it is timeto shmooz about what kosher certified products you should know about.

    Who is the kosher consumer? According to reports on the kosher consumer, 1,250,000 is the number of year Round Kosher Jewish Consumers and 3,000,000 is the total number of Muslims and other religions eating kosher products.

    Why are non-Jewish people also kosher consumers? 55% feel that a kosher certified product is healthier and safer.

    More than 500 newly kosher certified foods were introduced at the 21st annual kosher food, beverage, wine & spirits trade show – Kosherfest 2009 – at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ last week.

    The kosher symbol seems to be everywhere these days, from exotic sauces and convenient heat ‘n serve foods, to gourmet and customized desserts as well as non-dairy, non-soy and gluten-free products in every food category.

    Join my shmooz tonight with yeahthatskosher.com Dani Klein as we review our favorite finds from Kosherfest 2009.

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    The Evolution of Kosher Wine, Post Kosherfest Talk

    in Wine

    Costas Mouzouras, Manager at Gotham Wines & Liquors will join us for the first half hour. He will tell how kosher wine evolved from being the industry's laughingstock to the point of winning international awards in direct competition with the finest wines from all over the world.
    In the second half of our broadcast, I'll be joined by Alessandra Rovati (Dinner in Venice), Esti Berkowitz, (Primetime Parenting), Kim Amzallag, (Director of Marketing for (The Jewish Daily Forward), and Soshana Raff, (The Kosher Shopaholic). We will discuss last week's Kosherfest 2011.

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    Live From Kosherfest 2009 Find Out What's New in Kosher Food and Beverages?

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    Who would believe Chipotle Chili Aioli sauce, Pomegranate Acai Mints, or Pina Colada Popcorn would be found in the pantries of today’s kosher consumer?

    They are among more than 120,000 kosher certified items, and additional items are on the way. More than 500 newly kosher certified foods will be introduced at the 21st annual kosher food, beverage, wine & spirits trade show – Kosherfest 2009 – at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ October 27-28, 2009

    (www.kosherfest.com). According to the Mintel Research Organization, kosher remains the most dominant feature on new food items and an estimated 40% of a supermarket’s food products are kosher.

    According to Rabbi Eliyahu Safran, V.P. Communications and Marketing for the Orthodox Union (OU) kosher certifying agency, “In the past year there has been significant increase in the number of inquiries and applications by many food companies about OU certification despite the ongoing recession. The companies are well aware that attaining kosher certification can easily increase sales and gain a larger market share. We have particularly noted a spike in applications from every segment of the beverage, baking and organic food categories.

    Join this show as I interview some of the newest kosher certified food and beverage items. You don't have to be Jewish to love kosher food, but you can be Health Conscious, Gluten-Free, and Lactose intolerant. People don't know how large the selection of kosher certified products that meet their unique dietary needs perfectly. To learn more about the attendees and to see a list of the recipients of this year's New Product Competition, go to http://www.kosherfest.com.

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    A chat with Menachem Lubinsky

    in Food

    Founder and CEO of Lubicom Marketing, the organizer behind every year's Kosherfest, Menachem Lubinsky will talk to us about the state of kosher in America.

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    A conversation with Menachem Lubinsky

    in Food

    Menachem Lubinsky, CEO of Lubicom and founder of Kosherfest 28 years ago, will talk to us asbout this year's upcoming Fest

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    Matzel Toff! There Is Something New And Delicious For Dessert This Passover

    in Lifestyle

    An interview with Phillip Guttmann, Matzel Toff!’s co-founder, and the grandson of Bubbie Edith, whose recipe inspired the company’s hallmark product. I tried these chocolate, toffee, matzo treats at Kosherfest and fell in love! Now there is a new kosher for Passover variety – Parve Dark Chocolate with Coconut!

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