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    The Korean Talk!

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    Want to learn about the korean news of today? You are welcome to come listen and participate in our daily korean talk and discussion!

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    Triple Threat Talk Episode 51

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    After a three week holiday break the boys at Triple Threat Talk have returned!! On today's show we discuss the latest in NCAA College Basketball. We look back at the first ever Collge Football championship and we look ahead to the AFC and NFC championship games with Seattle vs Green Bay and Indianapolis vs New England! All that and so much more tune in tonight and join Postmaster and The Doc!


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    Triple Threat Talk Episode 52

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    Doc and Postmaster return for two hours of high octane sports and wrestling talk. We talk the latest headlines and breaking news in sports and pro wrestling

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    Triple Threat Talk

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    Today we talk Iron Bowl, Egg Bowl, Governers Cup, The week in the NFL, next week in the NFL, as well as in depth look at key college basketball games from the past week most notably Ohio State's matchup with The Cardinals of Louisville. Jimmy has the night off but we are here for your sporting news and as always, we're taking your calls on tonight's edition of TRIPLE THREAT TALK!

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    Fever Keeps It Real Presents Triple Threat Talk

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    For the second week in a row, due to a technical issue with Blogtalkradio Fever Keeps It Real proudly presents Triple Threat Talk. Join "The Doctor" a.k.a Gary S. Lockard and the rest of his crew and ours as we discuss the Superbowl, basketball and wrestling. The show is from 8-10 pm EST and the call in number is 818-369-1406. Don't miss the excitement of Triple Threat Talk.

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    Join Icy tonight in her first on air show 'Airplay'. 30 minutes trending topics and what the world is talking about ensure an action packed show. Stop on by and listent to some Airplay.

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    The Lounge

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    Tonight Nate Karpanski from Active Heroes stops by to talk Active Heroes and he is a bit of a comic nerd. Learn ore about how you can serve those who serve our country while talking comics and this week in TV. Sit back and embrace your inner nerd tonight .......on The Lounge!

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    Trina Parks: Consummate Triple Threat Entertainer /1st Black James Bond Girl

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    This week:  A lesson in Greatness.    How does Trina Parks achieve Greatness? 

    Join us for An Interview with Trina Parks: Consummate Triple Threat Entertainer / 1st Black James Bond Girl  

    Trina Parks:Consummate Entertainer, Creative writer, Director, Artistic director, Choreographer and Stage director / The 1st Black James Bond 007 Girl,

    Trina Parks first made Black History in 1972 as the 1st Black James Bond Girl in the movie ‘Diamonds Are Forever, basically saving the James Bond Franchise which saw loses from the two prior movies. Diamonds are Forever made $116,000,000 dollars worldwide in 1972.

    Today,Trina Parks continues to be more than a Triple Threat as the Consummate Entertainer…

    Trina Parks is the Artistic director, creator, writer, choreographer, stage director of the Original production Black and Brown Anthology  first performed in 2012

    Trina is also the Founder and Choreographer of  PUSH’ET formally known as the Palm Spring’s Historical Dance Theater.

    Manager Robert Walker: 404.254.7539
    Carol Lloyd:  404.542.7733

    Listen. Talk. Learn. Act.  Call in 347.855.8603.  You may also join us in the chat room.

    Phyllis Austin:  www.phyllisaustin.com
    The National Parent Education Center:  www.TNPEC.org

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    We hear the communist lie from inexperienced westerners that a handful of radicals have hijacked a beautiful religion of peace.They spell peace wrong. It should be piece as in a piece of you and a piece of me. Let me go back to the initial communist lie that we did not have to go to Iraq.On  the night of 911 as the DNA dust of three thousand Americans including 200 unborn babies not recognized by this communist government  spiraled in a rising ray of smoke and no one in the world could guarantee our survival. No one knew what was to come and the entire nation was on the run. Sadaam Hussein bragged he had weapons of mass destruction and when asked he slyly admitted it. His uncle chemical Ally had just finished gassing 5,000 Kurds in Halapjah. What seems now to me is a moslem past time of murdering children. The UN weapons inspector Mohammed Baredai who recently ran for president of Iran said there were no weapons of mass destruction. Bush just had all the cans that Clinton kicked down the road dumped in his lap. The communists denying that this hit was the second installment of 1993 demanded to know What did Bush know and when did he know it? Hitlery shouted the loudest. Bush knew nothing the military knew nothing and nobody knew anything. Solution send in our own inspectors, 100,000 and Nancy Pelosi's two sons Udei and Qusei were gunned down and buried on sandal hill. Sadaam was dragged out of a spider hole and hanged by a cowboy who rides a bicycle. Bush stabilized Iraq and for the first time in history every Iraqi vote was coiunted and the nation was stable. Then came cluster freak Obama and gave Iraq as a gift to Iran. With the help of his Soviet allies? When the first tanks came out of a dust storm and made a right turn into the palace. Kaddaffi surrendered. Why did Obama kill Kaddaffi?  The mullahs in Iran thought they were next. Now we have 11 year old kids being gunned down in Iraq by Iranians.


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    American Journalist Penetrates North Korean Wall Voices of Global Freedom Radio

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    Episode #301: Voices of Global Freedom Radio interviews Ben Mack, Clandestine American Journalist who Penetrates North Korean Wall 

    "For eight days, I lived undercover, hiding the truth from my traveling companions and near-ubiquitous military guards. . . .Panic shot through me when the North Koreans looked at my passport, inside which was my worker's permit for Germany which states I'm a journalist . . . Fortunately they couldn't read the German" as Ben Mack wrote for the business insider. 

    Mack ducked and worked around ever present North Korean security agents for seven days.  He was arrested and tried in a Communist Kangaroo Court for taking prohibited pictures of a statue of Kim Il Sung.

    He was forced to renounce his crime or be sent to a concentration camp.  Many don't survive the harsh conditions in these communist camps. Find Ben Mack: https://twitter.com/benaroundearth

    Call in: Speak your mind and ask questions:  (646) 652-4667

    When: 4:00 PM (Pacific) Saturday, February, 7 2015  

    The show will be in archives here and join Voices of Global Freedom Radio Chat Room stay current with our upcoming shows:



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    The Pit Stop

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    Triple Threat Talk presents its first show to its expanded lineup The Pit Stop! A weekly episode devoted to the world of Motorsports on NASCAR. On today's episode we preview speed weeks 2015 at Daytona and take a look at the upcoming 2015 season in Sprint Cup and Xfinity Series

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