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    Cycling The Megalopolis of Seoul, South Korea

    in Travel

    Can’t think of a better thing to do when hanging out in a super modern city like Seoul, South Korea then to go for a bike ride. It’s a great way to see another side of life here besides the typical tourist things  like visiting temples, museums and going shopping plus it’s so up close to everyday life here.

    I actually got my idea for this ride from the latest Lonely Planet Korea guide with a few modifications to the route. Let’s call them accidental modifications.  I started out from Yeouido Park where you can rent bikes starting at 3000 won an hour, about $2.50 USD. Yeouido is considered the mecca for cycling in Seoul.

    First stop was the Mapo Bridge where there is a designated cycle path making it safe and convenient to check out the views.

    The Han River is the fourth longest river on the Korean Peninsula with a total length of almost 500km. This river was once a very large trade route with China through the Yellow Sea however due to estuary location at the borders of North and South Korea the river is no longer actively used for navigation. 

    An exit ramp from the other side of the bridge takes you to the north side of the river with great cycling paths. Keeping to the left on this path will continue your journey along the Han River. The destination for this cycle is the Seoul World Cup Stadium, built for the FIFA World Cup in 2002.

    A great view of the beautiful domed National Assembly Building across the river. the legislative branch of the South Korean national government.

    Keep riding along the path past this cliff and under the Yanghwa and Seongsan Bridges.

    Excerpts from "Cycling The Megalopolis Of Seoul".

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    North Korea tests an H-bomb. Iran launches missiles. Saudi Arabia inflames the Middle East.  And the liberal band played on. 

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    Solid B+ Podcast - Jan 25 w/NXT, ROH, Lucha Underground, New Japan and more

    in Wrestling

    Despite big changes to my day job and therefore the time that I have to produce this show, I'm still gonna be doing my best to bring you a comprehensive look at all your favorite pro wrestling. This week on the show, I take a look at NXT and Ring of Honor TV from January 20 as well as a look ahead at season 2 of Lucha Underground which is beginning this week on January 27. After that, I go over the announcement that Jim Ross will join the New Japan AXS TV show, replacing Mauro Ranallo, as well as a look at the Evolve tag team title tournament, the next PWG show and more.

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    Iran vs Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, North Korea & other stories of the week

    in Politics


    Guest:  Barry Jacobsen, military historian and blogger,  joins me for a look at the Saudi Arabia vs Iran feud.....the latest from Afghanistan where US special forces saw action a few days ago.......North Korea and hydrogen bomb..............plus some reaction to President Obama's latest gun control proposals.......

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    This is not goo0d at all ! I'll speak of this.

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    North Korea? Time for Defense Stocks

    in Business

    North Korea’s test of a hydrogen bomb has us taking a closer look at Lockheed Martin and defense industry stocks.  Chipotle’s same-store sales are even worse than expected, and we discuss when to use different stock screens.

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    Jonathan Joseph on the Texans D; Calvin Murphy talks Rockets; Duane Brown & you

    in Sports

    The Houston Texans have just about wrapped up the AFC-South Division Title. There are several scenarios that give the Texans the title, however the easiest way to guarantee the title and a trip to the playoffs is by beating the Jacksonville Jaguars at NRG Stadium on Sunday. Head coach Bill O'Brien confirmed that Brian Hoyer sucessfully completed the concussion protocal and will start for the Texans on Sunday. O'Brien also talks about the challenges the Jaguars present. 

    Veteran Defensive Back Jonathan Joseph is one of the cornerstones of this Texans defense. At one point considered washed up by many in the local media, Joseph is having a solid and productive season. He talks about this Texans defense and his play. Offensive Tackle Duane Brown is another veteran who has been through the ups and downs of the Texans recent seasons. He talks about having the opportunity to win the division after they way they started.


    Bowl season is in full swing so we’ll look at some of the games on the schedule today. We’ll also talk about what’s ahead for some of the biggest schools with struggling programs.


    Later we talk a little basketball, in particular the Houston Rockets. Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy joins us today to talk about what this teams needs to do get over the hump and tonight’s matchup with the Golden State Warriors.


    All of this on today’s show plus a look at some of the biggest sports stories of 2015! 

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    Texans playing for a playoff spot; Rockets searching for identity; AAU Hoops!

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    As the Houston Texans head into the final stretch of this regular season, nothing short of an AFC-South Championship guarantees them a spot in the playoffs. We’ll break down their opportunities and challenges as we look at their remaining schedule.


    The Houston Rockets continue to be a roller coaster team looking for a way to get their team on the right track. Who are the Rockets and what is their identity? Is Dwight Howard really on the trading block?


    The Astros are making moves to improve on the team’s turnaround season of success. What else can we expect from this Astros team before spring training in a few months? We’ll look at the moves they’ve made and the possible moves still on the table.


    And finally, the bowl season is upon us. Are there too many bowl games? What bowl games are you looking forward to? Speaking of college football, what’s the latest at Missouri?


    All of this and more on today's show!

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    Solid B+ Podcast - Jan 10 w/NXT, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling and more

    in Wrestling

    After a several weeks long hiatus, the Solid B+ Podcast is back! Things in my personal life and the holiday season itself prevented me from being able to produce a show for a few weeks but never fear, I've been keeping up with all things wrestling to come back and fill your earballs with the wrestling news you need to know about. First and foremost, I take a look at the rumors surrounding AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows possibly leaving NJPW for WWE and just what that means for both companies. Then I take a look at the current Ring of Honor Top Prospect Tournament, which has been a great way for ROH to introduce new talent. Next, perhaps the biggest newst of the week, I take a comprehensive look at New Japan's Wresle Kingdom 10 event, as well as New Year Dash the following day, and what those events mean for NJPW going forward. Then finally, I fill in everyone on my trip to Los Angeles to see PWG and Lucha Underground in person!

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    RFB Radio ~ Japan - Doing it right Regarding Islam

    in Politics Conservative

    There are countries in the world, mainly in Europe, that are presently undergoing significant cultural transformations as a result of Muslim immigration. France, Germany, Belgium and Holland are interesting examples of cases where immigration from Muslim countries, together with the Muslims’ high fertility rate, affects every area of life. (And Japan has been aware of these disturbing trends, thus the country took proactive measures...)

    Welcome to Red Fox Blogger with your Hosts, Tim Burton and Kelli Fritzi.

    Our Show where we are left to our own incorrigible devices and make no apologies, as we are always fed up about something..

    We’re the Infidels your Imam warned about.

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    "Mass islamity ~ Stop the Insanity.”


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    Violet Flame Saturday for Peace in North Korea & Middle East with Saint Germain

    in Spirituality

    Violet Flame for Liberty and Freedom in the Middle East, North Korea and throughout the planet.

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    Join us for decrees and song to help bring freedom, liberty and peace throughout the planet. These powerful calls and decrees are acted upon and sponsored by the heavenly hosts to help the people of the planet be cut free from the illusions and momentums that in the past age contributed to suffering and war. Please join us as we choose to BE PEACE. 

    Espavo < Lemurian for: Thank you for taking your power.

    Ascension NOW! - www.anow.org